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  1. Raquel Welch, who still looks stunning talks about the making of the infamous film
  2. Rex Reed is not bad - well at least he looks pretty. Welch is good too - but she doesn't seem to know how to play Myra- well at least she changes costumes in every scene. West was cast because at that time she had become an idol of the counter culture who must have discovered her early films in which she was both sexy and funny. The problem is that having a 76 year old lusting after young men is just weird. John Huston comes out even worse having to play a lot of his scenes naked. Sarne must have wanted to shock but most of his visuals have not aged well.
  3. The movie is worth watching at least once- it's jut too bizarre
  4. I was re-watching this bad film classic from 1970 and my only explanation from this what were they thinking disaster is drugs. There seems to be too much of Mae West, that yes is Hollywood icon but by then she was not a box office attraction- were they trying to attract an older audience by casting her ? The scene in which Mrya rapes Rusty is played both a horror film- (all those lightning flashes) In the book the scene is erotic- (the violation of straight men must have been one of Vidal's favorite fantasies- it turns up again in "Caligula) In the movie it's neither shocking or sexy- it's j
  5. It's a fascinating movies for many reasons and yes it must watch in you have any interest in pre-Stonewall gay history
  6. Yeah that was strange specially if they bought the house to renovate and sell?!
  7. I saw "The Queen" when it was re-released on 2019. I think you can watch it on Amazon.
  8. The film seems to be setting up a Conjuring series with the Old Man and the daughter- also if you move into a house and flies are coming out the wall - wouldn't you check to see what's causing that?
  9. I watched " The Celluloid Closet" which is such great documentary. I had forgotten how much it covers but the directors are right about the current state of gays in films things really have not changed that much- on television yes but in theaters we barely get a gay theme film from a major studio
  10. This is the directors first movie and you can see his influences- I think the script that probably started off as a short was a set up for the final twist- which actually makes no sense- you are telling me the father who spend so much time in the boy's room did not notice the images before?
  11. This might have been better with a decent budget - it has some interesting ideas -the trailer gives away the non ending!
  12. Olympic champion Buster Crabbe makes an entrance ....
  13. I thought it was a perfect time to revive this thread...
  14. "Don't Listen" (Voces) (2020) a family moves into a haunted house in this familiar horror film from Spain. You can see it on Netflix
  15. I finally go to see the x rated version of this infamous epic and all I can say is that less is more. I'm not sure what Gore Vidal had in mind but I'm sure it was more than this sex and gore show. Malcon McDowell gives it his all but he can't compete with all the sex and perversion which is not erotic just exhausting. The sets and costumes are fabulous but Fellini did it first and better in "Satyricon" I do recommend getting the Imperial Edition which has a very amusing commentary by McDowell
  16. Proud of this young gay man but I'm still waiting for the David Kopay movie bio
  17. 'The Little Vampire" (2017) this is an animated version of story which was previously filmed in 2000. The story is about two thirteen year old boys Tony a human and Rudolph a vampire who become "friends". The two boys are clearly in love with each other even when a female love interested in thrown in Tony only has eyes for his vampire buddy. The vampire hunting villains are also gay coded .
  18. The last time I saw it I saw it was a very effective variation on "The Monkey's Paw" - even Stephen King uses it as flash back story in "Pet Sematary" - I don't think it's suppose to be a serious statement about Vietnam or veterans for PTSD just a horror film about the horrors of war coming home
  19. "The Lost Continent" (1968) this maybe the craziest movie Hammer ever produced based on a Dennis Wheatley novel but it feels as if they put three different scripts in the blender- you get a sea going drama plus a disaster movie plus man eating monsters plus the Spanish Inquisition! It's out on Blu Ray from Scream Factory- the trailer is flat but the actual film is wide screen
  20. "How to Make Monster" (1958) a demented make up man turns teens into killer monsters ( and who knows what else)
  21. "How To Make a Monster" (1958) Peter Dumond (Robert H Harris) a genius make up man hypnotizes two young actors Larry (Gary Clarke) and Tony (Gary Conway) into real life monsters to get rid of his enemies. Dumond and his "assistant" Rivero (Paul Brinegar) are gay coded and have a master/slave relationship , Dumond really loves working with the teen stars and one can only imagine what else he would have them do under hypnosis specially Conway- who started off his career posing for physique magazines. The film works as horror and there are a couple of good shocks . Larry and Tony have girl
  22. Martin and Lewis were close friends and obviously comfortable- my take on this could be that the photographer took the full body shot for himself- I mean that would never have appeared in Life in the 1950's but if you go to the Life archives web site is filled with photos of naked athletes in the locker room . There is even a photo of Pat Boone taking a shower! We might think that was a more repressive era but they seem to have no issues with male nudity
  23. You can find in on line for free if you google it- it's not a very good film but there is plenty of camp- the scene with the hooker is specially interesting and would word a lot better if she turned out to be a he. Law was sexier as Simbad
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