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  1. For some trump supporters, trump is a president you could just die for.
  2. Kayleigh graduated from Harvard Law School-- I wonder if she got advice from "Aunt Becky" on how to get in and on how to graduate?
  3. What in the world happened to that post- racist United States that we allegedly had because we elected a mixed- race black man as president? Looks like it might have been a hoax.
  4. Unfortunately there's no Emoji for ignorant. * Ignorant
  5. Hobart Bosworth was in "One Foot in Heaven" with Jerome Cowan.
  6. Elizabeth Patterson was in "My Sister Eileen" with June Havoc.
  7. These are truly 2 pathetic individuals. With a highly contagious pandemic out of control in their states, cases at an all-time high, Hospital ICU's fully loaded, with more High death tolls surely to follow-- These 2 don't know whether they should follow-- trump's I don't give a damn how many people die if it's good for my political future policy-- or the prudent policy outlined by the CDC, Dr Fauci and the entire American Medical Community. I can just imagine that in the future voters will remember these kind of "public servants" and think more profoundly about their votes, as if their very lives depended upon it.
  8. *Bogie that goes for you and me both-- Now people have a right to support trump if they want to............. *However, some people who claim NOT to be trump supporters-- Yet have the audacity to accuse others of TDS-- Need to take a good hard look in the mirror as to what their motivation really is. Are they trying to do a false equivalency between the 2 political parties? Or are they simply people who really want to support trump-- They like some of his policies-- But simply don't have the guts to do it in public? Or, very unfortunately, are they just cowards and afraid of the power they feel trump and his supporters have-- in other words they've been intimidated . It's not about TDS at all-- It's ALL about the survival of the republic and democracy and the civil rights for ALL under the Constitution. You can't make a wrong, right-- And trump as President is wrong in every way.
  9. Nippy-- It's true that racists in America are getting a lot of coverage today because they have their leader in the Oval Office. But I believe the majority of Americans are not actively trying to destroy the civil rights of others. And that most Americans truly deplore hate crimes and those that perpetrate these hate crimes.
  10. Spencer Charters was in "The Raven" (1935) with Samuel S Hinds.
  11. I think catching covid-19 because somebody around you in public did not have a mask on and was not social distancing is definitely going to be a penalty for somebody. If there are no fines or penalties involved, then there's no requirement, then what's the use? Like we can encourage everybody not to go into the banks and hold them up with a gun demanding money. But if there's no penalty if you're caught doing it, so what's the use? LMREO
  12. Free stuff -- Like the Free food pantries that so many unemployed Americans are lining up for in their cars because the pandemic is out of control putting people out of work -- because of a lack of executive leadership on the national level. trump's covid-19 hoax certainly has left a lot of Americans hungry, unemployed.......... and Dead.
  13. trump translation-- Racism is not a problem for me, Peter Navarro or any of my other friends so why the f*** should we care about it. We have more important things to be concerned about like tax breaks for corporate donors and the viability of the stock market.
  14. The founding fathers were too busy marrying ladies who had inherited slaves as property to worry about slavery.
  15. Tuesday, July 7th 2020 133, 972--- Dead Americans from Covid-19
  16. Under Trump's mismanagement of the covid-19 pandemic, Americans have gone-- From being the Envy of the world-- To being the pitiful in the world.
  17. Franchot Tone was in "Advise and Consent" with Don Murray.
  18. The confederates were traitors who fought to destroy the United States of America. When you fly the confederate flag, we all know what you stand for. ### worst president ever
  19. Well, after all, her goal is to destroy public education.
  20. Gladys Cooper was in "Rebecca" with Florence Bates.
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