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  1. Don't hold your breath. Many, many of us have been complaining for years on the TWC forum about the non-access to WatchTCM and other Turner-owned channels. They simply do not care, and even though they have now merged with Charter, there is still silence on when or if we will ever get access to stream any of this content. If we are all owned by Charter, there should be no reason why they STILL won't provide access. I've given up. Unless I switch to another provider...and Direct TV is the only other option in my area, we're at the mercy of the money-grubbing profit-hound execs at Charter. Complain to Tom Rutledge, the Charter CEO about the garbage customer service policies that come from his miserable company.
  2. Thanks for the welcome. I guess who needs to improve depends on who is the party responsible for the holdup. This is part of the frustration for me. It seems like whenever there is a problem negotiating a carriage agreement each side publicly blames the other and the viewers are caught in the middle. Neither side will admit to responsibility. The content provider will claim that the carrier is not offering enough and the carrier will claim that they are being overcharged by the content provider. All I'd like to see as a customer is for both sides to negotiate in good faith and come up with a deal that is reasonable to both sides so I as a customer can watch the content I want. In the current climate it's not surprising at all that carriers are losing customers in droves to cord cutters.
  3. A major thing TCM can do to improve is to work out an agreement with Time Warner Cable to allow TWC subscribers to stream TCM online and via the Watch TCM app. TWC is probably the only major provider that still doesn't have an agreement in place two years after the Watch TCM app became available. What's the problem??? Hard feelings between TWC and TW execs over the corporate split?? It's probably not a coincidence that TWC does't allow CNN livestream either...also a Turner company. TWC refuses to respond to its customers at all about why they will not come to an agreement despite repeated requests from customers. Anyone here have any insight they'd care to share... A very frustrated and unhappy TWC customer
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