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  1. The girl playing Maria is luminous and while is looks beautifully crafted is still seems familiar because is the same story. Spielberg is the modern Robert Wise- a skillful studio director
  2. Wallach was he big star name at the time and of course he is better actor.
  3. "Prey" (2021) is more suspense thriller than horror. A brobonding camping trip goes wrong when a group of men are stalked by a hunter. The first hour has a lot of tension but once the hunter is revealed the film looses steam. You can see this German made mash up of "Deliverance" and "The Most Dangerous Game" on Netflix
  4. I agree with all your points- yes did you see "The Norliss Tapes" ? That tv movie is very similar in style and tone and has one really terrifying scene. " Curse of the Black Widow" also is a hommage to the original cat people in which a woman's sexual desires unleashes a monster.
  5. "Curse of the Black Widow" (1977) Anthony Franciosa stars as private detective named Mark Higbie is on the trail of a murderer whose mutilated and predominantly male victims are found encased in silken cocoons. An effective made for TV horror with Patty Duke, Donna Mills, June Lockhart and June Allyson. Directed by Dan Curtis. You can see it on Amazon Prime
  6. Like I said I like Fulci's horror films like " House by the Cemetery" but this one was really disturbing in it's anti women violence- the murders were staged like rapes- and there is a really bizarre rape by foot scene which is there just to shock.
  7. I was watching the extended cut of Sergio Leones western epic and started thinking maybe less is more. I wish I had seen this on the big screen because Leone is a master of using the wide frame. And yes it's a great film with some classic scenes and spectacular action. But I would have done with less of Eli Wallach's Tuco. Eastwood is iconic but the actor that really impressed me was Lee Van Cleef that does more by just staring at the screen than Wallach endless hammy jabbering.
  8. Lucio Fulci's "The New York Ripper" (1982) is a sleazy and extremely violent thriller about a psycho killer terrorizing New York City. I prefer his more fantasy oriented horror film . Fulci wants to out do both Brian DePalma and William Friedkin. There is an emphasis on kinky sex and the murders are photographed like rape scenes. Fulci can create suspense but here he seems only interested in shocks. The plot makes no sense and the final killer reveal seems to come out of left field- the movie ends in a heart breaking final image . If you are into gore and sleazy there is a really good pr
  9. jaragon

    Gay Horror!

    "The Brotherhood" (200) vampire frat boys need hot jock blood to satisfy their cravings in David De Coteaus homoerotic classic...
  10. Nice to see you back because now more than ever we need the laughs
  11. Yes Del Toro has a fairy tale sensibility when it comes to horror- had done kid's tv shows like "Troll Hunters"
  12. jaragon

    Gay Horror!

    A group of young people fall under the influence of a mysterious creature that lives beneath "Harvest Lake" (2016) This dark erotic fantasy is like a David Lynch film with plenty of nudity and every form of sex- straight, gay, bi and inter species. A slow moving but strangely beautiful film. You can see it for free on Tubi TV and Amazon prime
  13. I loved the look of "Crimson Peak" but was not crazy about the story which seems to want to be both supernatural and psycho horror. "Us" might have made sense if he had gone the supernatural route
  14. jaragon

    Gay Horror!

    I love lesbian vampire movies....
  15. jaragon

    Gay Horror!

    It's very sexy with lots of nudity- the climax is like Jason goes Crusing
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