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  1. On 10/15/2020 at 9:45 PM, LiamCasey said:

    Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (1994) - Amazon Prime

    w/ Robert De Niro, Kenneth Branagh, Tom Hulce, Helena Bonham Carter, Aidan Quinn, Ian Holm, Richard Briers, John Cleese (fantastic as Professor Waldman), Robert Hardy and Cherie Lunghi. And directed by Kenneth Branagh.

    It's October. Always a good month to catch up on some horror movies. Although I'm tempted to classify this movie as more of a melodrama. Probably due to the fact that, even though this one is not a literal adaption of the original novel (which I have read), it is still close enough for government work.

    This is one of those movies were all the elements are so right you wish it was better

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  2. 3 hours ago, TopBilled said:

    I missed this comment. Sorry for the late reply.

    I've never heard of it. What kind of streaming service is it?

    They have two streaming services one for gay theme movies  and another for gay erotic films ( for those who are interested in this sort of thing)

  3.  Marco Berger the director specializes in this type of gay cinema in which cute Argenitne boys ogle each other for most of the movie but nothing really happens; but he knows how to cast good looking young actors....


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  4. Mike Flanagan has adapted Henry James classic ghost story "The Turn of the Screw" into a miniseries for Netflix.  It's more drama than horror and anyone familiar with Jack Clayton's "The Innocents" will see recognize the familiar plot. Nanny is hired to look over two children in an English country state and she begins to suspect that there are supernatural forces haunting the house.  Flanagan has updated the story to modern times and I think that's his first mistake.  This sort of ghost story is better in a period setting. He also had to modernized the characters and now for example the malevolent Quint is not a games keeper but some sort of corporate assistant.   The series look great and the cast is good but I find it too familiar and slow moving at leas the first three episodes. And my favorite question how does one house keeper take care of such a huge place?


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  5. On 9/4/2020 at 2:52 PM, cinemaspeak59 said:

    Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018) Alden Ehrenreich as as a young, pre-Luke Skywalker Han Solo captures Harrison Ford’s speech rhythms, and the character’s anti-authority persona. We learn how friendships with Chewbacca and Lando Calrissian  (an excellent Donald Glover) were formed, and how Solo came into acquiring his prize possession, the Millennium Falcon. What I’ve always liked is how the character straddles the line between good and evil, while keeping his moral compass intact.  Solo is no saint, but his false equivalency has limits. Emilia Clarke as his love interest is a woman of mystery, and the actress plays her like a femme fatale. The plot itself has a noir-type entanglement. Ron Howard’s direction is dutiful to fan service, which is not necessarily bad. I found the production design a little uninspiring.  Standout performances include Woody Harrelson as a mercenary, and Thandie Newton as his partner.  Also with Paul Bettany, and Phoebe Waller-Bridge voicing the scene-stealing droid L3-37, who is practically in love with Lando. Solo lacks the grandeur and emotional arc of Rogue One, but there’s enough there to make it a decent viewing experience.  This may sound like I’m damning it with faint praise. It just won’t rank as high as other Star Wars stories.

    The movie had a lot  of things going for it- specially Donald Glover as Lando but the bottom line is that its story we really did not need to see

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  6. "Ghost House" (1988) Italian made rip off of  "Poltergeist" about the usual group of young people investigating paranormal events and getting killed instead. The main culprit seem to be an overgrown little girl and her sinister clown doll.  The death scenes are pretty dull for Euro horror.  It will make you very very sleepy- out on Blu Ray from Scream Factory or better yet watch it on You Tube


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  7. On 9/30/2020 at 3:48 PM, cinemaman said:

    I would have replaced actress Dany Robin with Catherine Deneuve in main female lead role. Sean Connery is my choice  to replace Fredrick Stafford in the main male role. Sean Connery  work with Hitchcock  before in the picture MARNIE (1964). Sean Connery has the added advantage, because he has worked with actress Karin Dor  in the action packed  movie YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE(1967). My other candidates for main male role are Alain Delon, Michael Caine ( THE IPCRESS FILE 1965) and Patrick McGoohan  (SECRET AGENT MAN). Sean Connery and Catherine Deneuve would be major upgrades for this picture and help bring some needed star power to this film. Alfred Hitchcock and Catherine Deneuve would have created movie magic together on the big screen. Catherine Deneuve would followed  the tradition of great leading ladies like Ingrid Bergman, Joan Fontaine , Grace Kelly and Eva Marie Saint.

    Good choices specially Deneuve who would have been a classic Hitchcock blonde. Alain Delon good choice too.   Connery would have been perfect but he was too associated with James Bond by then and this is a more realistic spy movie- notice how Hitchcock seems to avoid any action scenes. 

