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  1. Why won't TCM do a primetime programming of explicitly gay films? Robert Osborne's recent handling of "Deathtrap" was incredibly naive.
  2. I watched the first episode last night on BBC America and, unexpectedly, I found it just a little too grim. Also, the character of the spy was clearly a troubled individual so Ben Whishaw's "love" seemed clueless to me. Speaking for myself, I would've definitely kept my distance from this guy.
  3. It's also interesting that Mart Crowley has himself admitted that he was "a mean drunk", because the character of Michael and the performance by Kenneth Nelson is such a shattering one.
  4. Such an interesting discussion about the play and its' characters, but my take on Alan is that he might've been tempted to become a homosexual and was going to seek his friend Mikey's advice, but that Alan's unnerving experience at Michael's gathering turned him back quickly to "the heterosexual life". There is a telling shot in the film in which Alan takes a much too interested look at the strangers at the gathering,who are certainly letting out "a gay vibe".
  5. "The Boys In The Band" must be judged as a product of its' time. It is a perfect mirror image of what it meant to be gay before the Stonewall Uprising. It is beautifully written,produced, directed and acted. It will, always be/remain a landmark play and movie. Only one unsettling fact for me - that Kenneth Nelson, as Michael, did not receive an Oscar nomination as Best Actor.
  6. This Jacques Demy film is such an enchanted musical - its' world couldn't be more vital. It's about people, young and older, who are looking for love and actually find it,too. The score, which has often been derided, is quite enchanting, too. Originally, it was intended for a Cinerama release, but I don't think that version even surfaced. I love, love, love the entire cast, especially a very young Jacques Perrin.
  7. I've only seen him in two films, but I like him very much. I saw him in an Off-Broadway play that examined homosexuality in the '50's and in the present day. He has such a riveting stage presence. I wish that I could've seen his Hamlet.
  8. I was very glad that I discovered "Eastern Boys" via Netflix - and I did think that I was watching a talented piece of filmmaking - but, for me, the problem with the film is that "the hero" is basically a very stupid man.
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