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  1. That would have been an interesting show- Primus and Walden as partners. I have re-watch the episode-Walden is straight but is he married? He seems to live with his sister ?! I love the scene in which Primus ends up on the staked out with Richard Hatch -( who is cute but was not Michael Douglas hot. ) I can see Walden and Primus is bed well that might have been to progressive for the 1970s tv
  2. You would be considered a gay ally. James Mitchell was gay
  3. I saw both shows last night on You tube- the gay cop show is surprisingly progressive for it's time. I wonder if the writer was gay. The homosexual cop is presented as hero and victim of prejudice .Primus is very good as the gay cop- of course he never does anything actually gay. I thought the relationship with is straight partner Walden was really interesting- I wish this had actually been a tv movie. They have an obvious bromantic relatioship but to me Walden is the one who has the crush on his gay partner. I really wish the story had kept going . The "Mask of Death" episode is a real
  4. You make some good points- but it really depends on the tone of the "who cares" ? It can imply that an actors sexuality should not matter if one admires their work on screen but it can also mean they don't want to hear about their true sexual orientation- ( I've gotten this when I've posted images of Cary Grant and Randolph Scott in their "bachelor pad" ) I posted an image from "All Quiet on the Western Front" of two soldiers kissing in the barracks- which was too explicit for some people- but I have poster other images in which the gay subtext has been more subtle - but it's obviously there
  5. My parents were big fans of this show- I think my mother had a crush of Mike Douglas- so we watched it all the time- the psycho drag queen must have really disturbed me when I first saw that episode- I will check out the gay cop episode
  6. I don't remember the episode about the gay cop in "The Streets of San Francisco" but I could not forget the one with John Davidson as the drag queen killer
  7. I agree with you and I should not let homophobic idiots silence me- but at the same time I'm not crazy about reading their nasty comments- for example when I poster images of Ramon Novarro and state that he was a gay man- I get comment like "who cares" ?! But of course it is important to reclaim Hollywood history.
  8. I belong to a couple of Face Book film groups - and I still find it disturbing- that when ever there is a gay theme post you always get negative homophobic comments- and it's not like I post x rated images but just a scene with two men kissing sends some people off. Any thoughts?
  9. I posted the clip from "Streets of San Francisco" in the Male Beauty on Screen thread. Nolte had that classic All American jock look
  10. Nick Nolte and Michael Douglas in a scene from "The Streets of San Francisco" - the clip is in German but just enjoy the view...
  11. Peter Strauss was in great shape when he did this role...
  12. Part I also deals with a primal concept - the love/hate brother relationship - and it also had Nolte as sex symbol
  13. Part II is not as good because let's face it you can't replace Nick Nolte.
  14. Nolte and Strauss were very convincing as very different brothers. Aren't they arguing because Tom took Rudy's polo shirt? I also have a vivid memory of a scene in which an older woman tells Tom to strip and get in bed with her.
  15. Shirtless Steve Cochran makes this one an obvious choice...
  16. Ken Russell's "Crime of Passion" might not be considered a gay movie- but it has plenty of gay elements specially behind the scenes. Kathleen Kennedy leads a double life uptight lady by day outrageous hooker by night. She is China Blue who makes her clients fantasies come to life. Anthony Perkins who is way over the top plays a preacher obsessed with saving her even if it means murder. John Laughlin escapes his sexless marriage to Annie Potts by starting a relationship with China Blue- but he wants love and she has other ideas. Written by Barry Sandler the gay scriptwriter of "Making Love
  17. Strauss was a good actor but Nick Nolte was smoking hot in "Rich Man Poor Man"
  18. Interesting point- yes to the straight world Jim would be considered the pillar of the community who lives in a small town so the city would represent his inner gay live? Vidal had literary aspirations so he probably wanted a serious lit title .
  19. It's a Biblical reference...."Two additional themes identified by Dennis Bolin are the foolishness and destructiveness of wishing for something that can never be and to waste one's life dwelling on the past, the second of which is reinforced by the novel's epigraph from the Book of Genesis 19:26 "But his wife looked back from behind him and she became a pillar of salt."
  20. Maria is suppose to be forty so 1950's Taylor might be too young. Peter is closer to Jim's age so he would be late twenties. Robert Shaw could be fifty.
  21. Good question- the roles are Robert Shaw a closeted Hollywood star who keeps looking for love in all the wrong places.... Maria a glamorous straight lady who keeps falling for gay men and Peter a neurotic gay intellectual who drinks to much and sabotages his love life. If I was doing in classic Hollywood I see Elizabeth Taylor as Maria. Anthony Perkins would be Peter.
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