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  1. Thanks @Westlyn - hadn't seen that. I'll submit a ticket too. Hopefully, if everyone having a problem submits a ticket they might get the message. Cheers!
  2. Hi Westlyn - not an Apple problem. I've experienced it with an Andriod tablet, Android phone, and a Windows 10 laptop. This is ABSOLUTELY a TCM problem. How am I so sure? Because I can log into my provider's service directly (in this case, DIRECTV - west coast) and watch the live stream of TCM. I asked my sister to log in to her provider (Comcast - East Coast) and she was able to watch the stream online as well. The common denominator is TCM - both app and website - "watch live" functionality. I too can view the films on demand. Just not the live stream. The problem I'm running into is who we can let know about this. If anyone in the general forum knows who we can contact, please let us know!! THANKS!
  3. thanks for the info. I had the 2017 app installed and I see that it was updated yesterday. As for the emails, I haven't received any from TCM -- on ANY topic -- for almost a year. Sounds like I need to get in touch with them. thanks again!!
  4. Thanks for sharing. Would you mind terribly if you shared what email you received that information in? I ask as I've had to sign up for the monthly "Now Playing" newsletter five (5) different times now and yet I've only gotten 2 out of 8 newsletters for all my troubles. Was curious if I've missed communications that would be helpful and interesting. I'd be most grateful.
  5. Question for TCMFF 2018 staff: I see that there is a TCM Festival app for last year's event (TCMFF 2017). Was curious if we could expect an updated version for this year's TCMFF, as well as when we might expect it. Thanks!
  6. 45 minutes in line?!?!? and then I still MIGHT not get a seat?? is this from first-hand knowledge (you've had this pass before and waited in line for almost an hour beforehand?) and of course, there are always possible cheaper alternatives. I mentioned that in my original post. my main point was that overall this seems to be a rather expensive event to attend - cheaper alternatives included. similar to the backlot program - not sure I see the value at $90 a year. I think they'd be better off making both the festival and the fan club more affordable, but that's probably what comes from being owned by "blood from a turnip" Time Warner.
  7. I was interested in attending this year's event but I'm not sure I can justify the expense. Festival Passes look to be $299, $649, $799, and $2149 Using the code for the TCMFF2018, rates at the Roosevelt Hotel are currently listed at $1,200 per night. (last week they were $500 per night). Flights from Northern California will run about $300 Rental car for five days would be $400 So, without taking into account food, drink, and miscellaneous expenses, I'd be looking at $8850 for the Spotlight pass. ($7500 for the Essential pass). Does anyone else find this to be a bit too much?? What does everyone else believe their all-in costs to be? Yes, the flights and rental cars could be cheaper (or more expensive). Yes, there could be some options that help - other hotels, driving instead of flying (cutting out flights & rental car expenses). Perhaps even the hotel rates will be cheaper tomorrow when passes go on sale. But overall, it just seems that this becomes quite the expensive event to attend. Was curious what others thoughts are on the cost. THANKS!!
  8. That's not a heck of a lot of information. Do you have anything else? actor/actress name? the name of their character(s)? black & white or color? what are they wearing? how did they end up in that particular scene? what were they doing before then? after then? Would love to help if there was just a little bit more info.
  9. Does anyone know when the 2018 TCMFF dates will be announced? Not interested in what the 'possible', 'probable', or 'usual' dates might be - as that doesn't really help much when you need to firm up schedules. Rather I'm specifically looking to know when we can expect the dates to be announced. With both SXSW and ComicCon having already been announced (March and July 2018, respectively), I would have thought that the dates for TCMFF would have already been made available. Any chance someone from the TCMFF or TCM can speak to this? THANKS!!!
  10. THANK YOU Perlyn!!!!!! I was actually in a chat session with Comcast about this again - AT THE SAME TIME you posted this! I feel like an idiot trying to explain to them that a SINGLE channel is out of sync! And the HD channel at that, NOT the SD channel. I've explained that there are others experiencing the same issue.... Yet they always start the same way... "Is you cable box plugged in?" "Is it powered on?" "Have you rebooted your system?" AARRGGHH!!!!! The ONLY channel I wanted from Comcast was Turner Classic Movies. In order to get it I had to get their 3rd or 4th highest package - with a ton of other channels I'll never watch (I'm looking at you ESPN 8!). From what I can tell it appears to be only impacting those of us who live in Northern California, is that right? I'm currently out in Stockton. Who is Comcast Ted? Is he any relation to Directv Marg? Or DishTV Sebastian? (I'll admit, I'm losing my mind at this point. Bit by bit, this is killing brain cells). I'm happy to call anyone, write anyone, make a public spectacle of myself, hell, even tell my mother that I'm being mistreated (she doesn't like when that happens) but someone, please, I beg of you, tell me what needs to be done to fix this!!!!!!!!
  11. Hi Larry - thanks for chiming in. Just a couple of points... Wrong forum: perhaps, but I've always felt it was more important to have all pertinent information in a single place whenever possible. Showing that this impacts more than one person, at various times, will hopefully point out that this is a larger problem. One that requires immediate attention. At this point, we're all better off if anyone having issues with TCM HD Channel 789 delivered via Comcast/Xfinity cable add to this particular thread. Power in numbers sort of thing. Packet breakdown: Not exactly. The answer you passed on would also mean that other channels that I was meant to be receiving would have the same issues of being out of sync - since they'd all be coming across the same lines. That's not the case for me, or, as far as I can tell, anyone else on this thread. It's actually more likely the case that the HD feed from TCM to Comcast/Xfinity has gotten out of sync. (That's where the packets come into play). This idea is also reinforced via a post mentioned at the beginning of this thread (see: DavidST's post dtd 08 June 2017 - 11:15 AM). My internet speeds slow down when everyone in the neighborhood is home at night/on the weekends using the internet - this is the outdated wiring and technology you refer to, the 'last mile' as it's usually known. However, I don't encounter any problems with my tv channel reception when the internet slow down happens. (And for what it's worth, being a former network engineer in a past life, the first thing I do is troubleshoot anything and everything I have access to, going all the way out to the street, just to ensure the problem isn't on my end. Force of habit.) But, happy to have you try and further the conversation. The more comments, the more people read it, the better chance of someone actually doing something about it. So THANKS!
  12. June 17 at 1:15pm PDT - happening again. Audio is out of sync. This is only happening on the HD channel. The SD channel is fine. It's just slightly off but enough that it's ridiculously painful to watch. Is there someone that we should contact when this happens? I realize it's a feed problem so when I call Comcast/Xfinitiy support desk there is NOTHING they can do. This is SOOooo frustrating!!!!!! edit: I'm in Northern California, in case that matters
  13. The song is called "Cruise" from the band Beasts With No Name. I love learning about new bands and songs from the promo's. Whoever is putting these together - WELL DONE!!! Keep up the great work!
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