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  1. This one was based on a stage double bill - "The Typists and The Tiger". It was a personal project for Eli Wallach and Anne Jackson.
  2. Somehow, this one gets better with time. Mark Frechette went to prison due to his involvement in a bank robbery. He died in prison under mysterious circumstances. A recent memoir by an activist who was involved with Frechette identifies him as gay. He had a bit of a career in Italy.
  3. "Accident" by Joseph Losey cannot be missed.
  4. It was a very big hit on Broadway. Maybe if they had used the original Broadway cast.
  5. So much of her work is dominated by a sense of SELF that seems to cancel out the existence of others. It's "Look at me". "I am enough." Her EGO is off-putting.
  6. Gene Raymond had the kind of handsomeness that washed up over you. And he did have charm, too. When he was on screen, you watched him - closely. His smallest gesture could be worth a thousand words. If it wasn't a "divine presence", he came pretty close.
  7. In "Ex-Lady", and other films, Gene Raymond could easily qualify as "dreamy".
  8. It looks like an interesting film.
  9. His late-career performance in "White Heat" is just so impressive.
  10. It's one of those not-so-hot films that you're fascinated by. Roddy McDowall is giving a one-of-a-kind performance. And Gil Peterson and Debbie Watson cannot be missed. The fact that it was directed by Gene Nelson saves it from the trash heap.
  11. "Hemingway's Adventures of a Young Man" should have a much better reputation. The entire cast is excellent, including Paul Newman in a small role. The film should have made Richard Beymer a star.
  12. Anything with Tommy Kirk is worth a visit.
  13. After his long movie career, it's interesting that he would even attempt a television career.
  14. I don't remember any of his TV outings. I prefer him in the 40's and 50's. "A Stolen Life" will always be a favorite.
  15. "The Imitation Game" was a fine introduction to his heartbreaking story. So was the stage play, "Breaking The Code".
  16. He was a big, big star at MGM for a long, long time. His "underplaying" can be annoying.
  17. "Romeo and Juliet" - George Cukor - 1936 - starring Norma Shearer and Leslie Howard - I can't tolerate this film. I can't even get through it. The principal actors are much too old. Leslie Howard was in his forties and Norma Shearer was in her thirties. The most recent film version that starred Douglas Booth is easily the best.
  18. I love chicken pot pies - out of the supermarket - Marie Callender's.
  19. I agree, her full name was Mrs. Enola Gay Tibbets. Her son's name was Col. Paul Tibbets.
  20. I agree, it is the film's lowest moment. For me, the whole film is in questionable taste.
  21. Yes, the Enola Gay, the plane that dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, was named in honor of the pilot's mother.
  22. Yes, but I don't think that any of the episodes are based on any Sherlock Holmes tales.
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