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  1. As I said in a prior thread like this one: Forest Gump . I have specific reasons why I dislike this film. Anything with Peter Sellers. I just don't get his humor. His films tend to have really hot women in them. I'd rather watch on mute. Any horror movie after 1980. Before then they would at least try to piece together some sort of plot. After that , its just effects and stupidity. My friends would flock to those films, I would just sit and make comments. They stopped inviting me Any Gene Kelly musical where he hams for the camera or looks toward the sky with fake amazement: "How
  2. Am I the only one who has trouble scrolling ? Maybe I have an older pc or something. But, its really difficult for me to simply go up and down.
  3. Well, things finally got worked out. The mods have been extremely helpful. Something had to be done to get this site up to date. Some of us just don't like change very much
  4. People forget about all the new viewers who TCM expects to be tuning in this month. That is part of the reason for the Film Festival: To open the world of classic film to those who never considered it before. So to feature stars like Doris Day and John Wayne makes perfect sense. I know there are those who would like TCM as their own personal movie channel but, unfortunately you'll have to share it with the rest of us.
  5. Doris and I share that birthday with many other famous people (Yeah right !! As if I was on a par with her lol ) so I always see it as a gift to me to show her films on that day. I don't think she would care one way or the other about this board frankly. She seeems to be doing quite well. She always seemed to be a strong , sturdy woman. Not surprised she has lived such a long life.
  6. So I stay up late to watch Lauren Bacall and they show William Powell when I go to sleep. Thanks a lot TCM ! I should send them my sleep schedule LOL
  7. Here in LA, its ch.20 on free tv ( remember free channels ??). Might be time to get a digital antenna. Can't really depend on cable companies at this point. They are forever having disputes and black outs at they worst times.
  8. The one reason I like XP is that I can use the disk for whatever new computers I get. Same as I did with Windows 98. I have had those disks for years. With Windows 8 you can't do that. The disk is attached to the motherboard. If I have to swap out for a new board, I have to buy a whole new disk and they are expensive. I have had too many board burn out to take that chance.
  9. Of course actors never stutter unless the character is supposed to. They just yell cut and try it again. Yet, that same actor on a talk show will stammer , stutter and just can't come up with a word unless its printed on a script for them to read. And don't you just love when James Bond slips out of a wet suit and is wearing a perfect slacks and white dinner jacket, no wrinkles anywhere. Or if you're Cary Grant, someone will always go to the store and get you all the clothes you need. Even if they are expensive tailor made things.
  10. Not really watching them . For all the channels they are using for the broadcast, you would think they could at least use one for live action. Its so packaged with all these pieces about where the come from and all that, it just bores me to tears. I just want to see the action as it happens. If I already hear who won and lost, what's the use ??
  11. I think that's one mark of great filmmaking to make you feel something inside like this. Not the gratuitous or sappiness. I mean when its well done and genuinely executed. The only problem is when I hear about such endings, I am afraid to watch the film in the first place lol. I guess I just have to get up the courage and watch some of these classics.
  12. @lzcutter : I was not commenting to you at all. I like what you have to say very much. I was responding to an earlier poster who complained about the time of day certain movies are shown. There are at least four time zones TCM has to serve. And this is a 24hr. world today With the changes to this message board they have removed all the syntax. Now you have to search around and guess how to quote someone .Because of that, mix ups like this one are inevitable.
  13. @hamradio: that leads to one itself. To drive full speed with no windshield, no passenger side door, no seat belts and just cruise along...yeah right ! You can get shot in the stomach, have internal and external bleeding and be able to run, fight, climb fire escapes as long as you grab your stomach every so often. And then just wrap it tightly with bandages and you're as good as new. Everyone knows a secret doctor who can do complex surgeries in a back alley office and there are never any mistakes and you come out as if you were in a hospital. (Minority Report, Dark Passage ).
  14. I'm a black guy and I have found that my tv is capable of showing movies with all sorts of colors of people 12 months of the year, not just February. TCM has shown probably a higher percentage of films starring black people than were actually produced just to show some diversity, which is appreciated. The OP probably is so new he didn't realize Hattie McDaniel had her own day on SUTS and she was never a star or any major film. I doubt TCM is able to celebrate every holiday, every birthday, every death, every anniversary etc... February/March is for Oscars. The best of the best as it s
  15. So basically TCM should only play what some viewers want to see. Not only that but, TCM must show them 24 hours a day. Can't show them too early or late for you. To heck with us on the west coast ! I love TCM because it always surprises me. Lots of films new and old I have never seen and seen often. I am happy with it as it is. And I think my vote is just as important as anyone else's.
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