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  1. Reportedly, the original cut of the silent screen version of "Ben Hur" contained a great deal of nudity.


    But MGM decided to release a much safer version which eliminated the nudity.


    But film archivists are still looking for this original cut.


    There is one surviving still of Navarro in the nude that does not appear in the film.


    And in the sequence in the ship's hold, a man's nude body strung up on chains can be seen in the background.




    Reportedly, this sequence was originally shot in the nude.

  2. Interesting. And nice photo by the way. I have to admit I've never paid much attention to Belmondo, not in the way I do with other European stars of that generation. Nothing against him personally, but his screen persona didn't intrigue me the way Delon's did, or the way some of their contemporaries did. 


    Counting close-ups seems like a new way to count lines. LOL

    Alain Delon and Jean Paul Belmondo were both great stars in France.


    I always enjoyed their films.


    But my heart belonged to Alan Delon.


    No surprise, right?

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  3. "Borsalino" was one of Alain Delon's most famous films.


    He starred in this gangster flick with Jean-Paul Belmondo.


    In his contract, Belmondo demanded the same number of close-ups that Delon would be getting.


    Later, Belmolndo sued Delon, who was the producer, because he (Belmondo) was unhappy with the advertising.



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  4. Warner Archives Collection does such a great job of restoring much older films to DVD.


    They recently released seven films that starred Ramon Navarro, who was such a big star at MGM in the twenties and thirities.


    These films include the two legendary films that Navarro made with famed French director, Jacques Feyder.


    They are "Daybreak" and "Son Of India", which were both made in 1931.


    Ramon Navarro was homosexual and he was also closeted.


    MGM asked him to get married.


    Navarro refused.


    So, MGM brought in Jacques Feyder to romanticize his screen image.


    Helping out in this department were co-stars Helen Chandler and Majorie Rambeau.


    Years later, when he was so much older, Navarro's private life came to the attention of the public when he was brutally murdered by two male hustlers who were picked up off the street.





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  5. Wow. So all the odds were against him in his early years yet he managed to become a very successful internationally acclaimed movie star. Good for him. That's inspiring.

    I think that his extraordinary beauty must have turned the tide.


    He befriended an actress who took him to the Cannes Film Festival.


    There, he was seen by David O. Selznick.


    He was screen-tested and offered a contract.


    But he had to learn English.


    And Delon wasn't that interested in learning English.

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  6. I saw this film for the first time about 2 years ago and I was very impressed by its openness and frankness.    Hey, not to beat the dead horse about Brokeback Mountain not being groundbreaking,   but comparing the two films AND the eras when they were released Making Love is a lot more groundbreaking than BM.

    I agree, "Making Love" was a very groundbreaking film for its' time - 1982.


    But, because it was NOT a box-office success, its' subsequent reputation has suffered.

  7. Yes,  there is a young Ann Sheridan here.     Hey, there is something for everyone in this picture of good looking people! 


    I enjoyed the film and found it interesting since some folks still believe the fitness craze started in the 80s.

    You are right, this is one of those rare films in which there is something for everyone.

  8. He didn't have an easy time of it and had left school at the age of 14.


    You're right, at the age of 17, he had entered the French Navy.


    He had four years of military service, spent 11 months in prison for being undisciplined and then was dishonorably discharged in 1956.


    When he got out of the French Navy, he had no money and worked at various jobs like a porter and a sales assistant.

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  9. I think, if I'm not mistaken, he did those scenes nude. And in the original print, where he was showering, he is shown naked, at least from the backside when he steps in or out of the shower. But because the production code started being enforced shortly afterward, rereleases of the film meant the nude footage had to be cut. And the images do not survive, except in still photographs (publicity shots).

    If you remember, there is a long shot of the locker room, in which naked men are toweling off and have their backsides to the camera.


    But, yes, if only we could have seen Buster Crabbe in the nude.



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  10. Agreed. The film should have catapulted them all to movie stardom. I guess it was just too risky (gutsy) for the time in which it was made, the very conservative 1980s. We should also mention that Dame Wendy Hiller has a supporting role in MAKING LOVE.


    P.S. I remember one of the networks aired the film a year or two after it was in theatres (before the home video market exploded and cable TV became what it is now)...and there were a lot of complaints from angry viewers who felt the movie with its daring subject matter did not belong on primetime TV. 

    As the years go by, "Making Love" becomes more and more pertinent.

  11. In this pre-code film, which I really love, Buster Crabbe, who is very good in the film,  has a nearly naked scene in a locker room at the beginning of the film and, at the end, there is a huge production number that features male and female beauties from around the world.


    When I saw this one twice at the Film Forum in New York City, the theater was jammed both times.


    The film is brutally frank about SEX.


    And it's a real hoot.

  12. MAKING LOVE - 1982 -


    A young married man (Michael Ontkean) struggles to come to terms with his homosexuality.




