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  1. A boxing match is a good excuse for good looking tv actors to go shirtless this is from "Emmerdale"
  2. You can't blame the girl he still looks good even with the scars,
  3. Herbert Lom was a good actor but he is not Claude Rains - The Hammer version looks cheap next to the gorgeous 1943 production. I read somewhere that Cary Grant- yes that Cary Grant was interested in doing a Hammer film and that the remake of "Phantom ' was written for him- but I can't imagine what role he would've played?
  4. "Rest in Pieces" (1987) is really bad. A greatly disliked woman poisons herself and leaves her money and estate to her niece. Dorothy Malone at the end of her legendary career plays the aunt. The woman who plays the niece was hired to show of her breast. She is topless so many time it becomes a running joke. The plot makes no sense - but it has something to do with madness, medical experiments and homicidal zombies. A must watch for fans of bad horror films you can watch it for free on Tubi TV-
  5. You make some good points- yes Eric is very similar to Quasimodo - whose fate is sealed by their looks. In the Lloyd Webber musical they went back to the phantom as super villain but in the movie version they made him too good looking which made no sense- well the director thought Christine would not fall in love with a monster missing the whole point of the story. Did you ever see the tv version in which the Phantom is never unmasked?
  6. The acid on the face scene is a classic horror film moment. In order for the story to work the Phantom must be hedious- but they toned down the make up for the 1943 version because they did not want to offend soldiers who were coming home disfigured from War World 2. In one version of the script Christine was suppose to be Eric's daughter. You are right about the film being a feast for the eyes and ears. In the last remake with Gerard Buttler they made the Phantom too attractive which takes away from the horror
  7. Michael Nader (1945-1976) He romanced Sally Field, Sussan Lucci and Joan Collins in "Dynasty". Here he shows off his dance skills in "Ski Party" (1965)
  8. It lacks the class and production values of a Hammer production but it's not that bad. The story borrows a lot from Hammer's "The Gorgon" but that had beautiful Technicolor and the stylish direction of Terrence Fisher. But the creature is effective monster
  9. 'The Blood Beast Terror" (1968) Peter Cushing investigates a series of murders in which the male victims have been drained of blood. The movie lacks the Hammer look and budget but it's interesting to see the female monster go after men. You can see it for free on Tubi Tv
  10. "Willow Creek" has a very shocking ending- I find most of these found footage films just lazy film making- but having done one myself it's not as easy as it looks
  11. jaragon

    "Teorema" (1969)

    Stamp was very sexy one could stare into those blue eyes for ever. He is perfectly cast in "Teorama". There is a ceartain sexual ambiguity about him but he seems to like women. Stamp received extensive media coverage of his romances in the 1960s with film star Julie Christie and supermodel Jean Shrimpton. He and Shrimpton were one of the most-photographed couples of Mod London.
  12. jaragon

    "Teorema" (1969)

    It's too bad that Pasonlini last film was disturbing film who knows what else he would have created
  13. jaragon

    "Teorema" (1969)

    Young Terence Stamp could have seduced anyone into doing anything...
  14. jaragon

    "Teorema" (1969)

    Pasolini had a very dramatic end to say the least and made some beautiful and disturbing cinema...
  15. jaragon

    "Teorema" (1969)

    I had seen it a long time ago and had forgotten most of it- well except for the floating maid!- it is a fascinating movie which can be interpreted in many ways
  16. jaragon

    "Teorema" (1969)

    I think that was a comedy version of the same plot
  17. jaragon

    "Teorema" (1969)

    Terence Stamp ( in very tight pants) is a mysterious stranger that has very personal impact on a wealthy Italian family in Pier Paolo Pasolini's " Teorema". Stamp angel/demon drives the family both mad with lust and into religious ecstasy. Pasolini was a cinematic poet and his movie is filled with haunting images and beautiful Italian youths who seemed to have stepped out of a Caravagio painting. You can see it on Amazon prime- I could not get the subtitles to work so I saw in Italian- but with film maker as visual as Pasolini it doesn't matter- you can enjoy intellectual stimulation a
  18. jaragon

    Gay Horror!

    "Devil's Path" (2018) is sold as a psychological gay horror film- the actors are good and the first time director creates some suspense- but the script is too contrived-I found is slow, dark and depressing- and it needed some sex!- you can watch it on Amazon Prime ans Tubi for free
  19. Now that would be an interesting casting for the leads in "The City and the Pillar" is it had been made in the 1970s- Strauss and Nolte a lovers would have been hot
  20. Thank you for letting the 21st century kids know about drive ins but I think there are still some around
  21. "Attack of the Giant Leeches" Tennessee Williams meets Roger Corman in this low budget horror film which spends more time on sexy Yvette Vickers than the blood sucking monsters
  22. Those made for tv movies were pretty scary
  23. George Romero uses horror film imagery to expose the terrors of growing old- not really a horror film but worth watching if you admire Romero. You can see it on Shudder
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