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Princess of Tap

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Status Updates posted by Princess of Tap

  1. Clark Gable's grandson, Clark James Gable, died today in Dallas Texas at 30 years of age.

    1. starliteyes


      Thanks for the info.  Do you know what the cause of death was?  30 is awfully young to die.  Also, is his son still alive?

    2. MarshaKatz


      Thanks for this information. It's very sad for someone to die at such a young age.

  2. " I enjoy being a girl. "

  3. Very nice profile photo!

  4. Favorites

    The Man Who Loved Women is 81 years-old/ Warren Beatty

    Hollywood Original, Ladies Man

  5. It was nice sharing reading material with you.

    You have exceedingly good taste.


  6. " Whadda ya hear?  Whadda ya say? "

    1. MarshaKatz


      Went to Walmart to do food shopping.....and then came home and watched "Double Indemnity" which I can never watch enough. Love Billy Wilder movies.  I think I've watched this film and "The Apartment" a zillion times. And Edward G. steals every scene.....he's one of my favorites.

    2. Princess of Tap

      Princess of Tap

      I have an informal list of childhood movies-- favorite movies that I saw by the time I was 12.

      I didn't see very many noir films when I was young, but

      Double Indemnity was at the top of my list.

      The Theme from the Apartment is my favorite movie theme. Just today I was telling someone about how great it is.

      By the way,   you're a better woman than I am because I've been putting Walmart off for a week.


    3. MarshaKatz


      I've loved movies since childhood and I would get so involved that my family could never get my attention. There are so many favorites, and sometimes I make a request on 'Suggest a Movie' and tonight I was thinking about Jean Simmons (who is one of my favorite actresses) and requested "The Blue Lagoon" from 1949 with Donald Houston.  I really adore this film and it is one of my favorite Jean Simmons movies.....so maybe TCM or another movie network will feature it....or maybe I'll purchase it through ioffer.com or another dvd seller. Have a great night. (BTW, I forced my husband to go with me to Walmart.)

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