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  1. Allison Hayes hotness is the main reason to sit through "Zombies of Mora Tau"(1957) another psychotronic classic from schlockmeister Sam Katzman. Mora Tau is off the voodo coast of Africa ( but there are no black people in sight?!) Sexy Hayes is part of an expedition which is trying to find a sunken ship filled with diamonds. The treasure is protected by the underwater living dead ( the dullest zombies in film history) The film is more adventure than horror with plenty of low budget laughs . Gregg Palmer plays the hero and Morris Akrum is in too.
  2. "The Werewolf" (1956) effective sci-fi horror B movie about a man who is transformed into a wolf man by a pair of mad scientist, moodily directed by Fred F Sears who stages a couple of shocking scenes.
  3. "The Werewolf" (1956) there is a lot of homosexual subtext in this well made sci-fi horror film. Steven Ritch plays the disoriented man who walks out of a bar and is accosted by surly stranger who demand money or perhaps something more. The encounter is shot like a sex scene we only see their feet as they lie on top of each other- they are interrupted by a old woman who seems shocked by their behavior. Ritch is a werewolf who runs off into the woods pursued by Don Mgowan the town's hunky sheriff. He has a girlfriend but spends a lot of time brobonding with his deputy. Ritch was turned into a wolfman by a couple of mad scientist who act like a gay married couple . Ritch who was a married straight man with a kid now turns into a wolfman when ever he runs into someone carrying a gun. The gay monsters are destroyed at the end but the sheriff promises his deputy that they will get drunk for a week to recover - I'm sure they will end up in cabin on Brokeback Mountain.
  4. Oh I was just kidding and I do like how you spin these gay twist so please keep doing them
  5. I agree with you - "It: Chapter 2" was lame...."Annabelle Comes Home" was lazy...and "Pet Sematary" has the stupidest ending of the year
  6. And how did C Thomas Howell get pregnant was it a miracle or aliens?!
  7. "Pet Sematary" would top my worst of the year list
  8. "Parasite" would be my choice for best film of the year period- it's funny and horrifying. The less you know the better about this cinema masterpiece
  9. I agree with you is that the 1925 version plays faster- but I find the chariot race in the 59 version one of the most exciting action scenes in cinema- but I do wonder how they had the horses run over the camera in the 1925 version. Hur 59 just sputters on after Masala's death and you are right there is zero chemistry between Haya (what ever happened to her?) Harareet and Heston. Chuck had more sexual sparks with Hawkins specially in his tantalizing visit to his cabin scene. But Stephen Boyd is the films secret weapon. There are some weird things about the 25 Hur- specially the hand of Christ bit- I love how his hand goes back to wood working after he helps Hur. There was not rating board in the 20's so I imagine that's how they got away wit the gore and the female and male nudity. Novarro was more convincing as the young Hur than Heston- his transformation from pampered prince to religious warrior is more convincing.
  10. "Ben-Hur : A Tale of the Christ" (1925) in this spectacular silent version Ben Hur ( Ramon Novarro) and Messala (Francis X Bushman) do not have the homosexual subtext of the 1959 remake. But there are plenty of gay touches like the unknown extra who hangs naked in the galley. Is he being punished ? Or his derriere an enticement for the slaves? This version is a lot fun - with all the gore during the battle scene and the very campy Iras with her outrageous costumes. The beautiful Novarro gives a star making performance.
  11. jaragon


    Anybody seen this?
  12. He looks good in and out of suits...
  13. "Ford vs Ferrari" (2019) this movie is about the bromance between car builder Carroll Shelby (Matt Damon) and hot headed driver Ken Miles ( Christian Bale). The setting in the ultra macho world of sports car racing so there is plenty of brobonding. Miles has a wife but she stays at home but Shelby has no female love interest on screen. The men have a fist fight-wrestling match which really should have led to a sex scene. If you are more into good looking men in nice suits there are plenty of those too specially Jon Berthal who plays Lee Iacocca.
  14. And Selleck has a hit in "Blue Bloods"
  15. Look at Tom Selleck and Farah Fawcett two huge tv stars that had a hard time on the big screen.
  16. Now this would make an interesting movie ....... After Heracles killed Theiodamas in battle, he took on Hylas as arms bearer and taught him to be a warrior, and in time the two fell in love. The poet Theocritus (about 300 BC) wrote about the love between Heracles and Hylas: "We are not the first mortals to see beauty in what is beautiful. No, even Amphitryon's bronze-hearted son, who defeated the savage Nemean lion, loved a boy—charming Hylas, whose hair hung down in curls. And like a father with a dear son he taught him all the things which had made him a mighty man, and famous."[6
  17. "Jason and the Argonauts" (1963) what is really going on between Hercules ( Nigel Green) and Hylas (John Carrey)? Yes I know that Hercules mentions women before they go running off to chase the goats- but he seems really heartbroken when his twink boyfriend disappears. The gods seems to approve their bromance ; )
  18. Some tv stars appeal does not translate to the movie screen
  19. "Psycho 3" (1986) Anthony Perkins returns as Norman Bates for the second sequel and directs himself. This time the scrip seem a bit convoluted- with a runaway nun (Diana Scarvid) and a sexy drifter (Jeff Fahey) ending up as guest at the Bates Motel. There are plenty of references not just to the original film but to other Hitchcock classics like "Vertigo" and " The Birds". Perkins probably had fun wrestling Fahey in the climax ; )
  20. Nothing can dilute the power of Hitchcock's "Psycho" not even that pointless Gus Van Sant remake from 1998
  21. Paul Walker looks gorgeous in this film which is filled with homoerotic tension...
  22. "Psycho 2" (1983) Anthony Perkins returns as Norman Bates in this effective sequel. Richard Franklin is not Hitchcock but he does create a sense of dread and there are couple of effective shocks. A very good supporting cast Vera Miles, Meg Tilly and Robert Loggia help. The plot ads new twist to the original story line but it does make sense- but would Norman Bates even if he was cured would move back into his mother's terrible house?
  23. It's an interesting film but it would have been a more effective short- or a "Twilight Zone" episode. The ending does have that classical mythology vibe
  24. The movie is rated PG -13 so the carnage is not that graphic- yes most of the cute guys die but hey war is hell. The movie does not have a central male love story like "Pearl Harbor" but smaller encounters that if this was porn film would have led to a gay sex scene. The film is a action picture so even the straight romance is kept to a minimum. The gay director might have given a us a bit more but handsome Luke Evans seems gay coded to me- he has no girlfriend and is always hanging out with a cute younger officer ; )
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