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  1. "The Canterville Ghost" (1944) in the middle of this delightful fantasy about group of American soldiers encountering a ghost in England- there is an elaborate dance number in which soldiers dance together- the two dancing partners are amazing but I was surprise this sort of same sex dancing was perfectly acceptable. The other gay angle in the movie is that the troops all sleep together in their period underwear.
  2. I never thought of "Satyricon" but that must have been an influenced on the visual design. Jesus does have beautiful blue eyes. The film male costumes are a reflection of the period- the movie was aimed at the youth audience - and they do wear that sexually ambiguous flower children look.
  3. "Jesus Christ Superstar" (1973) now looks gayer than ever. Norma Jewison's adaptation of the Webber-Rice rock opera emphasizes the bromance between Jesus and Judas. Judas specially acts like a scorned lover who betrays Christ more out of jealousy than for political reasons. The disciples are attractive bunch in the last supper looks more like a prelude to a Fire Island **** than religious ceremony. Mary Magdalene is around but Jesus doesn't seem to be interested in her in one way or another. Judas and Mary Magdalene both sing about "How They Don't Know How To Love Him" to Jesus. The me
  4. jaragon


    Amazon Prime has this one listed under gay films but there is really nothing gay about it- just a slow moving drama about two brothers dealing with death, nothing much happens, but it does have beautiful photography
  5. Mr Saxon in his young beauty peak...
  6. jaragon

    Random Alerts!

    This is the third season of "Slasher" a nasty gory Netflix there is plenty of sexy shirtless men and gay sex but you better have a taste for gore- I covered my eyes a couple of times...
  7. I'm not that familiar with Leisem's work but now you have me intrigued. And yes you can always tell when a gay director is behind the camera
  8. Wilson did exploit these young men but they probably saw the gay casting couch as way to get their foot in the door. Cukor did use the gay casting couch too but his boys usually ended with walk on in his movies not as major stars. Wilson would be consider a predator today- I have not seen the "Hollywood" series on Netflix but one of the criticism of this fantasia on gay Hollywood was the way it portrayed Wilson. I can see why McMurray wan to protect the young cast of "My Three Sons" if he was familiar with Leisen's reputation. I think the casting couch for both male and female starlets w
  9. Introducing an exciting new personality....
  10. LOL no I do not have any "insider information" on Mr Saxon's sex life- but thanks for the complement. Was he bisexual? Maybe- he was part of the Henry Willson stable but did all his "clients" have to sleep with him? The bit parts in the Cukor films are very eye brow raising because yes Cukor had a fondness for good looking young men and they usually were rewarded with some bit part in his films. I was watching "My Fair Lady" and there are plenty of good looking extras- Cukor had a good eye.😉
  11. I did not mean to imply that Saxon was a homosexual . He was married three times and had a son. I thought his connection to gay Hollywood was interesting. He was not the first good looking young actor to use his charms to get ahead. Saxon who I did meet at an autograph convention was obviously talented enough to have a long career in movies and television
  12. Carmine Orrico ,was discovered by Henry Willson after he saw the sixteen year old on a magazine cover. Wilson brought him to Hollywood and renamed the boy John Saxon. Saxon appeared in bit roles on two George Cukor pictures. ( I wonder if he auditioned at one of Cukor's notorious nude male swimming pool parties) Saxon became a Universals teen idol star in the late 50's. The camera loved him...
  13. Is that the look of love...😉 Palmer was the co-designer of the plane with Hughes- I wonder what else they designed?
  14. jaragon

    Ed Wood

    One of the funniest of all modern comedies
  15. jaragon

    Ed Wood

    William Castle used cross dressing as one of the shocking secrets in his "Psycho" inspired thriller...
  16. I wonder who is the handsome fellow standing next to Mr Hughes....
  17. I was disappointed that he was so straight in "The Aviator" I'm sure DeCaprio could have gotten his bromantic bud Toby McGuire to play Graves. But seriously yeah maybe Hughes might have been bisexual and he was attractive enough to get it from both sexes
  18. Ralph Graves was good looking man...
  19. I had never heard of Ralph Graves either until I started googling for pre code Hollywood images- I really do believe this Hughes-Graves romance story. Hughes was famous womanizer but maybe he was using this to cover up another aspect of his sexuality.
  20. jaragon

    Gays on the Tube

    Hard to believe that people are still punished for private acts between consenting adults in the 21st Century
  21. Yes but I wonder why? Was it that bad?
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