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  1. "Graduation Day" (1981) a killer starts murdering the students of a high school track team in this ok slasher. Christopher George plays the demanding coach and there are some future famous faces among the victims Vanna White, Linnea Quigely and Tom Hintanaus who became the body if Calvin Klein underwear ads. The various murders are routine and the killer's identity makes as much sense as their motivation. You can see in on Amazon Prime .
  2. No but it's a kind of bait and switch tactic- I notice the soundtrack even sounds like the music from "Brokeback Mountain"
  3. The film should have been tighter- it felt like a pilot for a night time soap opera that did not sell and then they tried to market the movie as gay love story .
  4. I'm reading tales now and the best thing about the book is that the chapters are short- I really don't care about these people
  5. It's a great looking production. They made a mistake by making the phamtom too good looking-
  6. I have tried to read the book several times and I just really can not get into it. I did see the mini-series
  7. For some reason this was not a success on Broadway? Did anybody see the Broadway production?
  8. I think the trailer sells it like a gay love story but the actual movie which I think could have been helped by some editing is more about the rest of the soap opera family which I really did not care about. The scenery is great and the two guys look great too and it was interesting to see a gay love story in a rural setting. I did not like the ending because the villain did not get what he deserves at least a punch in the face could have been more satisfying.
  9. "West of Eden" (2017) this one is wants to be a "Brokeback Mountain" set in New Zealand. Billy ( Kieran Foster) a rough farm hand fall ins love with Tom ( Luke Thompsom) the affluent farmers son. The problem is that their romance is only a minor subplot in a very long soap opera which feels like a pilot for a tv series. The two lovers are handsome and have chemistry but their love scene in rather chaste. You can see it on Amazon prime and fast forward through most of the dullness.
  10. I really wanted to check out "Underwater" which looks like alien under the sea- but gee couldn't they have come up with a more generic title?
  11. "Cathy's Curse" (1977) made in Canada cult film about a girl who is possessed by an evil spirit- yeah it sounds like another "The Exorcist" rip off but this one has some really weird moments, cheesy effects and plenty of unintentional laughs. The movie has been released on a great looking blu ray from Severin. You get to see both the longer but duller director's cut and the shorter American release which is a lot more fun.
  12. "The Secret of Dorian Gray" (1970) also released as "Dorian Gray" might be the sleaziest version of Oscar Wilde's novel about a young man who sells his soul in order to stay young forever. Helmut Berger plays the title role with Richard Todd as the painter who creates the infamous portrait. Herbert Lom gets all the best lines as one of Dorian's bisexual admirers. The movie is sex craze it borders on the pornographic, even before Dorian is corrupted he sleeps with the innocent Sybil Dane here played by Marie Lijedah the star of many soft core porn classics. Dorian has mostly straight sex wi
  13. "Killdozer" (1974) made for tv movie about a group of construction workers terrorized by a bulldozer which has been taken over by an alien organism. The cast Clint Walker, Carl Betz, Neville Brand and a young Robert Urich are good. The problem is the the bulldozer is not very menacing. The script is based on a Theodore Sturgeon short story but it was obviously influence by Steven Spielberg's "Duel" but Richard Matheson script is much more suspenseful. You can watch it on You Tube
  14. "A Study in Terror" (1965) its Sherlock Holmes vs Jack the Ripper in this effective horror thriller with some shocking nasty murders. Great British cast including a young Judi Dench. The movie is of course more mystery than horror but it does have a great sense of the dark side of Victorian London- one can easily imagine Mr Hyde or Doria Gray hanging out the shadows. You can see in a excellent print on You Tube.
  15. Paul Mantee's body is on display in "Robinson Crusoe on Mars"
  16. Mantee is very good in the movie in some ways he reminds me of Robert Conrad. Conrad was better looking which is why he became a bigger star.
  17. So happy to know he is alive and has recovered- this is such a horrible time we are living in- I just lost a dear close friend to cancer- any good news is nice to hear these days
  18. They also shot in on location in Death Valley which does look like an alien landscape.
  19. Nils Ashter the male Garbo...
  20. "Abby " (1974) a black exploitation take on "The Exorcist" . Abby (Carol Speed) is possessed by an African demon and the only one that can save her is William Marshall. This is an effective low budget horror picture- specially the early scenes. Abby turns into a sexy freak once she is possessed. Warner Brothers sued the producers because they claimed the film was a copy of "The Exorcist". The setting and characters are very different. Abby is a woman not a little girl like in the Blatty novel. But yes there are similar scenes in both films- the demon is first encountered in a foreign land
  21. "Robinson Crusoe on Mars" (1964) is a spectacular and for it's time fairly realistic science fiction adventure about an astronaut (Paul Mantee) who must survived on Mars after his space ship crashes into the planet. Byron Haskin directed from a script by Ib Melchior. The movie is filled with the sort of sense of wonder we don't get in movies anymore. The special effects are still impressive with some well done matte paintings and alien space craft which looked like the saucers from "War of the Worlds" This does feel like a George Pal production. Matee is very good as the resourceful hero
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