    With the passage of time, this film can only get better and better.


    Two exquisite performances by Michael Ontkean and, as his wife, Kate Jackson.


    There's also a fine performance by Harry Hamlin, as Bart, the first man in Zach's life.


    And a very endearing performance by John Calvin, who becomes Zach's partner.


    The heartache in this film is beautifully conveyed by the two leading actors, who are walking through such alien territory.


    "Making Love" should have made movie stars of the three leading actors.

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  13. Have you seen the earlier John Stahl-directed version with Irene Dunne? I think it's just as good. I'd love to see both films back-to-back one evening on TCM. A truly classic double-feature that would be.

    Yes, both versions of  "Magnificent Obsession" should be shown back-to-back on TCM.


    Strangely enough, Douglas Sirk said that he was unable to read the book by Lloyd C. Douglas.

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  14. Rayban, I agree with every single word you wrote about this wonderful Wyman/Hudson movie.  I never tire of watching it.  And great classical music on the soundtrack.  It's no surprise that Jane

    Wyman was up for an Oscar for this.  And as for "Written on the Wind", I seem to remember that this was a big hit for the Four Aces.



    By the way, what do you think that "the magnificent obsession" is - the one that both Helen and Bob discover about Dr. Phillips - is it doing good for others and expecting nothing in return?

  15. Magnificent%2BObsession%2Bposter.jpg


    The heartache in this famous 1954 film is unrelenting - Bob Merrick (Rock Hudson) feeling guilty for needing a respirator - a respirator that could have saved the life of the husband of Helen Phillips (Jane Wyman), then Bob inadvertently causing Jane Wyman's blindness, then, hiding himself behind an invented persona (Robby) to make Helen's days easier, then, going back to medical school and becoming a doctor, then, losing Helen who discovers who the man in her life really is and doesn't want to be a burden to him and, so, disappears, and, last but not least, Bob saving Helen on her deathbed -


    the heartache is beyond exquisite - it very nearly wipes you out -


    Douglas Sirk's so-called "weeepie" is perhaps the grandest soap opera that has ever reached the screen.


    It's done with such conviction and style that its' pain lingers long after the film is over.

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  16. Alain Delon achieved international stardom very early in his career with "Purple Noon" (1960) and "Rocco and His Brothers" (also 1960).


    And his wide-ranging stardom was solidified with "Any Number Can Win" and "The Leopard", which were both released in 1963.


    He tried to achieve Hollywood stardom, with films like "Joy House" and "Once A Thief", but his Hollywood film career did not produce box-office winners.


    So, he then returned to France and made far more successful films like "The Last Adventure" and "Le Samourai".

    Eventually, he formed his own production company, Adel and made such films as "Jeff" and "Borsalino".


    Not surprisingly, he was involved with many women in his life -


    1. Romy Schneider from 1959 to 1963


    2. Nico, during his affair with Schneider, and had a son, too 


    3. Nathalie Barthelemy from 1964 to 1969 -  he married her and had a second son


    4. Mireille Darc, with whom he had a 15 year relationship from 1968 to 1982


    6. Rosalie van Breemer from 1987 to 2002 and had a son and daughter.


    Alain Delon also moved beyond film-makking and had various merchandising lines like his own perfume and his own sunglasses..


    So, he was not only a successful actor, but he was also a successful businessman.


    Today, he is actually 80 years old, lives in Switzerland with his two youngest children and ls still a very handsome man.

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  17. I was referring to how he used his acting skills to convey morally reprehensible characters audiences still were willing to watch, such as a murderer in PURPLE NOON. He has a different type of role in L'ECLISSE. 

    For me, his scariest role in this genre was "Le Samourai", a Jean-Pierre Melville film that they made in 1967.

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  18. I haven't seen JOY HOUSE, which seems interesting. 


    I read somewhere where Alain said L'ECLISSE was the film he liked best of all the ones he made.

    Well, I wouldn't want to tell you about "Joy House", because, then, I would definitely spoil it for you.


    But, like "Purple Noon", it is a film that was directed by Rene Clement.


    I would never have guessed that his favorite film was Michelangelo Antonioni's "Eclipse".


    But he and Monica Vitti were an unforgettable pair.

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  19. Alain Delon was such a gorgeous "sex object".


    My response to him was totally sexual.


    When I went to his films - and I did go to his films - I just sat there and gloried in his presence.


    I was so grateful - thankful - for the experience.


    He made a film with Jane Fonda and Lola Albright that I have never gotten over - "Joy House".


    When I went to see him in "Borsalino", when he came down the staircase of the club in an alluring tuxedo, the movie audience burst into applause - a rare occurence in a movie theater.


    I do not feel ashamed to admit that my response to him was, as I said,"totally sexual", because he was an actor who had a sexual charisma that just exploded from the scene. 

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