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  1. "Clue" (1985) for a movie with such a great comic cast it's surprisingly unfunny- now you can see all three endings and I think the final one is the funniest
  2. "Hannibal" (2001) Ridley Scott directed this stylish sequel to "Silence of the Lamb" with an emphasis on over the top horror. Anthony Hopkins returns as our favorite sophisticated cannibal but Julianne Moore replaced Jodie Foster as Agent Sterling. Foster was not too crazy about the romantic aspects of the Hannibal-Sterling relationship. But this is an expensive gore show with Gary Oldman playing a horribly disfigured rich child molester who wants to feed Hannibal to man eating boars imported from Italy. Yes it's that type of movie. There is plenty of high art Florence, opera and gourmet dining mixed in with the grotesque deaths by strangulation, pig and having to eat your own stir fried brains - yes it's that type of movie. Scott might have tried to dress up this over cooked horror stew with beautiful cinematography and classical music but it's pure gore show at heart. The end seems to set up a third sequel but instead we got the pointless re-make of "Red Dragon".
  3. A star is loved by the camera...
  4. Cesar Vincente- who is one of the visuals highlights of Almodovar's "Pain and Glory" is interviewed by another beautiful Spaniard
  5. The movie is a bit slow at times but it's filled with beauty and heart. Banderas should get an Oscar nomination for his performance- yes I almost cried a couple of times. Almodovar of course has a great eye for for male beauty in the shape of Cesar Vicente-whose full frontal bathing scene in an instant classic
  6. Antonio Banderas gives an Oscar worthy performance in Almodovar's "Pain and Glory" (2019) playing a famous film director trying to come to terms with his past. The movie is about the healing power of art specially cinema.
  7. "The Deer Hunter" follows the Hollywood screenplay tradition in which two men who are clearly in love with each other flirt over the same girl this goes back to the silent era and was a plot device well loved by Howard Hawks and other hyper macho directors. I had not seen the movie in years but caught in on cable - and I yes the geography might be wrong but the Vilmos Zsigmond's cinematography is stunning. Robert DeNiro looks hot in this movie - and yes he does get that gratuitous naked drunk scene. I had forgotten about the "bromance" between Mike and Nick who clearly were hanging out at "Brokeback Mountain " with Jack and Ennis ( hmm that would have bee a hot cross over gay ****)
  8. "The Deer Hunter" has plenty of homoerotic subtext - but the Michael (DeNiro) and Nick (Walken) bromance is really one step away from gay romance. Here the boys and friends head for Brokeback Mountain ( yes I find the use of the f word unconfertable but with these guys it makes sense)
  9. "The Deer Hunter" (1978) Michael Cimino's still impressive Vietnam war epic - is also a gay love story. Michael (Robert DeNiro) and Nick (Christopher Walken) live together in a messy bachelor pad. They both flirt with Linda( Meryl Streep) but clearly only have eyes for each other.
  10. I watched "Star" (1968) and listened to the excellent commentary on this must own DVD. I hope the film gets released on blu ray with the re-cut "Those Were The Happy Times" as an extra. Are you listening Criterion?
  11. "Th Lighthouse" (2019) if you have a taste for artsy black and white psycho horror you might like this one. And there is plenty of shots Robert Pattinson shirtless . Pattison and William Defoe are light house keepers in the 1890's- they have a daddy-son relationship which turns into sado masochistic mind games. The men do everything but have sex but we do get to see Pattison getting in on with mermaid. Pattinson's character seemed to have an obsession with an old friend. The film is very atmospheric and obviously homoerotic.
  12. "The Lighthouse" (2019) Herman Melville meets David Lynch in this psychological drama. In the 1890's William Defoe and Robert Pattinson are light house keepers in an isolated island off the coast of New England. Defoe dominates Pattinson turning him into a virtual slave until the young man begins to experience strange visions. Is the lighthouse haunted or is he loosing his mind? Atmospheric direction by Robert Eggers who also made "The Witch" (2015). I liked that film better.
  13. She is playing the piano? Or removing something from a piano?
  14. "The Gorgon" (1964) this is one of those stand alone Hammer horror films in which Terrence Fisher seems to want to make his own Val Lewton movie. The story is in some ways similar to "Cat People" but it lack that films erotic subtext. Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee give their usual good performances.
  15. If two modern day movie stars were shot the same way everyone would think they were gay or just did not care- in 1930's perhaps some people did not see the obviousness of the romance between Grant and Scott
  16. This one is really worth a look
  17. "Killer Klowns from Outer Space" (1988) a clever spoof of 1950 sci-fi in which the aliens invaders take on the shape of clowns. The person who cast this film had a very good eye for cute guys- even the minor male players are attractive. The hero Mike ( Greg Cramer) does have a girl friend Debbie who conveniently disappears when the handsome young cop Dave( John Allen Henson) enters the picture. The cop was Debbie's ex boyfriend but he quickly brobonds with Mike.
  18. "Killer Klowns from Outer Space" (1988) the Chiodo brothers clever spoof of 1950's sci-fi invasion films- this time the aliens are shaped like clowns. The film features some excellent make up and retro special fx.
  19. "Tron:Legacy" (2010) I really love the look of this movie and a must as an IMAX -3 -D experience.
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