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  1. jaragon

    Hot Sporstmen

    I'm buying whatever he is selling..
  2. Imagine if there was private home movie of these two making love...
  3. Delon had a face made for the movies
  4. Delon as the Talented Mr Ripley...
  5. jaragon

    " It Chapter 2"

    I just saw "It Chapter Two" which I did not like as much as the first movie for various reasons. The film opens with a very disturbing attack on a gay couple which is thematically linked to Pennywise the evil monster which takes the shape of a clown. Pennywise can be read as a pedophile serial killer. He kills both boys and girls but seems to have a predilection for boys. The heroes of the film are the Looser Club- who confronted the monster in the first movie. In this version of the novel one of the adult member of the club turns out to be gay. This is not the in the Stephen King novel. The characters gay reveal is shown in a flash back but is never really brought up again until the end. He never has any romantic moments on screen- he is one of those gay non gay characters. And I really found the gay bashing scene too disturbingly real
  6. jaragon

    Memorable Music!

    Now if they ever made Brokeback Mountain into a musical...
  7. I hope you feel better and the movie can wait for cable. Yes the CGI creatures were a bit too cartoony to be scary and the ripped off the spider monster from Carpenter's " The Thing"
  8. I did not like it as much as you did- yes the cast both old and new is excellent- but I did not find the movie as scary as the first one.
  9. I was watching "Gozdilla" last night- and I'm still impressed by the destruction of Tokyo sequence- the B&W film creates a very realistic mood- the monster is terrifying and the careful use of man in suit and puppet head creates a realistic creature
  10. I just saw "Apocalypse Now Redux" the extended director's cut of Coppolas' Viet Nam war epic. And I think this is a case in which more is not better- specially the French plantation scene which stops the flow of the action. This is still an impressive adchivement- with some unforgettable sequences and images. Now I'm curious about "Apocalypse Now Final Cut"
  11. "The Horrible Dr Hichcock" (1962) beautiful Cinthia (Barbara Steel) marries Dr Hichcock (Robert Flemyng) whose previous wife died under mysterious circumstances or is she still alive and haunting their mansion? . Atmospheric direction by Riccardo Freda this handsome period horror looks like a Corman-Poe picture- one can easily imagine Vincent Price in the lead. I saw this in a gorgeous color print on Amazon prime. I posted the Italian trailer which looks better than the ridiculous American trailer which treats the movie as camp
  12. "The Deadly Spawn" (1983) low budget creature feature about an alien monster terrorizing a New Jersey family. The monsters fx are excellent and still gory fun. The script and acting are just ok. The hero is a monster loving kid whose room will be familiar to all of you who were fans of classic horror and sci fi. I saw it on a good DVD- which has some fun behind the scene extras. You can also see it on you tube
  13. jaragon

    Hot Sporstmen

    Nice montage of guys working out ...
  14. jaragon

    No Words

    Joe wants you to feel it....
  15. Really enjoy your reviews and they make me want to watch the movies
  16. jaragon

    Memorable Music!

    The camera loved Franco Nero- no wonder Josh Logan keeps shooting from those low angles
  17. jaragon

    Memorable Music!

    Franco Nero was a hot man- and looking at that number again those Camelot guys are an attractive bunch- I'm surprised Josh Logan did not manage to have at least a couple take off their tunics ; )
  18. jaragon

    Hot Sporstmen

    Alonso shirtless - and why does the reporter have a problem with this?
  19. One of the essential works of cinema
  20. jaragon

    Hot TV Guys

    James Franciscus is "Longstreet" (1971-1972) in which he played a very athletic blind detective
  21. There is this genre of horror movies- tv shows about outcast kids facing supernatural evil. But are these kids actually gay coded? In "Stranger Things", "It" and "Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark". There are a group of male hero's and at least one girl. The kids are abused by bullies and all have some dark family secret. I thought of the gay angle while I was watching "Scary Stories" -Auggie (Gabriel Rush) might seem interested in girls but he dresses up like Pierot a costume made by his domineering mother. Is he gay coded. I always felt one of the boys in "It" would turn out to be gay- but Stephen King populates his fiction with straight characters. There is a fourth film called "Summer of 84" in which another group of boys try to figure out which one of their neighbors is a serial killer pedophile.
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