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  1. I'm for more Nasim Pedrad in the world by any means necessary.
  2. I...don't think that's a reference to her being energetic.
  3. Today, tomorrow, and Wednesday: Captain Blood, The Star, Adam's Rib, Two-Faced Woman, Father of the Bride, Father's Little Dividend, East of Eden, The Brothers Karamazov, Cast a Dark Shadow, Libel, Pride of the Marines, Desination: Tokyo, Air Force, The Fallen Sparrow, Dangerously They Live, Flowing Gold, Thank Your Lucky Stars, Hollywood Canteen, Bad Bascomb, Gentle Annie, Rationing, Mrs. O'Malley and Mr. Malone, The Affairs of Martha,
  4. He was good in "The Bedford Incident" which ran on TCM a while back.
  5. Seemed like they were considering rebooting with Shia LaBoeuf back in '08 before everyone realized that was a terrible idea. Also, I wonder if there's anyone in the extended Phoenix family named Bob or Jim or Susan.
  6. Responding to several different posts. Some of them are. Probably at least in part it's driven by what you're known for. Cruise has had a lot of success playing action stars. There surely is an upper bound however as we have seen with the extreme skepticism towards news that Harrison Ford might play Indiana Jones again. https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/PlayingGertrude This would be the double standard of actresses tending to no longer get cast in lead roles once they hit 40 or so. Closely related would be the age gap in rom
  7. I always feel weird defending Woody Allen b/c I f*****g hate Woody Allen movies. But the testimony of Woody's son Moses Farrow is pretty convincing and strongly indicates that he didn't do it. And in any case, a "documentary" that straight-up says it is ignoring any contrary evidence should be ignored at all costs. BTW, I saw that "canceled" Woody Allen memoir prominently displayed at a Barnes and Noble yesterday.
  8. This is just galactically wrong. "Citizen Kane" has stood the test of time better than most films of its era.
  9. I found all the fuss over Charlize Theron in "Monster" very amusing. "Guys, 'Monster' has been green-lit. But Aileen Wuornos was kind of homely, so we're going to have to really ugly Charlize Theron up." "How about we just find an unattractive actress, and cast her?" "..."
  10. I know all this. It was a bad idea. And a movie is not completed until it is actually edited into a cut to be shown in theaters.
  11. What a silly idea. "The Magnificent Ambersons" is what it is, and we may wish for an alternate history in which Welles stayed at RKO and completed his movie instead of farting off to South America, but that's not what we happened and not the movie we got. If they stumbled across Welles's footage in a tool shed then that would be worth seeing, but this is pointless.
  12. I feel we are not exploring the true mystery of "Casablanca", which is whether Peter Lorre was saying "De Gaulle" (which would make completely no sense) or "Weygand".
  13. ^All those above, of course, coming into the public domain in the next five years. EDIT: Well, not *all* since some of them already are. Films made in 1923 became PD last year and films made in 1924 became PD this year.
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