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  1. Twenty six year old Robert Foster makes his entrance in "Reflection in a Golden Eye" no wonder Marlon Brando goes crazy with lust. This is John Huston's original golden glow version of the film which is available in 2 disc blu ray set.
  2. jaragon

    Ramon Novarro

    I've been reading Ramon Novarro's biography here is a scene from a lost film which in reminds me of silent version of "Top Gun"
  3. Tom Brittney who plays the vicar detective caught my attention for obvious reasons but his is a good mystery show set in 1950's England- and their is gay subplot ....
  4. jaragon

    "Cruising" (1980)

    I heard that they wanted Richard Gere to play the lead- that would have been a different kind of movie- not too mention that Gere as gay bait would have to fight off the suspects
  5. It's not a LGBT movie- the gay character is a sort of comedy relief cameo.
  6. jaragon

    "The Fan" (1981)

    If you are a fan of the Lauren Bacall vehicle "The Fan" you have to buy the new Scream Factory blu ray. They have some great extra features including an interview with the director Edward Vianchi, the editor Alan Heim and Michael Bienhn who tell plenty of juicy stories about the making of what has become a gay cult movie. The commentary track with director David DeCoteau, film historian David del Valle and Jeff Nelson is very funny.
  7. I'm sure that might be true of a big city like London- they even had male brothels but Downton Abbey is taking place in a small town- you should see the movie just for that scene- which the most surprising and lively moment of the movie
  8. Yes you are right Thomas escapes because of his well connected love interest. But I wonder how realistic that "pop up gay club" was? Of course does anyone really look for realism in Donwton Abbey?
  9. "The Beast of Bray Road" (2005)based on true events this is an effective low budget movie about a werewolf like monster terrorizing a small town. You can see it for free on You Tube.
  10. I've seen him older too as in 'The Bad and The Beautiful" but was really something when he was young- have to see the photo of him and Ramon Novarro?
  11. I likes Alonso Duralde who I was not familiar with and will probably listen to his podcast. I have no problem with Dave Krager hosting everything. "Out Betters" was ok - it was well directed by Cukor, had a good cast, witty script but sometimes it felt a bit like a play. The gay character is amusing- but he is in the sissy tradition of the period- and acts like a pre code version of "Queer Eye" or the magical gay man who makes straight people's live more interesting by teaching them be more stylish. The actor who really caught my attention was the young Gilbert Roland . Roland whose real n
  12. jaragon

    "Gay USA" (1977)

    Directed by Arthur J Bressan Jr this film captures gay pride celebration across the United States in 1977- now this time capsule has been digitally restored
  13. The casting director must have taken a trip to muscle beach😉
  14. jaragon

    "Cruising" (1980)

    Bell was really against the negative portrayal of the gay community in the film- and he was right of course because at that time positive gay images were rare in mainstream movies and non existent on television. Bell who was not only a journalist but had written a true crime book about the murder of gay man call "Kings Don't Mean A Thing".
  15. jaragon

    "Cruising" (1980)

    William Friedkin's "Cruising" is a about a cop (Al Pacino) who goes undercover to catch a serial killer who is targeting gay . The film was controversial even before it was released with protest led by gay journalist Arthur Bell. I had caught the movie on VHS but was curious to see it again because Friedkin had done some changes for it's blu ray release. The movie still really doesn't work as a thriller. Pacino is not too sexy in his leather drag but the killer is attracted to men who look like him. The murders are still violent and shocking -Friedkin seems to have inserted some sexuall
  16. "Shelter" (2007) this movie is a nice gay romance.
  17. "Count Dracula" (1970) Christopher Lee plays the Count in this adaptation which is more faithful to Bram Stokers classic novel. Jesus Franco directed with more restrain then usual this atmospheric film which lacks the energy of the Hammer movies. Herbert Lom is Van Helsing , Klaus Kinski as Renfield Mariah Rohm as Mina . Franco does not add lesbianism or gore. You can watch it on Amazon Prime
  18. "Word Is Out" is a wonderful documentary and one of the first times I saw positive gay images on film. I do wish they would have gotten better movies for the series.
  19. "Slugs" (1988) mutant slugs terrorized a small town in the creature feature from the Juan Piquer Simon director of "Pieces". Mike Brady (Michael Garfield) the town's health inspector must fight of the nasty creatures with the help of his best friend Don Palmer ( Philip McHale) - we get plenty of gratuitous nudity, bad dubbing and some actually effective gore effects. You can see it on an excellent print on Amazon Prime.
  20. "Bird of Paradise" (1932) A native (Ramon Navarro) has a forbidden romance with Johnny (Joel McCrea) on tropical island
  21. "My Bloody Valentine" (1981) made in Canada slasher about a psycho miner terrorizing a small town by ripping off his victims heart. The setting and blue collar ambience make if different than the usual horror film of that period. The young cast is specially convincing and there are some great gory deaths which can now be appreciated in Scream Factory's blu-ray release. The two disk set includes the rate and unrated cut of the movie and the usual superior extras.
  22. The trailer seems to emphasize the sex not the horror angle
  23. " The Crimson Kimono" (1959) Charlie ( Glenn Corbert) and Joe ( James Shigeta) brobonded during the war and now are partners in the L.A. Police department. They share a nice bachelor pad with separate bedrooms but hey who knows what happens when one of them gets drunk. Their bond is challenge when they investigate the murder of a stripper and meet Chris (Victoria Shaw) a painter. "Chris" has ambiguous sexual name and flirts with both men. Sam Fuller is a macho director so this is the familiar two "straight" men in love with the same woman triangle but they are actually in love with each o
  24. This movie adaptation of he the tv series expands on all the elements that made it a guilty pleasure, beautiful sets and costumes, beautiful women and men ( yes I admit I have a crush on Allen Leech) ,a witty script and a perfect cast. The movie is pure fantasy in which the servants are very happy to serve the upper class and everyone wants to do their best because the king and queen are paying a visit. Thomas Barrrow ( Robert James-Collier) the gay buttler is not as obnoxious as he is on the tv show. The highlight of the movie to me was his visit to a secret gay club which is more interesti
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