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  1. I doubt this will be remade as movie but I can see it as play....Ryan Reynolds is better at comedy...actually that role would not be cast with a star just some good looking guy
  2. Mr Tatum can be funny, is a good dancer and doesn't take himself too seriously- he will next appear in the Coen Brothers "Hail Caesar" a comedy set in an MGM like studio during Hollywood's golden age.
  3. The charming Mr Tatum is the star of "Magic Mike"- and yes he does look good in and out of uniform
  4. You would need a director who is good at sexual repression - I would do it as period piece not in modern times- I don't think you could remove Anacleto completly - he might not be less grotesque- not sure about the director but Channing Tatum would be my choice for the soldier love object.
  5. The original novel is a lot more bizarre- if this were remade today - the gay angle would be a lot more explicit- but the politically correct police would probably be outraged specially by Anacleto
  6. It's more like a fantasy wish fullfillment musical that a "revenge fantasy"- but it does look great
  7. I'm sure there are many people who are turned off by the gay love story which is unfortunate because it is a beautifully crafted movie. This homophobic reaction is probably why the film did not win the best picture Oscar which instead went for the over rated melodramatic "Crash" which is now where near the same level.
  8. It's really hard to see this film now - Heath Ledger is so amazingly good and painfully real- his tragic death was a real loss to film acting. And he was robbed of a best actor Oscar.
  9. jaragon

    The Imitation Game

    This was a good film but they could have a least given Turning some sort of romance
  10. A movie that terrified when I first saw as kid on tv- and still a very effective sci-fi thriller
  11. If you are gay director and cast a good looking actor in the lead you are allow to have some fun
  12. There is a big difference between casting a play and a movie- plays can be more stylized but cinema even though is a less realistic medium needs more realistic casting. A movie about slavery in the south would never get away by casting white actors as slaves unless it's some sort of satirical comedy. In the theater I think the audience has a greater sense of imagination the best production I ever saw of Romeo and Juliet was with an all male cast and bare stage- the power of the story and Shakespeares' poetry mad it work.
  13. I just saw this great video on you tube in which Jake Gyllenhaal talks about making "Brokeback Mountain" ( by the way is TCM going to run this classic during Oscar month?) and he makes some very interesting points. I agree that casting a lead in a movie has lot to do with an actor's box office appeal.
  14. I agree with Damon and in the case of Bomer who has the classic leading man looks I wonder if anyone will cast him in as straight romantic lead. Everett has become quite bitter in recent years
  15. Actors no matter how skillfull can not pull off every role for example I never believe Al Pacino as a Cuban in "Scarface" and now they are threatning a remake with Leonardo DiCaprio - seriously they can't find ONE latino actor to play that role. But of course acting is about pretending- Matt Damon who is straight- has played gay several times and pulled it off specially in "Behind the Candelabra"
  16. I found this one to be a routine Bond adventure- the Daniel Craig movies are a bit dark
  17. I'm not sure if Ruppert Everet would have had a huge career if he had stayed in the closet. Matt Borner came out as gay- and his career seems to doing fine- he was in the Magic Mike movies, American Horror story and The Normal Heart. He is also attached to Montgomery Cliff biopic.
  18. A producer wants to cast the best actor for the role - so in the case of "Modern Family" one half the gay couple is played by straight actor- would having a gay actor in the lead make it better? The problem that unlike race - gays are sometimes not clearly visible- and in Hollywood- gay actors with romantic lead potential still hide for the sake of their career.
  19. "La Mujer de mi Hermano" ( My Brother's Wife) (2005) very slick love triangle drama in which a beautiful young woman seeks sexual pleasure from her husband's wilder younger brother. The husband might have a gay secret- but this is a Mexican made film so that angle is handled so discreetly that it's barely there-in other words there is plenty of straight sex but the gay action is left strictly to the imagination.
  20. Savage was 24 when he made "The Killing Kind" and the way Harrington photographs him does seem to border on exploitation- but this is the same way that straight director film young female stars. "Mother" of course could never kill Norman- after all a boy's best friend is his mother
  21. "The Killng Kind" is very unpleasant film and while watching I thought that Savage's young good looks were really being exploited. But perhaps this the point Harrington was trying to make. I agree it's a variation on "Psycho" making Norman's peculiarities more explicit. But would Mother have killed Norman if she had known what he was up to?
  22. There are many characters in classic movies that can be seen as gay - specially to a modern audience- this specially true after the code in which writers/director were force to sensor themselves- still there are moments that they manage to wink at the audience- there is that classic gun scene in "Red River" in which Ireland and Clift seem to have something else on their minds beside shooting.
  23. Yeah there is a better chance of finding gay lead in an indepedent feature than in mainstream Hollywood production.
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