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  1. Albert Finney is so clearly unhinged that I don' t think that he could have fooled anyone. The horrific murders at the beginning and end - are horrific.
  2. I liked Keir Dullea in this one.
  3. John Mills has never failed to impress me. I recently saw him in "Tunes Of Glory".
  4. "The Man With The Cloak" - Fletcher Markle - 1951 - starring Joseph Cotton, Barbara Stanwyck, Louis Calhern, Leslie Caron, Joe De Santis, etc. Heated literary nonsense, I suppose, about a middle-aged penniless man, Edgar Allan Poe, who becomes involved in a life situation that verges on murder - Discarded mistress (Stanwyck) still lives with her elderly lover (Calhern) - she becomes involved with the butler - they plot to indulge Calhern's appetites so that he'll have a stroke - and leave his vast estate to Stanwyck - enter young Frenchwoman (Caron) who's inv
  5. "Star 80" was a very gripping depiction of a destructive personality, which was beautifully rendered by Eric Roberts.
  6. "Just The Way You Are" - Edouard Molinaro - 1984 - starring Kristy McNichol, Michael Ontkean, Lance Guest, Robert Carradine, Patrick Cassidy, Alexandra Paul, etc. a young woman who is proficient on the flute is very concerned about her leg brace - she has admirers, but nothing of consequence happens - until she meets photographer Michael Ontkean in Europe - and then everything falls into place - the storyline is handled in a very bland manner- and the film is photographed with a great deal of glare - but the actors are both beautiful and charming- a
  7. "Quartet", "Trio" and "Encore" - three films that highlight certain stories by W. Somerset Maugham - 1948, 1950, 1951 - in their day, they were all very successful - the first, includes "The Facts of Life", "The Alien Corn", "The Kite" and "The Colonel's Lady" - the second and third compliations include six more stories - the second is "The Verger", "Mr. Know-All" and "Sanatorium" - the third includes "The Ant and The Grasshopper", "Winter Cruise" and "Giggolo and Giggolette" - I really would't want to discuss the details of the plots - they should come as a
  8. It's sad that this film has slipped into oblivion.
  9. rayban

    "Private Eyes"

    The show is already into its' third season.
  10. rayban

    "Private Eyes"

    I finally caught an episode of "Private Eyes"; it was Episode 16 of Seaon 2 - "Look Who's Stalking". It is great to have Jason Priestley back on TV - this time as a private detective who has a female partner. Priestley, who was one of the great beauties of the TV screen, is still a fine-looking man. He has gotten older, of course. But he looks "craggier", which adds a great deal of depth to his character. You don't want to fool around with him. In this gripping episode, he and his partner uncovered the identity of a dangerous stalker, a case which turned out to ha
  11. rayban

    Random Alerts!

    Domnic Thiem -
  12. Yes, beauty like Jason Priestley's is rare.
  13. I think that the photo below is Joel Flateau in "The Victors" along with the soldiers who pick him up, George Hamilton and George Peppard -
  14. In this time of restoration, I wish that that opening segment would be restored. I remember the boy as a child that the soldiers picked up on the road. He was badly in need of care.
  15. The little boy was played by Joel Flateau, I believe. But I am not really sure. He is listed in the original cast. The boy below may be Joel Flateau.
  16. The child prostitute was a little boy. He offered himself to Hamilton and Peppard. He was just trying to stay alive. It was the opening segment. After the New York engagement, it was cut from the film.
  17. It's actually a kosher deli. If you need it, you know, just take it. "Night Nurse" takes place in "a jungle".
  18. According to Giancarlo Stampalia, Grant Williams' biographer, Grant Williams spent four weeks with an actual psychiatrist, Dr. Leland Johnson, in preparing a detaileld psychiatric examination of the film's protaganist, Charles Campbell. By this time, Williams was already a proponent of The Method. Also, sometimes, the filming on downtown Los Angeles streets was difficult because Grant Williams was already well-known from his role on "Hawaiian Eye". According to Mr. Stampalia, the film is much too serious in its' attempt to understand Charles Campbelll. But that is what I l
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