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  1. At the time of its' filming, this film produced parades of angry protesters throughout Greenwich Village. It is hard to believe that the man who directed "The Boys In The Band" directed this piece of incendiary cinema. The interesting cast is still the one reason to visit this film. Yes, at the end of the film, it does look like the Al Pacino character had discovered his bisexuality - and was not too happy about it. The death of the Don Scardino character is the film's defining moment.
  2. Pierre Clementi - it's too bad that TCM can't do a tribute to this great character actor -
  3. He's an actor with a very singular presnce. His acting in an early film,"Night Must Fall", is still very magnetic.
  4. Pierre Clementi - a great charactor actor - "Belle de Jour" was a stunning debut -
  5. B So much of Harold Pinter takes place just under the surface. It's never plot-driven, it moves along by implication. Whenever a Pinter play made it to Broadway, it was only for a limited run. But the big question in "Accident" is what question was Michael York going to ask Dirk Bogarde? He didn't have the time; he had a fatal accident. Was it - am I right in marrying this woman or should I leave her? Bogarde who wanted her for himself probably would have said "no".
  6. It's one of those films that gets better with age. It doesn't play to Antonioni's strengths, but it is still very much a Michelangeo Antonioni film. The visual design of the film is gorgeous. It's very anti-American, though. That sentiment might have done it in at box offce. Despite their lack of acting experience, Frechette and Halprin do have charisma.
  7. "House of the Damned" - Maury Dexter - 1963 - starring Ronald Foster and Merry Anders and Richard Crane - Low-budget horror film from 20th Century Fox that is basically a hackneyed script - but the film has three things going for it - an extremely atmospheric set (Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills) - the properly perplexed performances of its' stars - and a highly unexpected ending that will send shivers down your spine -
  8. An iconic image from the film that has never died -
  9. He was trying to make a movie with a foreign director - that's why he became involved in that bank robbery.
  10. I think that the girl is meant to be an enigma.
  11. Mark Frechette - only 27 years old at the time of his death -
  12. You've got to turn one of your ideas into a screenplay.
  13. I did, but the screenplay isn't terribly convincing, either.
  14. It's a great film. The two stars carry it off - beautifully. The ending could not be sadder.
  15. "Agatha" with Vanessa Redgrave and Dustin Hoffman is such a dreadful film.
  16. The stage adaptation was a major castastrophe on Broadway. It starred Shirley Knight.
  17. They became engaged - was she pushing herself on him?
  18. The Mark Frechette story is a very sad story indeed. He did have the potential to be a movie star. But, from what I read, he wouldn't have wanted it. He was a political animal.
  19. This is an important scene in the film - and, yet, its' presentation seems so casual - We are being led down a very dark path. Three men are in love with the same young woman. And she seems to be "up for grabs". Is the female deadlier than the male?
  20. Tom Hanks really "morphed" into a major movie star.
  21. Believe me, I can understand your POV. It's amazing how much of it takes place "under the surface". But its' negativity would be a turn-off for a lot of viewers, I think.
  22. It's a highly unusual film. It did receive the BAFTA Award for Best Motion Picture of 1967. It is definitley not for everyone.
  23. "Accident" - Joseph Losey - 1967 - starring Dirk Bogarde, Stanley Baker, Jacqueline Sassard, Michael York, Vivien Merchant, etc. This film has haunted me for many years - but to talk about it would be equivalent to giving away its' secrets - it's such a polished piece of work - and such an idiosyncratic piece of work - but its' view of human beings is just so negative - like being unable to turn away from "an accident" - becoming fascinated by it - superbly written, directed and acted - it really does stand alone -
  24. I enjoyed the book, but the film was dreadful.
  25. Phillips Holmes entered World War II via Canada and was killed in a mid-air plane crash. His beauty is almost indescribable.
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