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  1. They make an adorable couple
  2. jaragon

    Hot TV Guys

    These two have great chemistry...
  3. "Spider Man: Far From Home" Peter Parker( Tom Holland) is down on the dumps because he missed his "daddy" Tony Stark /Iron Man. He goes on an European class trip and meets Quentin Beck /Misterio ( Jake Gyllenhaal) . Tom and Jake have real chemistry. There are some who see parallel between these two and the couple in "Call Me By Your Name" but this is a Marvel movie so it's not going there- well I'm sure there is plenty of Peter/Misterio fan fiction out there
  4. jaragon

    "Onibaba" (1964)

    Kaneto Shindo's "Onibaba" (1964) starts off as historical drama about a young woman and her mother-in-law who will do anything to survive in war torn feudal Japan. The women murder soldiers and sell their belongings for food. The women get along until the return of Hachi who tells them their son/husband has died in battle. He also unleashes passionate desire in the women. The mother in law encounters as mysterious samurai wearing a demon mask which leads to a terrifying climax. Shindo really knows how to use the frame and his cinematographer creates haunting black and white images. The tall reeds by the river become another character watching as the humans go mad with lust. The sequence in which the young woman runs into the demon is the stuff of cinematic nightmares and reminds me of the best of the Val Lewton films .
  5. You must see the original film - a true horror classic with that still shocking ending- curiously the lame trailer does not mention Christopher Lee who gives a great performance
  6. Yes but maybe about a hundred which are really worth watching
  7. jaragon

    Hot TV Guys

    Christopher Gorham and Dallas Roberts in "Insastiable" ...
  8. I hated "Heredatary" but was curious about this one- the trailer is very effective- but when I found out it was 2.5 hours long I'll wait for it to play on cable- the plot sounds more like "The Wicker Man" than "Rosemary's Baby"
  9. I really enjoy reading your reviews of the Naschy films
  10. jaragon

    No Words

    Joe knows the top size you need...
  11. jaragon

    No Words

    Joe is not only a fine looking man but I love the sound of his voice and he wears a large😉
  12. Yes I mean there are plenty of good films made after 1959
  13. "Anabelle Comes Home" (2019) the evil doll is back but she has very little to do is this latest chapter in "The Conjuring" universe. The doll is locked up in a specially blessed cabinet until a nosy baby sitter lets her out and she unleashes some very bland scares. Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson ( who should be in better movies) appear in the effective prologue . Anabelle was scary in the previous and much better "Anabelle:Creation" but after this boring film she really belongs in the attic.
  14. jaragon

    "Suspiria" (2018)

    Did you mean to say "crap"
  15. jaragon

    Hot Sporstmen

    These two are amusing....
  16. jaragon

    No Words

    I would personally would like to take Joe's measurements....
  17. jaragon

    No Words

    This should have ended with these two having sex...
  18. jaragon

    Hot Sporstmen

    Mr Tan is a jock on and off the screen...
  19. Lewis Tan in motion....
  20. He was a beautiful man
  21. This is a good sci-fi horror thriller from Spain
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