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  1. The trailer is not pornographic- I mean shirtless guys touching and kissing- if they were straight couples this would not be an issue
  2. Yes I guess it too naughty for TCM
  3. They know where to place the camera...
  4. To me it feels like a technical gimmick- the key to cinema is editing- the last movie which the one take made sense to me was "1916" but I'm sure they found a way to cheat- which is probably easier in digital.
  5. jaragon

    Marco Berger

    Berger and one his cute actor....
  6. The movie makes no sense of course- my favorite part is when she runs out of the house but then goes back in because then the movie would be over- the twist was kind of lame- yes Olsen was good
  7. This is the long take movie I was referring to- which I found extremely boring and it has one of the twist which make no sense
  8. The only one that has ever worked for me was "The Blair Witch Project"
  9. Great locations are waste in this too familiar found footage film about a bunch of dad bod bros encountering the supernatural....on Amazon prime if you must
  10. For some reason the no talent director wanted to shoot the movie in one take- but they cheat of course it adds nothing to the story ( has that ever really worked anyway? to me cutting is the best way to create tension? It's like the Spanish language about the woman alone in the cabin which was remade into an ever worst movie ? ) The story is about girls doing a prank that goes on- the problem is that we never see it!
  11. We got a hockey player on out team...
  12. jaragon

    Marco Berger

    I've seen a few of his films but they seem to be more about gay teasing than actual gay action- but he does have a great eyes for casting good looking young men
  13. Disney bought 20th Century Fox and dumped this superior horror thriller- James Bradge Dale gives an intense performance as a man searching for a missing girl who might have gotten involved in a mysterious cult. You can see it on HBO Max
  14. Here is the trailer the film looks great on Blu ray...
  15. I guess Pal thought he was aiming at the movie at the kids- but it was barely released and it bombed- yes a sad a end to the Pal legacy
  16. Yes I saw the 2018 Broadway production - the cast was excellent and you got to see Matt Bomer in person who yes is that beautiful in real life- they made a one act play and it moved very fast and was memorable night in the theater. I would love to see a stage version of "Dracula"
  17. I did not see the made for Netflix re make but I did see the Broadway production which was excellent- the original cast is perfect they are a hard act to follow
  18. jaragon

    "The 4th Man Out"

    Need to see this
  19. You are right this film was aimed at the general audience who were going to laugh at the swishy gays which goes back to the sissy character of the 1930s. It would have been nicer if at least one of the boys realized he was gay from the experience but of course that was not going to happen in 1969- not in an American movie anyway. The films punch line is that gays are hiding in plain sight. The disturbing angle now is that the boys homophobic reaction- specially in the scene in the gay bar is treated for laughs and normal behavior. No All American straight guy would let another man make a
  20. No if you are referring to "Let's Scare Jessica to Death" now that's a masterpiece compare to this lame time waster!
  21. A better title would have been let's bore you to death- one of the worst "films" I have ever seen....
  22. His horror films are crazy but he started out making serious black and white gay theme movies like "Vapors"
  23. Gay director David DeCoteau talks about the film...
  24. Yes Greer is the funniest thing about the movie- he tried to get the producers to make the gay characters less cartoonish- but this is the comic tone of the movie. The producers knew they needed a gay audience which is why Larry Casey is used as beef cake. I thought the interesting the scene in which he goes to bed with the transvestite and is discovered by the army investigator- I wonder how he proved he was gay to that guy ( oh it just my fan fiction imagination). The problem with the film is the two straight guys do not grow from the experience- you would think they would have become mor
  25. I finally saw this infamous comedy about two straight bros Danny (Kevin Coughlin) and Eliot (Larry Casey) who pretend to be gay in order to avoid the draft. Yes it's very cartoonish with bright over the top colors and political incorrect humor that would never swish in our woke times but it's also very funny at times. Michael Greer as Malcon the flaming landlord gets most of the laughs. The film is homophobic but what do you expect from the period it was made, The boys insist they are "normal" but nobody believes them. Casey who was in the "Rat Patrol" is used as a sex object and spend
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