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  1. Paul Naschy plays a very masculine priest in "Exorcismo" (1975). He is very convincing as the priest who battles witch craft in this very serious copy of "The Exorcist". There are plenty of campy Euro horror touches- female nudity and groovy black mass /**** which look like an evening at the Playboy mansion. I found the film a bit predictable but there are a couple of decent scares and some effective make up. Naschy really had a bigger range than just a wolf man . You can watch it as part of Scream Factory's The Paul Naschy collection Volume 2
  2. 'The Werewolf and the Yeti" (1972) has everything the abominable snowman, sexy witches, bandits, torture chambers, and our favorite Spanish wolf man Paul Naschy. The movie is non stop thrill ride adventure with plenty of action, female nudity and blood. There is also an hommage to "The Werewolf of London" You can see it on blu ray from Scream Factory part of their Paul Naschy collection volume 2.
  3. Maren Jensen, Sharon Stone and Susan Buckner are terrorized by religious zealots led by Ernest Borgnine in Wes Cravens "Deadly Blessing" (1981) a still effective psycho thriller. Craven knows to build suspense and delivers some decent shocks even with chickens. Jeff East, Douglas Barr, Lisa Hartman, Lois Netleton and Michael Berryman also star. James Horner composed the very creepy score which sounds like "The Omen" The ending is truly shocking. You can watch it on a great Blu ray from Shout Factory.
  4. "Birdemic 2; The Resurrection' (2013) a sequel to "Birdemic:Shock and Terror"( 2010) which manages to be worse than the original movie. Directed by James Nguyen who markets himself as "the master of the romantic thriller" but he is not good at making either one. . The original film had the charms of a real bad movie- an unintentional comedy about birds terrorizing a small town- yes it's a rip off of Hitchcock's "The Birds" but with laughable special effects. The birds looks like something from a bad video game. Rod( Alan Bagh) and Nathalie ( Whitney Moore) are back this time helping a struggling film director Bill (Thomas Favaloro) make a film until those cheesy birds show up- along with cavemen, zombies and killer jelly fish.
  5. The Omen series comes to a cheesy end with "Omen 4: The Awakening"(1991). This time the evil child is a girl who goes all Carrie when ever anyone threatens her. There is plenty of on unintentional laughs featuring hysterical nuns, new age crystals. They did not have the budget to stage spectacular death scenes so a lot of victims just drop dead from heart attacks.
  6. Yes it does feel like a movie made in the 70's not the 80's. I fell sleep while watching it and found it confusing-the seem to go from modern time to some retro 1940s world in which people ride carriages and dress like extras in a Universal horror movie.
  7. I really despised "The Last Jedi" but Adam Driver was the only good thing in it
  8. I agree with most of what you said- to me the film jump the shark- when you know who comes back from the grave-and yes you could have easily cut ten minutes
  9. There is a gay subtext to "Damien : Omen 2" the first sequel to the successful horror film about the birth of the Anti Christ. Damien ( Jonathan Scott Taylor) , the son of Satan is now thirteen. He is living with his Aunt (Lee Grant) and Uncle (William Holden ) and cute cousin Mark( Lucas Donat) . Damien and Mark are very close which worries Aunt Marion (Sylvia Sydney ) She thinks Damien has a "bad" influence on Mark . Marion is quickly dispatched by the raven who has taken over for the big dog as Damien's guardian. Damien and Mark attend a prestigious military academy which is run by Sergeant Neff ( Lance Hericksen). Neff seems to a bit too interested in Damien and tells him that if he has any questions about anything to ask him first. The creepy seduction scares Damien who would rather be running with his cousin. Older men keep trying to get into Damien's head ( if not his his pants) like Paul Buttler ( Robert Foxworth) who tells Damien he will soon be initiated into who knows what ( Leather night at the Eagle? ) Mark discovers the truth about his cousin's parentage and wants to break up their teen bromance. Damien seems to want to take it to he next level and is really heart broken when Mark rejects him. It's the only moment in the film in which Damien shows any human emotion.
  10. jaragon

    The Omen Series

    "The Omen" (1976) classic horror film thanks to it's all star cast- Gregory Peck, Lee Remick, superior production values, clever script by David Seltzer , good direction Richard Donner and that unforgettable score by Jerry Goldsmith. Donner stages some really effective horror suspense sequences but it's the films realistic tone that really makes you believe the story. The film is out in a new set from the Scream Factory that has their usual interesting extras
  11. jaragon

    Random Alerts!

