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  1. I was re-watching "The Shining"(1980) and this time I noticed Kubrick's brilliant use of color - I wonder if he was a fan of Argento's "Suspiria"?
  2. jaragon

    Hot Sporstmen

    Baseball players should tear off their shirts after every win...https://www.mlb.com/video/conforto-on-1st-career-walk-off?t=most-popular
  3. "Reflections of Fear" (1972) A twisted fairy tale about a Marguerite (Sandra Locke) a frail young woman kept isolated by her mother and grandmother until her father (Robert Shaw) shows up with his girl friend ( Sally Kellerman). Marguerite has a homicidal secret friend who does not like strangers. This is very dark and disturbing movie with suggestions of incest and worse. You can see it on a horrible print on you tube.
  4. I was re-watching "Gilda" (1946) and the movie's gay subtext is obvious from the opening shot in which Johnny Farrell (Glen Ford) is shown surrounded by seedy men who are shot in such a way they seem to be checking out his butt - to his meet cute with Mundson (George McCreedy )and his phallic cane with the retractable blade. Mundson was cruising the docks and Farell is a very willing to sell his body
  5. jaragon

    Hot TV Guys

    Fuller was a handsome cowboy
  6. jaragon

    Hot Sporstmen

    Mr Kenworthy is golden...
  7. Yes those corpses were very effective- great make up work
  8. Too bad they did Rob and Andrew did not end up as boyfriends
  9. jaragon

    Hot TV Guys

    Was this the "Brokeback Mountain" of tv westerns? The way these two look at each other it's beyond bromance....
  10. Quentin Tarantino's " Once Upon A Time In...Hollywood" (2019) is bromance between actor Rick Dalton (Leonardo DiCaprio) and his stunt double Cliff Booth (Brad Pitt). Yes there are women around but you know these two belong together- as Pitt says "we are more than brother's but less than wives"- Oh Mary please! The movie is a long and loving tribute to Hollywood and pop culture in 1969 until evil rears it's head in the shape of the Manson family. Tarantino likes DiCaprio but he loves Pitt and gives a gratuitous shirt removing bit.
  11. jaragon

    No Words

    Joe needs to loose the shirt in the next video...
  12. jaragon

    Hot Sporstmen

    Gus and Pete make an interesting couple...
  13. Robert Benton's "Still of the Night" (1982) is not really a horror movie more a failed attempt at Hitchcock psychological thriller. Roy Scheider is a psychiatrist who fall for Meryl Streep who he begins to suspect might have killed one of his patients. The script pays tribute to "Spellbound" but Scheider and Streep have zero chemistry. Streep recalls both 1940's Bette Davis all that nervous smoking and Tippi Hendren in "Marnie". Scheider is not Sean Connery. The movie needed more sex and violence. One can only imagine what someone like Brian DePalma could have done with it. The movie is beautifully shot by Nestor Almendros whose photo is used for Streep's father. The closer it gets to horror is a creepy dream about a little girl and bleeding teddy bear.
  14. jaragon

    Hot TV Guys

    Leonard Nimoy shows off his chest in "The Lieutenant"(1964) with handsome Gary Lockwood
  15. jaragon

    Hot Sporstmen

    Boxers should look like this...
  16. Had a similar experience
  17. jaragon

    Hot TV Guys

    Darren Criss looking pretty...
  18. "Crawl" (2019) directed by Alexandred Aja and produced by Sam Raimi it's effective creature feature. Haley ( Kaja Scodelario) goes to check on her father Dave (Barry Pepper) during a hurricane and they both end up trapped in flooded house filled with hungry alligators. These creatures are nasty and tear up most of the supporting players to pieces. Aja creates good suspense until the end. Scodelario and Pepper both give good performances for this sort of movie. Good summer thrills
  19. I was re-watching "The Eagle" and it's still gay
  20. Juvenile delinquents in love -😉 well at least in lust
  21. jaragon

    Hot TV Guys

    One hot vicar replaces another...
  22. Corman really had to fight with cheap AIP for those atmospheric sets - which he he then used over and over again
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