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  1. I like these lists when I want to find a classic film I haven't seen yet. Nothing wrong with that. Fascinating that Casablanca is the same movie this year that it was last year yet, it drops 22 spaces. Rosemary's Baby showed a few months ago, I think it was in the summer. btw
  2. > {quote:title=ThelmaTodd wrote:}{quote}To me 30's films are historical artifacts- they freeze a distant moment in time. Viewing them is the closest you will ever get to time travel. They are a time machine. > > Whatever the quality of the script, direction, acting etc., you are getting a glimpse of a bygone era as revealed in: clothes, music, decor, cars, fashion, mores and zeitgeist. These are the elements that can't be duplicated. Of course some modern films can cleverly duplicate the era by trotting out a few old cars, dolling up the women in period clothes etc. but the result
  3. So someone else saw what I saw in Gump. All the publicity went into those tricks about having him meet JFK and all that. No one watched the actual plot. Where all men are damaged and become millionaires and all women just sleep around at will. And make decisions that make no sense. "Boxing Helena" Whatever Kim Basinger paid to get out of that sick disaster was money well spent ! Most films that end in III or IV etc... As has been said, I don't stick around for the bad ones, my life is to short to waste that time.
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