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  1. "Silent Night Deadly Night" is a well done slasher- some of the murder scenes are cleverly staged- the guy playing the psycho Santa is effective because he looks like the All American boy next door not the the usual monster
  2. Robert Brian Wilson was "discovered" while eating in a restaurant- he make a handsome All American psycho..
  3. Here is the trailer for "Ask Any Buyddy" directed by one of the guys who does the podcast- this looks like a must see I love that music... serious film making specially in the 1970s
  4. This poor guy suffers so much no wonder he goes nuts-another excellent Scream Factory Blu ray
  5. Should Gus play himself in a movie....
  6. "Haunted Summer" (1988) The relationship between the poets Lord Byron and Percy Shelley are explored in this film. Byron was bisexual and Shelly believed in free love. I wonder if the got together in real life. Eric Stoltz has a full frontal nude scene if anyone is interested in that sort of thing. You can see the film for free on You Tube- but I do wish it would get a proper Blu ray release. The trailer oversells the Byron/Shelly bromance . Alex Winter plays Dr Polidori who is in love with Byron...
  7. If you are interested in gay adult films you have to check out "Ask Any Buddy" on Instagram- they make these great podcasts too which explore the history of these gay porn classic from the1970s- if you join their Patreon you get more content.
  8. I had seen the film a long time ago and I don't think I was that impressed the first time either- but for director like Russell who knows how to push the sexual boundaries in cinema the film seems tame- just a lot of bisexual teasing. I found the grotesque portrayal of Polidori specially annoying .
  9. It's interesting to compare to another movie "Haunted Summer" (1988) which tells the same story in a more conventional matter. The plot of both movies is the same but in "Haunted "is more psychological than Russell's craziness. Shelly gets naked in both films-but Erich Stoltz goes full frontal for dip in a river. Alice Kriege seems smarter as Mary. The biggest difference is the portrayal of Dr Polidori- he is a grotesque sexually repressed freak in "Gothic" but he is a bit more sensitive in "Haunted" and even gets a discreet sex scene with Byron. Alex Winter is more attractive than Tim
  10. Ken Russell's "Gothic" On a warm summer night in 1816 at the Swiss lakeside chateau of Lord Byron (Gabriel Byrne), the poet and his guests -- Percy Bysshe Shelley (Julian Sands) ; his fiancée, Mary Wollstonecraft (Natasha Richardson) ; her half-sister, Claire (Myriam Cyr) ; and his private doctor John Polidori (Timothy Spall) -- spend the evening sharing ghost stories while under the influence of experimental compounds provided by the doctor. This film does not work as either horror or biography and even for a Ken Russell film it seems tame now ... specially the teasing between
  11. I find the subplot about the terrorist goes no where not sure how he links to the witches- but you are right he was smart not too do an exact shot by shot remake of the original film
  12. Pete Alonso will do anything for your vote ( I'm sure a gay man dreamed this up)
  13. Gus and Pete Alonso against bullying....
  14. The trailer for "Tarzan the Apeman" (1932) makes a point to the ladies that it would be fun to be Jane...
  15. "A Remarkable Tale" (2019) does have a gay twist you can see it on Netflix
  16. I re-watched the new "Suspiria" which is better if one does not think of it as remake- it's still too long
  17. Because there is no such thing a too much Gus...
  18. Do you think they will serve pie at the wedding...
  19. No kidding- also the guy playing the post master who wants Gary Merrill to give a speech seems a bit gay too
  20. Robert Perez Toledo is a Spanish born gay writer director who has many sweet romantic short films on You Tube. He directed one funny sexy feature length comedy "Come Espuma" (2017) . He is now working on his second feature. Love this short...
  21. If you thought "Beyond the Forest" was Bette Davis campiest movie then you have to see this over the top melodrama in which Davis over acts like mad- nothing really gay about it well except for co-star Anthony Steel who was a very handsome leading man type; there is also a couple of characters who seem either gay or gay coded-or just British - you can see it for free on Tubi tv
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