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  1. Dudley Digges was in "The Invisible Man" with Henry Travers.
  2. Friday, July 3rd 2020 132, 101--- Dead Americans from Covid-19
  3. trump supporters shout: "Go Home" to Native Americans on their own tribal land. This kind of ignorant crudeness-- mixed with white supremacy-- has made the United States the laughing stock of the world under trump.
  4. As horrible and as inhumane as people like these obviously are, At least, as a society, we can take some comfort in that we are now collectively aware this heinous problem. And we are now dedicated to finding some civilized solution to it-- rather than to go on denying that the problem does not exist.
  5. I guess it's not just a SNL joke-- Eric's really not the sharpest knife in the drawer. But as he said the other day, it's genetic. ☺️
  6. In a series with years of memorable characters and outstanding actors and actresses, David Bradley's character in one of John Nettles' "Midsomer Murders" is hauntingly unforgettable. Bradley plays a lonely outcast who lives rough with a fox for a pet and a secret that keeps him hidden away from society--"The Green Man".
  7. 3) Agnes played the sympathetic warden in "Caged".
  8. Henry Daniell was in "The Body Snatcher" with Boris Karloff.
  9. Tom Conway appeared in "The Falcon's Brother"with Keye Luke.
  10. Fay Wray was in "The Cobweb" with Susan Strasberg.
  11. The Republicans will be okay. But at this point, I think Dilbert's on life support. LMREO
  12. One of my favorite movies starring Gerard Depardieu and the first time I ever saw the great Fabrice Luchini. The Beethoven chamber piece "Trio/ Ghost" was effectively used in showing the war dead.
  13. Jim Backus was in "Don't Bother To Knock" with Elisha Cook Jr.
  14. Ann Gillis was in "Since You Went Away" with Agnes Moorehead.
  15. Mary Trump was the primary source for the New York Times bombshell investigation into the Tax-Dodging trump.
  16. This isn't about Bandstand or Soul Train. Those dancers in the video were professional dancers, not high school kids on TV. It has nothing to do with politics or anything else except the fact that if a person is a professional artist they should be expected to perform better than amateurs. Because that's why they're being paid.
  17. This could only happen in America-- both women, though born in the United States, have parents who were born in India-- Asian Indian Nationals. America's truly a Universal picture of the world.
  18. Thursday, July 2nd 2020 131, 485--- Dead Americans from Covid-19
  19. It just goes to show how fast even a great country can fall with a lack of leadership.
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