  8. "Dr Jeckyll and the Wolfman" (1972) Paul Naschy continues his Valdeman Danisnky saga - this time the Wolf Man hopes to find a cure for his lycanthropy  by consulting the great grandson of the infamous Dr Jeckyll- this of course is not a good idea. If you are expecting Mr Hyde and the Wolf Man to go mano and mano the movie does not go in that direction. This is well crafted Naschy production with plenty of classic Universal  horror atmosphere . You can watch it for free in a decent print on You Tube which for some reason deletes this opening credit sequence. On you Tube the film is dubbed into English.  This is not a trailer but the opening credit sequence.


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  9. 1 hour ago, Lemon-Shaped Rock said:

    The first half was fairly entertaining, particularly in how it poked fun at the ideal Reaganite nuclear family that was so heavily promoted in the 1980s, but the latter half quickly became banal. Cohen often had interesting ideas, though the execution didn't always work out.

    Yes I agree or his film like "God Told Me To" were too ambitious for his low budgets.

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  10. On 9/20/2020 at 1:22 PM, Lemon-Shaped Rock said:

    The Stuff (1985)

    I'm a fan of both body horror and Larry Cohen (specifically his 1970s output) so I was intrigued by this one. I had always heard is was a fun horror/comedy that satirized the abundant consumerism in 1980s America. Although it has some fun parts (the scenes with Garrett Morris are pretty entertaining), there wasn't much else I enjoyed. The latter half grew a bit stale, particularly when the military characters show up. Some decent gross-out effects, though I'll stick with Cronenberg or Stuart Gordon if I'm in the mood for body horror.

    Yeah I know what you mean it's starts off really good

  11. "The Majorettes" (1987) also released as "One By One".   This starts off as the usual slasher with high school cheerleaders as the main target- the script by John Russo based on his novel throws in other elements including a crazy nurse, red neck bad guys and plenty of young female bodies on display. The most surprising part of the movie is when Kevin Kindlin who plays the jock hero takes off his shirt and turns into a Rambo like avenger. You can see it on Amazon or on You Tube


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  12. "American Horror Story" has been on the air since 2011-like most anthology shows it's a mixed bag of good and bad episodes well in this case each season tells one story.  They all look fantastic and have amazing cast but Ryan Murphy, it's creator seems to be running out of ideas and repeating himself.  I caught Season 8 "Armageddon" and thought it was really insane and stupid at the same time- the show starts off with a nuclear attack and how various characters including Joan Collins try to escape to fancy bomb shelter.   Two young people Timothy (Kyle Allen ) and Emily (Ash Santos) are taken against their will because of their superior genetic potential.  This seems to suggest some sort of  sci-fi horror scenario but were do the  other obnoxious characters fit in- well they all end up in  this center run by Sarah Paulson dressed up like Mrs Danvers from "Rebecca".  Tim and Emily are told all sexual intercourse is forbidden so their superior genes are going to waster. We do the usual Murphy style of gore, gay sex, suggested kink ( the man in black leather shows up from season 1).  Like every season this one starts well specially when I thought talent free comedian  Billy Eichner got blown in the first fifteen minutes


    the story line which becomes preposterous throws off the sci fi potential and becomes a show about witches?!


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  13. This is one of those movies that less you know the better- Nick (Alex Pettyfer) and his younger brother Sam (James Freedson-Jackson) are on the run after escaping from a crime scene.   But what is the true nature of their relationship? And how is it linked to the crime they might have committed.   Writer /Director  Christopher Radcliff and his co director Lauren Wolkstein create a disorienting  eerie atmosphere which keeps you guessing until the end.   Pettyfer and Freedson- Jackson are excellent. This is not a film for everyone specially those who were upset by the intergenerational romance in "Call Me By Your Name" nothing as explicit happens here but there is a sexual tension which is undeniable.


  14. "Blood Hook" (1986) made in Wisconsin regional horror about a deranged fisherman using a hook to kill his victims.  The movie was barely released by Troma now has been given a deluxe blu ray treatment . It has some gory bits and lot of unintentional laughs


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  15. 3 hours ago, TopBilled said:

    orsythe also gives a dependable performance in the thriller IN COLD BLOOD (1967) from the same period. Then Forsythe turns up as Jean Simmons' perfect but unloving husband in THE HAPPY ENDING (1969). Forsythe had become typecast in television roles, where he was enormously successful...but somehow he managed to keep his movie career going by landing parts in big budget "A" films with top directors (probably the roles nobody else wanted).

    Of course Forsythe had the last laugh...because in the early 2000s, he was paid $5 million to do the voice-over work for the title character in the CHARLIE'S ANGELS movies.  


    By the way, Stafford has a very sexy backside. 

    Gregory Peck, who had worked with Hitch before and was far from retired in 1969, might have been a more bankable star in Stafford's place.

    Forsythe had a long career for a reason - he was the reliable mid 20th century American male type.    Stafford is an attractive man but he seems to be sleep walking in "Topaz" he seems a bit more exciting playing the french James Bond. 

