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  1. Racism is also preventable-- Along with our racist president.
  2. Isn't it Nip who was always the one wanting to see President Obama's college transcripts? And President Obama taught constitutional law at the University of Chicago Law School-- so I guess he had some pretty good transcripts.
  3. Medical difficulties with minorities are linked to unequal access to Quality Healthcare, as well as the inability to pay for Quality Healthcare, which is undeniably linked to institutionalized and systemic racism in America. These problems are caused by an unequal Society, they're not genetic. And they are preventable. Now the racist president who puts Asian Americans at risk with his racist titling of this pandemic-- he is also preventable.
  4. This guy was a close friend of Sammy Davis and Liza-- he's very popular with the French. My favorite pop French singer is Yves Montand-- one of the few who actually worked in Hollywood with top Stars like Marilyn Monroe and Barbra Streisand. The amazing thing about Yves was that he was actually an excellent dramatic actor, an excellent singer and an excellent tap dancer all rolled into one. Remarkably, he started out imitating Fernandel and being a Protege' of Edith Piaf.
  5. Covid-19 is attacking and killing a disproportionate amount of minority Americans because of systemic and institutionalized racism prevalent for centuries in the United States of America-- which have put these communities at risk. But what is racist about covid-19 are the racist titles that trump is attributing to the virus by associating it with Asians. Americans of Asian descent have been reporting hate crimes, due to these racist titles for the virus-- attributed to the Disease by our racist president.
  6. Porter Hall was in "The Thin Man" with Cesar Romero.
  7. Ruth Chatterton was in "Dodsworth" with Maria Ouspenskaya.
  8. Beryl Mercer was in "Night Must Fall" with Dame May Whitty.
  9. Kay Francis was in "Trouble in Paradise" with Herbert Marshall.
  10. Sig Ruman was in "To Be or Not To Be" with Carole Lombard.
  11. Shirley Grey was in "Virtue" with Jessie Arnold.
  12. Ethel was in "There's No Business Like Show Business" with Dan Dailey.
  13. Lynne Overman was in "The Big Broadcast of 1938" with Leif Erikson.
  14. Over 130,000 Dead Americans from a lack of National Leadership in the covid-19 pandemic, the economy is tanking and young people are demanding Racial Equality-- but trump continues to Pander to his racist base and to his political birther roots. The American people want a leader. The American people want a real president who has a positive vision for this country. A president, like trump-- who cozies up to an adversarial world leader that puts bounties on the lives of American soldiers-- Does Not Care about this country or its people.
  15. When you try to destroy, denigrate or deny someone else's Humanity-- You lose your own Humanity.
  16. The actual History of the United States of America is completely inclusive because so many varied and diverse individuals and groups have made this country possible. To try to exclude any of these contributors from the rich history of this country is to exclude the truth of our history and the reality of our current existence. Our brilliant accomplishments and bitter failures are rooted in our history. Only by understanding our factual and unadulterated history can we better ameliorate the future.
  17. Arsan-- Now I have both of them together. LOL
  18. David Bruce was in "The Mad Ghoul" with Milburn Stone.
  19. Emma Dunn appeared in "Mr. Deeds Goes to Town" with Mayo Methot.
  20. Both books on the trumps are to be published by Simon & Schuster, who also published the John Bolton book. "Melania and Me" is written by a former confidante and top aide of Melania Trump.
  21. Monday, July 6th 2020 132, 979--- Dead Americans from Covid-19 Source, Worldometer
  22. Mary L Trump is a well-educated professional clinical psychologist today. But she was only a frightened child when her father died and she had to face the trump family on her own. As a young woman trying to get a higher education, she had to face these difficult people in court. She has displayed courage all of her life in confronting and holding accountable trump and some of the other family members, who did so much to torture and denigrate her Father, Fred Trump jr. Her life has never been easy, and by writing this book she hasn't taken the easy way out. But for Mary Trump, it seems to be the only way to vindicate her father's existence and her own quest for personal dignity and what is lawfully her right as an individual.
  23. Louis Armstrong was in "High Society" with Bing Crosby.
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