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  1. The last time I saw it I saw it was a very effective variation on "The Monkey's Paw" - even Stephen King uses it as flash back story in "Pet Sematary" - I don't think it's suppose to be a serious statement about Vietnam or veterans for PTSD just a horror film about the horrors of war coming home
  2. "The Lost Continent" (1968) this maybe the craziest movie Hammer ever produced based on a Dennis Wheatley novel but it feels as if they put three different scripts in the blender- you get a sea going drama plus a disaster movie plus man eating monsters plus the Spanish Inquisition! It's out on Blu Ray from Scream Factory- the trailer is flat but the actual film is wide screen
  3. "How to Make Monster" (1958) a demented make up man turns teens into killer monsters ( and who knows what else)
  4. "How To Make a Monster" (1958) Peter Dumond (Robert H Harris) a genius make up man hypnotizes two young actors Larry (Gary Clarke) and Tony (Gary Conway) into real life monsters to get rid of his enemies. Dumond and his "assistant" Rivero (Paul Brinegar) are gay coded and have a master/slave relationship , Dumond really loves working with the teen stars and one can only imagine what else he would have them do under hypnosis specially Conway- who started off his career posing for physique magazines. The film works as horror and there are a couple of good shocks . Larry and Tony have girl
  5. Martin and Lewis were close friends and obviously comfortable- my take on this could be that the photographer took the full body shot for himself- I mean that would never have appeared in Life in the 1950's but if you go to the Life archives web site is filled with photos of naked athletes in the locker room . There is even a photo of Pat Boone taking a shower! We might think that was a more repressive era but they seem to have no issues with male nudity
  6. You can find in on line for free if you google it- it's not a very good film but there is plenty of camp- the scene with the hooker is specially interesting and would word a lot better if she turned out to be a he. Law was sexier as Simbad
  7. I'll have to check these out- have you seen " 911" with the gay story line between the paramedics?
  8. " The Last Rafter" (El Ultimo Balsero) this is a Cuban American film about a Ernesto ( Hector Medina) a young man who flees Cuba to search for his father in Miami. He meets Lenin (Chaz Mena) a gay man who had been a friend of his father . The film deals honestly with the Cuban American experience . You can see it on HBO Latino. Medina is very easy on the eyes....
  9. jaragon

    Halston (2021)

    If you want to get a more realistic view see the excellent CNN documentary
  10. "The Love Machine" (1971) is another Jaqueline Sussan camp classic but it's not as funny as "Valley of the Dolls" Robin Stone ( John Philip Law) sleeps his way to the top of the television industry . Dyan Cannon is sexy funny as the wife of one of the network executives. David Hemmings plays Jerry a gay fashion photographer who lust after Stone . The main problem with the film is that John Philip Law was handsome but cold. In the movies most shocking scene he picks up a hooker and beats the crap out of her hen he suggest he is a closet queen. I think the hooker was suppose to be tr
  11. "Boys from County Hell" (2021) a small town is terrorized by an vampire in this good horror comedy from Ireland. If you like "An American Werwolf in London" you'll love it- you can watch it on Shudder on Amazon,
  12. "The Woman at the Window" (2021) no this lame Hitchcock wanna be is not a horror movie well except for the slasher climax but one has a hard time staying awake during the first hour. Amy Adams plays an agoraphobic who witness a murder or did she? The film wants to be "Rear Window" bit it's closer to that Elizabeth Taylor vehicle "Night Watch" . A lot of name actors show up in this movie which thinks its a serious film about mental illness but it's just boring. A big reveal about the character's family is a real downer and yes the climax is exciting but by then who cares- you can see it on Net
  13. This is not exactly a gay topic but any fans of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis should google to find the recent photos that have surfaced in which the comedy duo is shown taking a shower together. Dino goes full frontal but Jerry keeps a hand over his private. The pictures were part of a 2018 Sotheby’s auction of items belonging to Frank Branda, Jerry Lewis’s driver and assistant. The auction description listed “4 candid photographs of Lewis and Martin in a steam room and shower, Lewis posing modestly, Martin less so.” Of course TCM will never let me post them here. My question is why were t
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