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  1. jaragon


    Javier Barden co-stars in "Second Skin" ( Segunda Piel) (1999) about a doctor who falls in love with a married man The trailer seems pretty tame but you can google a rather explicit sex scene between the men. I never heard of this movie I wonder if it was ever released in the U. S.
  2. jaragon

    George Cukor

    I was just watching an old Dick Cavett show with George Cukor- in which he said he did not know the real reason why he was fired from "GWTW"he only said Gable had something to do with it... Cukor of course was discreet and old school but it would have been fascinating to hear him tell the truth of his life as gay man in classic Hollywood.
  3. Russell was used to market the film a hit- her image is truly iconic. Cocteau used Marais in almost all his films .
  4. Hart Bochner makes Colin Firth sweat in "Apartment Zero" Bochner had the looks but his career as leading man went no where
  5. Leonard Whiting was "Frankenstein the True Story" (1973) on IMDB there are no credits between 1990- 2015. Olivia Hussey of course was in that musical classic "Lost Horizon"
  6. Good looks alone do not guarantee movie stardom- you better know how to act- a good modern example is Chris Pine who not only looks like a movie star but can actually act- just see him in the current " Hell or High Water" a movie I highly recommend
  7. Thinnes reminds me of Paul Newman specially in "The Invaders"...Francis might have been another Tab Hunter type
  8. Cushing usually played Van Helsing to Lee's Dracula-perhaps Hammer thought the audience might be confused if the saw Cushing as Frankenstein in a Dracula movie.
  9. I just saw "Dracula Prince of Darkness" which stand up pretty well and Christopher Lee is Dracula. I wonder why Hammer never did one of those Universal style monster meet ups like " House of Dracula"
  10. I would try to get Jake Gyllenhaal - who has those great eyes and would not be afraid to do gay love scenes and James Franco for Frank Merlo https://youtu.be/ytEORri27xE here is Franco as Ginsberg
  11. $3 million?! It's not on the screen unless Hughes shot some gay porn footage on the side -
  12. And what were the sensors so upset about- apart from Russell's breast the film seems pretty tame -were they missing scenes that Hughes was forced to cut? I'm surprise he did not manage to include a shirtless scene for Billy- or better yet some skinny dipping bit
  13. A bio film about Williams would make a great movie with the right script and the right cast- Williams would be a challenging Oscar bait role- but who would you cast?
  14. There seems to be a homoerotic love triangle between the three men. Billy is photographed as sex symbol ( just as much as Jane Russell who is used as window dressing by Hughes) He comes across as twink tease that gets in between the older couple. The use of smoking as a symbol for sex is too obvious ( Howard must have been a big fan of "Now Voyager" I'm surprise someone hasn't remade this and made the bisexual aspect more explicit.
  15. jaragon


    I thought it was Meyer putting the moves on Ryan... but seriously how can you make a film about such hedonistic place like "Studio 54" in which everyone was either high or they having sex of every persuasion and cut out the gay angle?
  16. And she was Mrs Santa Claus in a musical written by Jerry Herrman ( you can't get any gayer)
  17. jaragon


    Felicity is very good and the director was obviously really fond of Kevin Zeger's beauty
  18. Don't tell Mrs Claus....
  19. Interesting- I will have to take a look at "The Outlaw". The bi sexual angle was omitted from "The Aviator" which was written by a gay man?!
  20. Bomer's career is doing well even after he came out - he has the lead in "The Last Tycoon". I would love to see him in a major movie role straight or gay- that face was made for the movies
  21. The original film had a brilliant marketing campaign- yes I was one of those people who was fulled into thinking it was a real "documentary" - I actually saw a cut of the film which a friend had found poster on line ( was this a publicity stunt too?)
  22. The first trailers called it the generic "The Woods"
  23. It all depends on the story in horror films for example we know things will never end well ( well at least for a while until the sequel) Classic love stories from "Rome and Juliet" to "Brokeback Mountain" have unhappy endings- just watched "Cabaret" which has a realistic ending.
  24. These days for personal reasons I prefer films with happy endings-yes I can see the point of tragedy- and "Last Exit to Brooklyn" borders on the operatic.
  25. You are right about their target audience- the first sequel did not work because it was done as conventional horror movie and it was not very scary.
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