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  1. The play has to be a period piece like the great Broadway production which I was lucky to see ( yes I keep saying that but it was a thrilling night in the theater and Matt Bomer is really gorgeous in person) Yes it's a time capsule of pre Stonewall gay live but some of the themes are timeless- body image, looking for love in all the wrong place, commitment. In another site they said the movie just looks like the original movie not too my eyes. Friedkin is a straight man so his vision was different - I imagine this one will be more open about their sex life.
  2. I hope it's as good as the Broadway production...
  3. John Terlesky had star looks but never got the A movie break- he still working and still looks handsome at 58
  4. "Chopping Mall"(1985) a fun sci-fi horror movie about a group of young people trapped in a mall patrolled by out of control robot guards. The movie is available on a really good DVD which has some cool extras
  5. Yeah that's kind of dissapointing
  6. This one terrified me when I was a kid- but it has not aged well even with Steve McQueen as the "teenage" hero.
  7. On his 90th birthday let's celebrate the hotness that is Sean Connery on screen
  8. Paul Walker was born to be a movie star and he left us too soon...
  9. "Monday at 11:01 A. M" (2016) Michael ( Charles Agron) and Olivia (Brianna Evigan) his girlfriend end spending the night at mysterious fancy hotel in the middle of nowhere but no matter how much it tried to copy Stephen King this is not "The Shining". There is Sam Clark a handsome young bellhop that warns them not too go outside because of "the bears". Lancer Henrikson is a sinister bart tender . And what are those hooded druids up to? The obnoxious Agron who wrote and produced the movie seems to be channeling Jack Nicholson but he lacks the talent. The film might have worked as half h
  10. Who wouldn't fall in love with Paul Walker? His early death was tragic loss
  11. jaragon

    "Lazy Eye" (2016)

    A bitter sweet romantic drama about two old lovers who reunite after fifteen years. The two leads Lucas NearVerbrughe and Aaron Costa Ganis have great chemistry and some sexy love scenes. A good movie about life the the choices we made- you can watch it on Amazon Prime just make sure you have the Kleenex handy.
  12. I was hiking in upstate New York this weekend and found a pond filled with frogs- they seemed pretty harmless until one pounced on a worm and practically swallowed it whole!
  13. I actually saw this in the theater at it was pretty bad- and it waste what is potentially a great monster
  14. Tome Mercier blows bubbles...
  15. jaragon

    Gays on the Tube

    Twenty five year old Shatner might have not gotten the accent right but he looks every inch the part of the beautiful doomed sailor. Douglas Campbell plays Claggart the man who obviously lust after Billy. The gay subtext of the story is very clear in this scene
  16. jaragon

    Gays on the Tube

    A young and blonde William Shatner in a tv production of "Billy Budd"
  17. jaragon

    Ed Wood

    "A Reflection of Fear" (1973) is a another psychological horror thriller that uses cross dressing for shock value
  18. "Jaws of Satan" (1982) original title "King Cobra" this one is a bizarre mix of creatures of on the rampage genre and the supernatural. A small town is terrorized by snake attacks . Father Tom (Fritz Weaver) is a priest who believes the satanic cobra is after him. Norman Lloyd is wasted in a small role. You can get in on blu ray but there is good print on You Tube.
  19. jaragon

    Ed Wood

    Yes now this would be considered transphobic
  20. Tom Mercier strips- not sure why but I approve😉
  21. Yes that is why it's such a delightful surprise. This is an MGM picture so I'm sure that number was well rehearsed but there is a sense of fun about it- the shorter guy can't wait to dance with his buddy.
  22. "The Girl and the Monster" (1941) this one is a really strange low budget film from Paramount which seemed inspired by the Val Lewton productions at RKO. The story stars off as court room melodrama. Scott ( Philip Terry) is on trial for shooting a gangster- but in one of several flashbacks we can see that he was framed. He was defending the honor of his sister Susan (Ellen Drew) who had been tricked into becoming a prostitute. Scott is found guilty and sentenced to death and now the film becomes a mad scientist movie. Dr Perry (George Zucco )convinces Scott to let him transplant his brain
  23. I rather imagine they were boyfriends who after the dance went off to secluded spot and made out👬
  24. Dance boys dance...love to know if these two amazing dancers were partners off the dance floor too?
  25. Yes I think it was a reflection of the time- and female shortage during war time- but the interesting thing about the number is that there are women to dance with- the two men's boogie number is showcased- and nobody blinks
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