    "Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker" features the series first gay kiss- between two female extras that have nothing to do with the plot and can easily be removed from homophobic foreign markets.
  12. William Higgins the director producer of such classic gay erotic films like "Big Guns"(1987) and "Pacific Coast Highway" (1981) passed away on December 21, 2019
  13. A lot better than the last dreadful movie- (yes I hated it so much I was actually rooting for the villain!) It almost captures some of the classic "Star Wars" wonder.
  14. I really liked this one- the plot more or less makes sense- and there are some surprising moments- like when the zombies from " Night of the Living Dead" show up. Yes there is plenty of nudity both female and male - some it gratuitous but other moments gives the film an erotic touch. The special effects seemed a bit cheesy but the make up with that bright red blood is effective. Naschy is really scary as Alaric de Marnac with a diabolical stare worthy of Dracula. Helga Line is a bit campy as his evil spouse but she does look great - I love her line about needing a human heart because she is hungry. It's interesting to see how Naschy rehired some of the same actors in supporting roles.
  15. This one is a genre mash up of caper film and sadistic horror. I love the way all these sexy young women keep falling in love with Naschy who is not exactly Brad Pitt.
  16. "Cats" (2019) I have never seen the show but the movie is not terrible just ridiculous with some fine dancers buried under that silly CGI cat suits. I was really hoping for a "Lost Horizon" (1973) camp classic. "Cats" needed Ken Russell directing and Liza Minelli as Grizabella....
  17. jaragon

    Paul Naschy

    I got "The Paul Naschy Collection Volume 1" from Shout Factory as a Christmas present and I love it. It makes one really appreciate the talented Jacinto Molina as screen writer, director and star. The horror films feel like classic Universal with more blood and nudity. The plots are at times convoluted but they are never boring.
  18. "Vengeance of the Zombies" (1973) Paul Naschy plays several parts in this mystery horror film about voodoo worshipers terrorizing London. The sexy female zombies act more like the brides of Dracula than the usual slow moving brain eaters. Naschy is a lot of fun playing a Hindu guru.
  19. jaragon

    Hot Sporstmen

    Now who doesn't love Gus....?
  20. jaragon

    Hot Sporstmen

    Mr Cena works hard for those muscles...
  21. "Judy" (2019) Rene Zellweger will probably get an Oscar nomination but Garland deserved a better movie. The musical numbers are well done but the script is weak.
  22. Richard Denning and S John Launer hunt down "Creature with the Atom Brain" (1955) a fast past paced sci-fi horror written by Curt Siodmak and directed by Edward L Cahn. This is better than usual production from schlockmeister Sam Katzman. A gangster and a Nazi scientist turn dead men into radioactive powered killer zombies. Siodmak seemed obsessed with brains. The premise reminds me of Michael Chrichton's "The Terminal Man" (1974)
  23. Brobonding fun on "Mysterious Island"....
  24. Jeff Morrow and sexy scientist Mara Corday encounter " The Giant Claw" (1957) produced by Sam Katzman and directed by the ever reliable Fred F Sears. The movie first half hour is a typical but effective 1950's B sci-fi creature feature about a mysterious UFO which might responsible for airplane crashes. But then the monster shows up- a giant bird from an anti-matter galaxy- unfortunately Katzman saved money by not hiring Ray Harryhausen and instead we get one a cheap turkey puppet which looks more comical than menacing .
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