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  1. Of course there was. I was talking about a specific episode with the two old ladies. The discussion about the Baldwin sisters reminded me of them and that episode.
  2. That's correct. There was never a suggestion in the show that they were running a high volume operation. It was their Daddy's recipe, and they were just honoring him and carrying on the tradition and using it for special occasion. The joke was that they didn't even recognize it to be illegal liquor ... it was just the 'recipe'. Now on the other hand there was an episode on the Andy Griffith show where Barney was out to bust an illegal still in Mayberry. Two little old ladies ratted two of the moonshiners out. Turns out though Opie bought some flowers from the ladies which led to their
  3. Sorry but I really don't have the interest in trying to decode your comments SA. I just wanted to stop in and say after reading the T.V. commentary in the closed thread(s) that there was some good commentary in that/those threads both Pro and Con. I can see both sides but think youth is needed to keep the old moves alive and I for one welcome our young hot T.V. overlords:).
  4. I recall it so well it had to be mentioned fairly often, whether the ladies were in the episode or not, even in scenes/shows they weren't featured in. It was common knowledge on the show and mentioned often enough in the story-line by others that most watching it that I knew all knew about it and knew it by the recipe
  5. Absolutely agree and I think Holden and Desi's reactions were what really sold this scene and made it so hilarious. Holden was amazing and it was almost as if he didn't know what was coming haha
  6. A lot of the silent stars had that look from what I've seen ... Theda Bara
  7. Not about the statue but I was watching I Love Lucy this morning and it was the William Holden episode where she see's him in the Brown Derby, and later Desi brings him to the house. The scene with the fake nose ... I've seen it before but I started laughing and kept laughing out loud all the way through the scene. That just doesn't happen for me very often. It was a fantastic Lucy / Holden moment
  8. Well you are probably getting a temporary password with instructions to reset it to a new one. Do that and it should remain permanent. Next time you get the new password, read the email or notice very closely. p.s. I have no idea whey no one else tried to answer your question
  9. Yes the Baldwin sisters famous 'recipe'. Where was your grandfather carrying it from LOL ?
  10. No. On regular TCM one day/night. Quite a while ago probably within the last year or two though give or take
  11. My take ... it's likely but not definite. I've recall other relatives talking about famous stars and that's pretty much what they did. i.e. pick famous roles and say things that have already been said. And this discussion reminds me of Liza Minnelli talking to Bob D. about her mother ... she was mostly incomprehensible and possibly drunk to boot
  12. I bet they would pick the most famous movies also and repeat the same info found on wiki and imdb, prior Bob Dorian etc quotes and stories about the start etc.
  13. Hi DGF. I've noticed you post a lot. Would you mind hitting the return key before starting to enter comments in future? It's a small request and I hope you consider it if it's not too much trouble it would make reading comments that much more pleasant and enjoyable for all.
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