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  1. jaragon

    Ramon Novarro

    There is a great image of Ralph Graves pulling of Novarro's pants which suggest all sorts of possibilities- interesting watching these silent era films and realizing that Hollywood has always been putting young male stars in settings they can easily get naked.
  2. jaragon

    Gays on the Tube

    I got the idea from your post on "The Streets of San Francisco" and yes there are many examples of gay images on tv
  3. jaragon

    Ramon Novarro

    Navarro and friends get checked out by the Navy doctors- Ralph Graves plays "the best physical specimen since Adam "
  4. jaragon

    Gays on the Tube

    "Police Story: The Ripper" (1974) Darren McGavin and Michael Cole hunt down a serial killer who is murdering gay men in this tv version of "Cruising" McGavin plays the more liberal cop who teaches Cole some lessons on gay tolerance. Cole over uses the f word so much and over does the gay hatred that I thought at the end he was either going to turn out to be the killer or come out as a closet case . We do get fair cross section of gay suspects, a psychologist, a butch cowboy, and the effeminate head of modeling agency. . The show is well written and directed . You can see it on very go
  5. jaragon

    Ramon Novarro

    Novarro sings...
  6. jaragon

    Ramon Novarro

    Interesting that Novarro was playing all the Tom Cruise All American roles. His career as leading man faded with his youthful beauty in the 1930s. The alcoholism did not help. In the 1940s he does some minor supporting character roles but I guess he had invested his money wisely. MGM could have offered him at least a cameo in their remake of "Ben Hur". In the 1960s he was guest starring in tv shows but his health had deteriorated by the time of his murder. He seemed to have need companionship more than sex according to the Soares book he only had one long term relationship.
  7. I bought the Richard Hatch season for ten bucks on Amazon- yes I have too many DVDs sets too some of which I haven't even watched.
  8. "The Streets of San Francisco" worth getting on DVD- look and sound better than on you tube and one can really appreciate the beauty of young Richard Hatch ( if that is your sort of thing)
  9. Yes they are active- so I would hire to play the gay couple now and then flash back to their crime fighting career
  10. I agree they could have brought the pair back for another season by then the two partners would have gone beyond broboding😉 ( my fan fiction wheels are spinning)
  11. Mark Harmon co-starred with Karl Malden in "Beyond the Poseidon Adventure"(1979)one of the most useless sequel in film history
  12. Yes that would have been ground breaking a gay man as cop- you might be right because I thought it was going to end with career destroyed because of the tape of all his "affairs"( Gee his ex brother in law really had goo memory) but instead he is still on the force and his buddy Walden is still his partner😉
  13. "I interpreted it as Walden was offended that anyone would think his "straight" partner was gay. He wanted to maintain the delusion that Primus could be a straight brother to him, marrying into his family, etc. " That's fair but maybe Walden was hoping they would end in some police version of "Brokeback Mountain" 😉
  14. Are you suggesting I enjoy photos of good looking shirtless male stars 😉
  15. I think Walden is in love with Primus. His reaction to the cop that outs Primus in the bar is more like "how dare you say anything about my boyfriend. Hatch is cute but this was like his first tv series role.
  16. That's the modern term
  17. That would have been an interesting show- Primus and Walden as partners. I have re-watch the episode-Walden is straight but is he married? He seems to live with his sister ?! I love the scene in which Primus ends up on the staked out with Richard Hatch -( who is cute but was not Michael Douglas hot. ) I can see Walden and Primus is bed well that might have been to progressive for the 1970s tv
  18. You would be considered a gay ally. James Mitchell was gay
  19. I saw both shows last night on You tube- the gay cop show is surprisingly progressive for it's time. I wonder if the writer was gay. The homosexual cop is presented as hero and victim of prejudice .Primus is very good as the gay cop- of course he never does anything actually gay. I thought the relationship with is straight partner Walden was really interesting- I wish this had actually been a tv movie. They have an obvious bromantic relatioship but to me Walden is the one who has the crush on his gay partner. I really wish the story had kept going . The "Mask of Death" episode is a real
  20. You make some good points- but it really depends on the tone of the "who cares" ? It can imply that an actors sexuality should not matter if one admires their work on screen but it can also mean they don't want to hear about their true sexual orientation- ( I've gotten this when I've posted images of Cary Grant and Randolph Scott in their "bachelor pad" ) I posted an image from "All Quiet on the Western Front" of two soldiers kissing in the barracks- which was too explicit for some people- but I have poster other images in which the gay subtext has been more subtle - but it's obviously there
  21. My parents were big fans of this show- I think my mother had a crush of Mike Douglas- so we watched it all the time- the psycho drag queen must have really disturbed me when I first saw that episode- I will check out the gay cop episode
  22. I don't remember the episode about the gay cop in "The Streets of San Francisco" but I could not forget the one with John Davidson as the drag queen killer
  23. I agree with you and I should not let homophobic idiots silence me- but at the same time I'm not crazy about reading their nasty comments- for example when I poster images of Ramon Novarro and state that he was a gay man- I get comment like "who cares" ?! But of course it is important to reclaim Hollywood history.
  24. I belong to a couple of Face Book film groups - and I still find it disturbing- that when ever there is a gay theme post you always get negative homophobic comments- and it's not like I post x rated images but just a scene with two men kissing sends some people off. Any thoughts?
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