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  1. jaragon

    "Spiral" (2019)

    A couple move into a perfect small town which has a terrible secret sound like a familiar horror movie plot but in this case the couple is gay- Malik ( Jeffrey Bowrey-Chapman)and Aaron ( Ari Cohen). Malik is still traumatized by the murder of his first boyfriend which adds another level of paranoia when he starts seeing the neighbors acting strange. Are they homophobic cult members or something worse? You can see it on the Shudder Channel.
  2. "Spiral" (2019) a gay couple move to a small town that has dark secret. The film has some effective scares but the ending is bit confusing . You can see it on the Shudder channel
  3. The atmospheric effects are great but Chaney Jr look a bit too well fed for a vampire
  4. A dramatic expose of the lives of a group of gays who meet in a New York City bar on Christmas Eve. Written and Directed by Mervyn Nelson this is portrait of gay men pre-Stonewall. It was released after "Boys in the Band" but it has not aged well. It lacks Mark Crowley's witty dialogue. The film now is filled with future TV stars: Rue McClanahan , Gary Sandy as a psycho hustler who in the films most shocking scene beats up Candy Darling, and Gil Gerard as bisexual pilot, You can see it on Amazon Prime
  5. "Going Back" (1983) Brice ( Bruce Campbell) and Cleveland (Christopher Howe) are to high school buddies who go on a road trip. The two guys have a strong bond which could turn into something more romantic but the writer director did not want to go there. It's interesting to see Campbell acting in something other than "The Evil Dead" Christopher Howe looks very nice in his underwear. The two guys do plenty of bro bonding but I do wish they would have at least had a romantic encounter
  6. Yes there is a resemblance between Hans ( Kaye) and Peter (Walsh) which connected them even more as couple. Peter is the sensible one making sure that Hans does not get lynched by the townspeople and later telling him the the truth about the ballerina's true intentions. I wonder if the scriptwriters were aware of the gay aspect of the real Hans Christian Anderson or all of this is just subtext to our 21 st century eyes?
  7. "Hans Christian Anderson" (1952) this is very loose biography of the Danish writer is essentially a star vehicle for Danny Kaye who runs away with the picture. In his autobiography Farley Granger hated making this movie and thought Kaye was obnoxious in real life but he sums up the plot perfectly- "boy meets girl, boy looses girl, boy gets boy at the end" The boy is Peter (Joseph Walsh) who Hans rescued from an orphanage but they carry on more like a gay couple. Hans does fall in "love" with Doro ( Zizi Jeanmarie) but she is just using him to get better shoes and is obviously in love with N
  8. jaragon

    Gays on the Tube

    So witches living in the suburbs was a metaphor for gays hiding in plain sight
  9. Elder Smith ( Nick Farucci) and Elder Merril ( Benjamin Farmer) are two young missionaries who start a forbidden romance in Jon Garcia's film- which is the first part of a trilogy. The two leads have great chemistry
  10. And there is Sam Elliot's gratuitous shower scene too😉
  11. Katherine Ross and Sam Elliot are the main reason to sit through "The Legacy" (1978) their beauty and star power is the only interesting thing about this dull horror film which feels like a tv movie. Ross and Elliot attempt to unravel a sinister plot within the English countryside estate of a dying man who has gathered an eclectic and notable group of house guests. Ross ended up marrying Elliot so at least one good thing came out of this movie.
  12. This one looks interesting...
  13. "Bermuda Tentacles" (2014) an effective science fiction - monster movie adventure. Trevor Donovan must rescue the President ( John Savage) from the Bermuda Triangle while fighting giant space serpents from beneath the sea. Better than your average made for the Scy-Fy channel movie. Linda Hamilton co-stars.
  14. I agree with both your point on Osbourne's more discreet lifestyle and on "Downton Abbey"
  15. Trevor Donovan has the All American blonde good looks which in another era would have made him a movie star. He has become a favorite leading in those Hallmark Channel romantic movies. He played a gay character in the rebooted "90210" (2008-20013)
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