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  1. "Night Nurse" - William A. Wellman - 1931 starring Barbara Stanwyck, John Blondell, Ben Lyon, Clark Gable, etc. - a really wild, no-holds-barred pre-code film - Stanwyck and Blondell are nurses in training - we get a lot of details about the difficulties in becoming a nurse - it's a rough life - and stay away from the doctors because doctors do not marry nurses - and find yourself a wealthy patient who may offer you a better way of life - then, Stanwyck and Blondell are employed as night nurses in the same household - $$Spoilers$$ - the two children
  2. This one was a big hit on the Broadway stage.
  3. rayban

    Hot TV Guys

    That face, those eyes, those lips - the hair!
  4. Me, either, but now I am interested.
  5. Yes, Adam West is suffering from "a reaction" that he can barely express.
  6. You are in for one hell of a time with "Love and Death on Love Island". I won't reveal the details. I might spoil it for you.
  7. rayban

    Hot TV Guys

    Jason Priestley wrote his autobiography several years ago.
  8. When Adam West's mother refuses to accept his wife's pregnancy, you can only assume that Mr. West was GAY.
  9. I might be in the minority here, maybe not, but, as one grows older, the "greatness" of "Muriel" is readily apparent. Like "Last Year at Marienbad" and "Hiroshima, Mon Amour", it is obsessed with the passage of time and, during that time, the importance of memory and the changing nature of recollection. In the end, is "the so-called truth" what really happened? And, whatever it is, can we embrace it?
  10. Yes, he was memorable - and scary, too - and so well-spoken.
  11. "Marlowe" - Paul Bogart - 1969 - starring James Garner, Gayle Hunnicutt, Rita Moreno, Sharon Farrell, Carroll O'Connor, Wiliam Daniels, etc. - a different take on the character of Philip Marlowe - James Garner plays it in the style of a romp - as far as he is concerned, it is light and lively all the time - but you might prefer Philip Marlowe in the style of Bogart, or Powell - the film itself is exceedingly nasty - there is an ice pick murderer on the loose - and Marlowe is knee-deep in girls - the least of which is the female star, Gayle Hunnicutt
  12. Jason Priestley should have been a big, big movie star - "Calendar Girl" - "Love and Death on Long Island" -
  13. The real problem with the film is that the soundtrack had to be re-recorded - and it doesn't quite match the action on the screen.
  14. If you had seen Michael Moriarty in the stage play that established him, "Find Your Way Home", you would've felt that he was destined to be a movie star.
  15. On stage, it is quite effective.
  16. Laurence Harvey directed the film with a great deal of care and he did manage to pull together a very interesting cast.
  17. The Jeanne Moreau character was a destroyer.
  18. Jacques Demy created a masterpiece - Moreau and Mann are unforgettable.
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