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  1. Elder Smith ( Nick Farucci) and Elder Merril ( Benjamin Farmer) are two young missionaries who start a forbidden romance in Jon Garcia's film- which is the first part of  a trilogy.  The two leads have great chemistry


  2. 15 hours ago, Arsan404 said:

    I agree it's not very well made, but I enjoyed it, especially because like you said, Katherine Ross is always a good reason to sit through any movie.

    And there is Sam Elliot's gratuitous shower scene too😉

  3. Katherine Ross and Sam Elliot are the main reason to sit through "The Legacy" (1978) their beauty and star power is the only interesting thing about this dull  horror film which feels like a tv movie. Ross and Elliot attempt to unravel a sinister plot within the English countryside estate of a dying man who has gathered an eclectic and notable group of house guests. Ross ended up marrying Elliot so at least one good thing came out of this movie.


  4. "Bermuda Tentacles" (2014) an effective science fiction - monster movie adventure.   Trevor Donovan must rescue the President ( John Savage) from the Bermuda Triangle while fighting giant space serpents from beneath the sea. Better than your average made for the Scy-Fy channel movie. Linda Hamilton co-stars.


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  5. On 1/24/2021 at 6:22 PM, Leighcat said:

    Robert Osbourne was certainly more circumspect than Rock. Rock lived like a "rock" star and I would be surprised if monogamy was on the menu for long. I have a couple of friends who were propositioned along the street by him. He knew his power...and why shouldn't he? He had looks, talent and took the adventures that came with these things.  As the years went by, more people in the industry seemed to know, and he had good-natured fun with the kidding during the tour of Camelot. But had he lived, he likely would have been forced to curtail it. The "Confidential" scandal would be happening all over again at insane rates.

    I'm disappointed in the people crying "agenda" over Downton Abbey. Shedding light on the past and, instead, sticking to the safe tried and true would make the story disingenuous and stuffy.

    On an anecdotal note:  Marc once told me a great story, knowing how much I love Vivien Leigh. Rock and he and others were watching the Ann-Margaret version of "Streetcar", when Rock got up, indignant, drove down the hill (maybe to Video West, according to Marc) and drove back with a VHS of the 1951 film. He put it in the player and said, " THIS is Blanche DuBois."

    I agree with both your point on Osbourne's more discreet lifestyle  and on "Downton Abbey"

  6. Trevor Donovan has the All American blonde good looks which in another era would have made him a movie star. He  has become a favorite leading in those Hallmark Channel romantic movies. He played a gay character in the rebooted "90210" (2008-20013)


  7. 4 hours ago, DougieB said:

    That's a great example in this context. It's possible Robert's partner was being pre-emptively protective by getting it out there in the most sympathetic terms possible rather than risk the sensational slant some rag or TV outlet may have put on it. Robert may have agreed to it prior to his death, or perhaps even insisted on it. We don't know. What I do remember was that those of us who tried to talk about it in General Discussions were shut down pretty quickly and had to come to the LGBT Forum to discuss it without being overwhelmed by negativity from "protectors" of Robert's legacy. 

    The reason the LGBT Forum was started because sadly some people can't handle gay content.  I was reading some reviews of the "Downton Abbey" movie on Amazon and some people were upset about the films "gay agenda'" The gay story line is a minor subplot in the long movie but some people seemed very upset about the idea of gay romance. 

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  8. 16 hours ago, TopBilled said:

    We saw it after Robert Osborne died. His longtime partner was eager to out him and within days of the death, the partner had been interviewed by the Advocate or other gay press to "discuss" Osborne. To me that was a case where the partner wanted to go public but Osborne was too much in the closet, so the partner got the last say after he was dead. And I don't think it was disrespectful per se, just the partner wanted to make a public declaration (and celebration) of their life together.

    Once you die everything comes out- a personal friend died from cancer last year- he was very closeted and even briefly married to a woman- he had tried to keep a very masculine straight image had been in the military- after he passed a man who he he had told me was his "friend" started telling EVERYONE who could listen that he was my friend's husband!

  9. 15 hours ago, TopBilled said:

    Some did come out, like George Takei and George Nader.

    The thing with the Hudson machinery is that his handlers had spent so many years keeping his private life out of the tabloids. Would they have been able to continue doing that...? Maybe not in the internet age.

    Yes I think movie stars have a harder time keeping their private lives private- the lovers- boy friend always has a camera handy- or look at the recent Armie Hammer cannibalism scandal

  10. "Deadly Manor" (1990) also released as "Savaged Lust" on VHS.  A group of young people spend the night at an abandoned mansion which is the home of a masked killer. Yes this sounds like just another late period slasher but this Spanish-American production has some style and very good photography.  The cast seems to have been chosen for their looks not their acting ability and they do make attractive victims of the twisted killer.  There is a surprising erotic sex scene which might have lead to the alternate title but the rest of the movie is just another run for your life slasher.   Directed by Jose Ramon Larraz the film is out on a good looking Blu ray from Arrow Video.  The extras include a very revealing and funny interview with Jennifer Delora 


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  11. On 1/15/2021 at 7:11 PM, TopBilled said:

    Thanks for your comment. It had been awhile since the earlier discussion in the thread, and it was enjoyable re-reading it. 

