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  1. "Gilda" can also be a warning to young straight men who might have developed "gay" war time relationships that now it was time to go home and make babies with Rita Hayworth.
  2. The relationship of the two men in "Gilda" does have a homoerotic subtext.
  3. In the excellent dvd ( which is a must buy if you are a fan of the film or lgbt cinema in general) Peter White talks about how people still ask him about Alan's true nature.
  4. Alan remains the most intriguing character in the play- yes he is a plot device to introduce the straight audience into the gay world- that's why he is shocked when the seemingly masculine school teacher turns out to be a homosexual too. Alan sexuality is never revealed and you wonder what happens to him when he leaves the apartment- has he been changed by this encounter with the gay men?
  5. He was exploring every type of gay experience from the most flamboyant to the possibly closeted- that it why the play still seems timeless
  6. I like the original films best but some of your choices are interesting
  7. This was a good film but they could have a least given Turning some sort of romance
  8. A movie that terrified when I first saw as kid on tv- and still a very effective sci-fi thriller
  9. Jacques Demy visually dazzling homage to the American movie musical.
  10. The movie holds up surprisingly well- Friedkin's direction really makes it feel more like a movie than a play. Yes of it might seemed dated but the performances and the dialogue is terrific
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