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  1. I wish it was another director but hey it's better than nothing
  2. The plot of this bizarre film people are being killed off near a popular mountain lodge, with a legend claiming that the mountain is haunted by a deadly Native American demonic curse makes it sound a lot saner than it is. A DIY project shot on 16mm and super 8mm it features gory special effects and stop motion creatures . The movie is like "Equinox" crossed with "The Evil Dead" - its out a now on blu ray from Vinegar Syndrome a must watch it you have a taster for weird films.
  3. The supporting cast is a whos who of previous science fiction hits. I liked it more when I watched it recently- it is a great premise the ending is a bit anti-climatic- I'm curious about the novel
  4. George Pals produced this adaptation of the 1956 science fiction novel by Frank M. Robinson. A group of scientist are stalked by a psychic killer. The film wants to a Hitchcok chase thriller - there is one scene lifted from "North by Northwest" with a science fiction super villain. Director Byron Haskins creates suspense. The film seemed to be aimed at an adult audience there is plenty of suggested sex. The climax is a bit of let down- even the special effects are not spectacular as other Pal productions. Miklos Rosza wrote the memorable score. The movie was not a success and Pal spen
  5. I doubt that the hoaxer cares about anyone but himself. If it was a publicity stunt to better his career it back fired on him
  6. I will not mention him by name because the less said about this twit the better- but I'm glad he was found guilty. I can't imagine what gay man would stage a homophobic attack just for publicity?!
  7. "Airport...the Concorde" (1979) might the silliest one of all- with John Davidson, Andrea Marcovicci as an over age Russian gymnast, Robert Wagner as an evil scientist and Charo as well Charo.
  8. I think La Dunaway still has one great performance in her
  9. I need to see the "Crowded Sky". The camp value was in the old Hollywood stars who must have thought hamming it up in one of these movies would revive their careers or even get them an Oscar like it did for Helen Hayes. The casting seems to be classic Hollywood glamour- Gloria Swanson and future tv stars Eric Estrada, Gil Gerard. These days with all the new security it would be very hard to do an Airport type film but I'm sure they will make a comeback and we can expect to see Faye Dunnaway or Sharo Stone in them
  10. The original "Airport" movie is a classic and has aged very well- but the sequels are another story "Airport 75" might be the funniest disaster movie ever made- Karen Black is always good no matter the role but Charlton Heston seems to be sleep walking. Gloria Swanson looks great playing herself in a role they had offered to Garbo ?! The best is Linda Blair and singing nun Helen Reddy. I think this was made of a made for tv movie and released theatrically- and let's not forget a young Erik Estrada- playing a woman crazy Latino! a must see for laughs free on Tubi
  11. Romero's classic is still frightning
  12. There could be ways of still setting "The Martian Chronicles " on Mars - you might have to do some tweaking but Mars is essential to the stories
  13. "Dune" (1984) David Lynch wacky adaptation of the classic science fiction epic has a lot of strange moments and plenty of gay touches. The villain Baron Harkomen ( Kenneth Macmillan) is obviously a homosexual predator who indulges in torturing his young male minions. The Baron also lusts after his nephew Feyd ( Sting) Sting is terrible but he does pose in his tiny leather jocksstrap so the Baron can admire him . I doubt that new woke version will included any of this
  14. "Rondezvous with Rama" by Arthur C Clarke. Ray Bradbury's "The Illustrated Man" and "The Martian Chronicles" deserved remakes
  15. jaragon

    Gay Horror!

    It sounds both creepy and depressing- I have a Buck in my own life- a guy who I've been friends since were were in high school. He recently confessed to me that he into transgender women- but I have a feeling he is actually a closet gay but does not have the courage to admit it. He keeps telling me we should sleep together but in a non sexual way- I have zero interest in this person in one way or another.
  16. jaragon

    Gay Horror!

    Kosleck always seem to have a gay subtext in these films
  17. jaragon

    Gay Horror!

    Now you gave me a reason to watch these two classics
  18. jaragon

    Gay Horror!

    This movie looks too close to real life
  19. Cannon steals the movie! I would love to see Shout Factory do a blu ray release - their edition of the gay camp classic "The Fan" is worth it just for the hysterical commentary track
  20. As long as the vicar is hot I'm watching it
  21. I thought the actor playing Reily was kind of dull but yes it did pick up in the last three episodes- but I do wish something more horrible would have happened to the church lady
  22. I agree with you that this would have worked better if it was shorter- Flanagan likes to give his actors long speeches and here a lot of them were rambling- I thought the show picked up once Reily met the vampire- and the midnight mass itself was a great horror set piece
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