    Obviously that episode of Donahue affected me, it made me think about the two of them as a couple.

    I do think, despite the other circumstances, they did love each other very much. They probably would have married if Rock had been out of the closet and same-sex unions were legal.

    I wonder if he had not died from AIDs would Hudson have eventually comes out? But most male stars of that era remained in the closet until their deaths.

  12. I will have to watch this but those images show two young men in love

    On 1/11/2021 at 8:45 PM, Swithin said:

    I started a thread in General Discussions about A Suitable Boy (2020), directed by Mira Nair, the brilliant six-part BBC series based on Vikram Seth's 1993 novel. This thread is about the gay subtext -- very subtle, but from the book, and imported into the screenplay. Here's an article about it.






  13. "Nightmare City" (1980)  also known as "City of the Walking Dead" director Umberto Lenzi insists that his monsters are not zombies but humans that have gone mad because of exposure to radioactive waste. They are fast moving and very organized homicidal maniacs who kill everyone from soldiers  to doctors to aerobic dancers in the movies most outrageous scene.   This is fast paced sci-fi horror with some ridiculous moments but other shock sequences that are very effective- it's out on Blu Ray from Arrow Video with some excellent extras


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  14. "Song of Norway" (1970) this old fashion and very long biography of composer Edvar Grieg looks stunning on a new Blu ray edition.   The gay angle here is the relationship between Grieg ( Toralv Maurstard) and  fellow composer Richard  Nordraak ( Frank Porretta) . These two do plenty of bro bonding.    Nordraak is not given any female love interested- Grieg marries Nina ( Florence Henderson) but he seem to have more chemistry with Nordraak. These three spend a lot of time rolling around the hills and singing to each other.  I was hoping it was going to turn into a bisexual threesome but this a G rated musical not a Ken Russell sex romp.   In this scene Porretta sings the title song but it also looks like Norwegian version of "Brokeback Mountain". 


  15. 2 hours ago, DougieB said:

    This year there's been a noticeable sea change in these TV romcoms, with more gay characters (including leads), ethnic characters and interracial couples than ever. I wonder if  AMPAS' new inclusion requirements for Oscar eligibility have seeped into other areas of entertainment or if the change just reflects the evolution of social attitudes. I understand certain conservative groups have been very upset about the trend, so it does show some courage on the part of the TV faction of the industry. 


    The networks are not fools and they know their is gay audience for these tv shows.  I also think they do reflect culture in modern times look at commercials which now usually feature a multi racial family as well as an occasional gay couple .  Conservative groups might be upset about the gay content but the producers also want to reach the gay dollar

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  16. 5 hours ago, TopBilled said:

    Yeah, for some reason, not all of them have "what it takes" to become movie stars.

    And to be fair, a lot of movie stars do not have what it takes to become popular singers.

    Nick Jonas is the closest thing to  as pop singer- movie star these days and he does more tv shows than movies

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  17. 34 minutes ago, DougieB said:

    I watched it on the basis of your recommendation and really liked it. Also watched The Christmas Setup on Lifetime, the one with Fran Dresher as the matchmaking mother of a gay son, with a real-life married couple as the two guys, which was terrific. I've told myself for years that I should write a gay TV romcom but now I don't have to because they're popping up right and left.

    Go for it and write it! I still want to do a gay theme horror film.  I really enjoyed "Dashing in December" it had a very classic Hollywood feel- just imagine Rock Hudson and Tab Hunter in the leads.  In this very dark year we need all the romance and happy endings we can get

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  18. "Off Shore" (2012)Andi (André Würde), a gay young German, travels to the Canary Islands to look for his father, and he makes a connection with a good-looking surfer. This German drama is sold on Amazon as gay film but apart from a brief scene in which Andi and the surfer wrestle on the beach there are no love scenes.  The movie has an annoying song  soundtrack- so I recommend turning off the sound -the scenery and the surfers are easy on the eyes.



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  19. "Dashing in December" is an old fashion romantic film with two gay men in the leads.  I love every minute of it and I hope we get a sequel.   The film's soundtrack echoes "Brokeback Mountain" but this one has much more happier ending.


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  20. "Blood Rage" (1987) Louise Lasser plays the mother of twin boys one of whom turns out to be psycho in this ridiculous Florida made slasher.  The film has some surprisingly effective gore effects.  You can watch it on a good print on Amazon Prime

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  21. On 7/22/2020 at 9:41 AM, jinsinna13 said:

    Varsity Blues (1999) is the first where I have two different scenarios.

    Scenario #1

    After starting quarterback Lance Harbor (Paul Walker) gets injured, openly gay backup quarterback Johnathan "Mox" Moxon takes his place and changes the way the team is run. Homophobic Coach Kilmer (Jon Voight) feels threatened by Mox and will do whatever it takes to sabotage him.

    Scenario #2

    After starting quarterback Lance Harbor (Paul Walker) gets injured, backup quarterback Johnathan "Mox" Moxon takes his place. Coach Kilmer (Jon Voight) is secretly in love with Lance and physically and emotionally abuses Mox every chance he gets.

    This sounds hot but lets have someone else play the coach.

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