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  1. Paul Mantee's body is on display in "Robinson Crusoe on Mars"
  2. Mantee is very good in the movie in some ways he reminds me of Robert Conrad. Conrad was better looking which is why he became a bigger star.
  3. So happy to know he is alive and has recovered- this is such a horrible time we are living in- I just lost a dear close friend to cancer- any good news is nice to hear these days
  4. They also shot in on location in Death Valley which does look like an alien landscape.
  5. Nils Ashter the male Garbo...
  6. "Abby " (1974) a black exploitation take on "The Exorcist" . Abby (Carol Speed) is possessed by an African demon and the only one that can save her is William Marshall. This is an effective low budget horror picture- specially the early scenes. Abby turns into a sexy freak once she is possessed. Warner Brothers sued the producers because they claimed the film was a copy of "The Exorcist". The setting and characters are very different. Abby is a woman not a little girl like in the Blatty novel. But yes there are similar scenes in both films- the demon is first encountered in a foreign land by archeologist. The movie is available on a very expensive DVD on Amazon but you can watch it on a lousy print on You Tube.
  7. "Robinson Crusoe on Mars" (1964) is a spectacular and for it's time fairly realistic science fiction adventure about an astronaut (Paul Mantee) who must survived on Mars after his space ship crashes into the planet. Byron Haskin directed from a script by Ib Melchior. The movie is filled with the sort of sense of wonder we don't get in movies anymore. The special effects are still impressive with some well done matte paintings and alien space craft which looked like the saucers from "War of the Worlds" This does feel like a George Pal production. Matee is very good as the resourceful hero with Victor Lundin as his alien Friday and lets not forget the scene stealing monkey. Yes this was obviously aimed at the Saturday matinee crowd but is delivers plenty of thrills.
  8. Shirtless cowboy nonsense from David DeCoteau...
  9. I thought it was interesting but lacked the visual style of the best giallos. I agree with you that the best part were the scenes between Naschy and Erica Blanc. The film does have plenty of female nudity and a great sleaze factor.
  10. I finally got to see Tom de Simone's "The Idol" (1979) about a college track star (Kevin Redding) sexual awakening with his team mates. De Simone is a true film maker and the movie is shot and edited like a Hollywood production . Redding , who reminds me of Jan Michael Vincent, is very good not just naturally sexy but emotionally true. This is what makes the movie a gay erotic classic - yes there are plenty of hot sex- specially a rub down with his coach, but the movie goes beyond sexploitation The movie is available on an excellent looking DVD from Bijou Classic. I bought mine on TLA video which is great source for gay films. I do wish the DVD had more extras an interview with the director would have been nice. Redding never made another film - but his performance is timeless.
  11. One of the modern masters of horror and fantasy film making
  12. McNally was a great playwright
  13. The more I think about the less sense it makes- it's suppose to be about a romance gone wrong- but call me sexist but I was on the side of the boyfriend and felt sorry for him at the end. The girl was obviously nuts ( just like her sister) so she fit right into the cult. The film was never scary or suspenseful. I hated "Hereditary" but at least that movie had a real sense of dread and some truly horrifying moments.
  14. "Midsommar" (2019) a group of not too bright American college students travel to Sweeden were they fall into a new age cult with a sinister secret. The film does look great and there are some eerie moments. But the movie was not scary- yes there is some disturbing imagery- but seriously if you watch some ritualistic suicide would you not just get up and run?!
  15. The current virus fear gripping our world is nothing new specially in sci- fi movies
  16. Probably he would have hooked up with some one in the art world in New York or San Francisco . It would have been nice if Doctor Finch would have met some one nice on that trip to Italy.
  17. I agree I was expecting it to seem dating but there is something about the theme that makes it timeless- a true classic
  18. I just saw John Schlesinger's extraordinary film from a an original script by Penelope Gilliat. A real adult dram about a love triangle between a gay doctor (Peter Finch), a straight woman (Glenda Jackson) and their bisexual lover (Murray Head). I can see how that kiss between Finch and Murray is really a ground breaking moment in gay film history. It made gay love a very natural thing. Out on blu ray from the Criterion collection
  19. jaragon

    Mayor Pete

    I'm sure Mayor Pete will return
  20. "Voyage of the Dammed" (1976) there a plenty of stars and subplots in this fact base film about the doomed Jewish passengers aboard a luxury liner trying to flee Nazi Germany in 1936. Aarom (Paul Koslo) and Joseph (Jonathan Pryce) seem to be a gay couple. They share a cabin and are always seen together. They do not have any love scenes and their relationship is rather vague even for 70's - but it's clear they care for each other. There are too many scenes of the Nazis beating them up but at least in the climax they do take some action. The film is long and feels more like a mini series than a feature- lots of star power, Lee Grant, Faye Dunaway, James Mason, Jose Ferrer and Orson Welles.
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