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  1. One hell of a debut, that. "He will not be joining us for the rest of his life."
  2. "The Bonfire of the Vanities" inspired one of the best Hollywood books ever written, "The Devil's Candy". Writer was given total access backstage to document the production of a movie, and she had the good luck to wind up documenting one of the biggest bombs of the era. So many bad choices in that film...casting Bruce Willis when they could have gotten John Cleese who would have been perfect...Tom Hanks being a great actor but all wrong for that part...excellent book.
  3. Well, 95% of the American and British World War II films.
  4. Gloria Grahame's career went into decline because of rumors that she had sex with her 13-year-old stepson, Nicholas Ray's son. Whom she later married.
  5. typing every word in this post in lower case to counterbalance the excessive use of capital letters. i like frances mcdormand, personally. she was great in "fargo". great in "blood simple" too.
  6. I think it was better than most Oscar shows. Do people think the Oscars are great TV? I liked the intimate people-at-dinner-table setting. Next year they should actually serve dinner, I want to see somebody with a drink in his hand get an Oscar.
  7. People seem surprised by this. All the awards shows had massive drop-offs in 2020, and hardly anybody went to the movies this year.
  8. I think Myrna Loy once said that she regretted never getting to work with James Stewart again after "After the Thin Man".
  9. The dramatically necessary ending for that film is for Cooper to jump.
  10. This might be the worst decade ever for picks. I think Oscar might have gone 0-10. You could maybe make an argument for "Platoon" in that five-movie field, but the real winner should have been "Blue Velvet". You could also argue for "Rain Man" in that five-movie field but the actual best movie that year was "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?". Yep, I'm gonna say 0-10. A complete whiff for the entire decade for AMPAS. Boo!
  11. "Rocky" is a really good movie and no better than fourth in that five-movie field. The answer for 1976 is "Taxi Driver".
  12. When they're the best movies of the year, like "Parasite" was. That was the most satisfying Oscar win ever.
  13. "Gigi" isn't the worst Best Picture winner ever (that would be "Cimarron") but it's definitely in the bottom ten, and it's definitely the creepiest. There's the little ode to pedophilia that Maurice Chevalier sings in the opening, there's how Gigi's family is literally training her to be a high-priced hooker, and there's Louis Jourdan's character who has a whole song about how being filthy rich is boring. Rarely has a movie character deserved to be punched in the face more than Louis Jourdan did in "Gigi". Man did I hate that movie. Overall the 1950s are one of Oscar's worst decade
  14. "Sunrise" and "Wings" were up for different awards, and "Sunrise" did win its award. Among the other two films "Wings" was actually competing against, well, it was probably the worst. "The Racket" was better and "7th Heaven" should have won. "Chang" is a fascinating movie, by the way. Made by Cooper and Schoedsack, the makers of "King Kong". "Cimarron" is the worst movie to ever win Best Picture. Just absolute garbage...racist, poorly written, horribly badly acted, idiotic story, made Irene Dunne boring and I didn't know that was possible. There were so many great movies that co
  15. 1968 was one of the biggest whiffs in the history of the Oscars. All the great movies out that year, and they picked "Oliver!".
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