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  1. jaragon

    Hot Sporstmen

    Gus and Pete make an interesting couple...
  2. Robert Benton's "Still of the Night" (1982) is not really a horror movie more a failed attempt at Hitchcock psychological thriller. Roy Scheider is a psychiatrist who fall for Meryl Streep who he begins to suspect might have killed one of his patients. The script pays tribute to "Spellbound" but Scheider and Streep have zero chemistry. Streep recalls both 1940's Bette Davis all that nervous smoking and Tippi Hendren in "Marnie". Scheider is not Sean Connery. The movie needed more sex and violence. One can only imagine what someone like Brian DePalma could have done with it. The movie is beautifully shot by Nestor Almendros whose photo is used for Streep's father. The closer it gets to horror is a creepy dream about a little girl and bleeding teddy bear.
  3. jaragon

    Hot TV Guys

    Leonard Nimoy shows off his chest in "The Lieutenant"(1964) with handsome Gary Lockwood
  4. jaragon

    Hot Sporstmen

    Boxers should look like this...
  5. Had a similar experience
  6. jaragon

    Hot TV Guys

    Darren Criss looking pretty...
  7. "Crawl" (2019) directed by Alexandred Aja and produced by Sam Raimi it's effective creature feature. Haley ( Kaja Scodelario) goes to check on her father Dave (Barry Pepper) during a hurricane and they both end up trapped in flooded house filled with hungry alligators. These creatures are nasty and tear up most of the supporting players to pieces. Aja creates good suspense until the end. Scodelario and Pepper both give good performances for this sort of movie. Good summer thrills
  8. I was re-watching "The Eagle" and it's still gay
  9. Juvenile delinquents in love -😉 well at least in lust
  10. jaragon

    Hot TV Guys

    One hot vicar replaces another...
  11. Corman really had to fight with cheap AIP for those atmospheric sets - which he he then used over and over again
  12. I loved it when I was kid now it more like camp fun
  13. Loren and Mastroianni create real movie star magic....
  14. jaragon

    No Words

    Joe shows us how good the shorts look from the rear....
  15. George Cukor must have has a lot of fun shooting this scene- I wonder if these guys were cast at one of his pool party...
  16. Francois Ozon's "Double Lover" a stylish psychological thriller about Chloe (Marine Vatch) who becomes involved with Paul ( Jeremie Renier) a shrink with too many secrets . Ozon creates plenty of erotic tension between the three. There is a definite gay sensibility at play here- with with a bisexual three way and a pegging scene. Renier is a very sexy actor and we get to see a lot of him.
  17. jaragon

    "Onibaba" (1964)

    That's what I'm waiting for
  18. " Devil Witch Child" (1975) directed by Armando de Ossorio who created the scary Blind Dead movies. This Spanish production originally titled "La Endemonida" is a laughable "The Exorcist" copy about a Susan a young girl who is possessed by the evil spirit of an old witch.The movie is not helped by horrendous dubbed English but I doubt the original Spanish would have helped the crazy plot and cheesy fx. But for fans of psychotronic cinema and Euro horror is a must. There is a horrible print on Amazon prime and I do wish someone could release this classic on special edition DVD- are you listening Scream Factory
  19. jaragon

    Hot Sporstmen

    Jake Gyllenhaal was suppose to star in Joe Namath bio
  20. jaragon

    "Onibaba" (1964)

    The print on you tube is not bad but I want to see this on DVD or Blu Ray better yet on a big screen.
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