    I thought Gregory Peck as the lead for "Topaz" but how was he going to play Deveraux? He is too American

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  16. 2 hours ago, TopBilled said:

    I like this film very much and consider it one of Hitchcock's best from the 60s & 70s. It feels a bit more politically relevant than more lauded works like PSYCHO and THE BIRDS. 

    Stafford is a very handsome man, and I think he does fine...though I can't help but think he was cast because he looks a bit like a younger Cary Grant. I wouldn't be surprised if the script was devised with the idea of luring Grant out of retirement. 

    John Forsythe gives another dependable performance and of course he'd worked with Hitch previously on THE TROUBLE WITH HARRY. 

    I agree that the Cuban sequence is the best part of this film, especially the graphic death scene which seems more artistic than brutal. 

    Stafford does look like Grant but he lacks Grant's star charisma.  He is closer to John Gavin.  Maybe you are right and Hitchcock might have wanted Grant. The problem I have with the Deveraux story line is that he is never in any real danger not even in Cuba- but Hitchcock seems to want to avoid any real action scene- we never see son in law's encounter with the Russian agents.  Forsythe is as usual dependable but dull. I kept hoping he turned out to be Deverauxe's lover ! I mean he keeps interrupting the relationship with the boring French wife- another role that would have benefited from a star.  The only two characters who are really alive are Juanita and Parra.  Vernon give a specially charismatic perfomance and he looks great in blu ray. 

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  17. Alfred Hitchcock's "Topaz" (1969) it's an interesting but flawed film.  I always thought it was probably Hitchcok's dullest movie until I re watched on blu ray.  It's better than I remember- the blu ray has Hitcchock's original long cut with the the three different endings as extra.  The first problem is the episodic script about spies during the cold war.   We never really care about Deveraux( Fredrick Stafford) he seems send other people to do his spy work and there is never any sense that he is really in danger. The best part of the movie to me was the section set in Cuba with Karin Dor and John Vernon who give the best performances.  Dor's memorable final scene in the visual highlight of the movie.  The other major problem is the cast- after dealing with a demanding Paul Newman in "Torn Curtain" - Hitchcock cast this with good actor who lack star charisma. This is specially a problem with Stafford- I can imagine Louis Jourdan or someone less stiff in the lead.  This is specially true in the final section set in France dealing with the unmasking of "Topaz" the Russian's agent working in the French government.   The movie lacks action and seems to be made of endless conversation about stuff we don't care about.  Hitchcock's original ending was a duel that for reasons preview audiences did not like. The other endings are not very exciting either.  But even with it's weakness any film by Hitchcock is worth watching.


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  18. 23 hours ago, jinsinna13 said:

    It would've been hysterical if Winona Ryder introduced them as the Diesels. ūüėČ

    The first "The Fast and the Furious" has a very homoerotic subtext- in the rest of the series they acted more like brothers

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  19. 13 minutes ago, DougieB said:

    You're probably right that 30-somethings may have missed  (or passed on) the "counterculture", especially in a metropolitan setting, and most especially in New York, where daily life pretty much existed in enclaves. I was living at the time in what was (still is) a substantially gay outpost where the offbeat was celebrated, so I may not be one to speak for gay life as a whole. But I do know that the gay men I knew had remarkable antennae for the new and the awesome and that much of what touched our daily lives (music and fashion in particular, but also literature and print media) was heavily influenced by the recent social trend away from "traditional" culture. Granted, I was still a young 'un, but one of the hallmarks of the era was that generations and sexes were freely associating at clubs, bars, and other social spaces, so the 30-ish guys of my acquaintance weren't in any sense isolated from those influences. I'm old and generally out of it now but it's the thing I miss most about gay life: the mixing of the generations. 

    I also think that  Crowley's play is in the Broadway tradition of sophisticated comedy which were often about the upper class. The first act is essentially funny- it only gets mean and nasty in the second act. 

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  20. 3 hours ago, txfilmfan said:

    Some of the characters were in their 30s (the character list in the play has the age ranges from 28 (Bernard, Donald) to 33 (Emory), with Cowboy at 22).  I think it's fairly realistic that the 30-somethings would've missed most of the counter-cultural revolution.   They were mostly well-established upper middle class New Yorkers, ensconced in the establishment, even though they were gay.    

    Crowley based in on his personal experience  so I imagine these are the upper middle class gays that he knew- well the black guy works in a book store,Emory is now a Latino  Robin de Jesus who gives one of the best performances and the hustler in the youngest.  The characters might be more radicalized later

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  21. 3 hours ago, txfilmfan said:

    I saw the trailer yesterday.  I had a misunderstanding about this production.  I thought it was going to be a filmed version of the Broadway stage production (like the recent Hamilton on Disney+), but the trailer shows that it's not.

    Yes it's the Broadway cast but it's a movie not just a video of the play

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