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  1. As he said, leaving Warner Bros. was "career suicide".
  2. "Above and Beyond" - Melvin Frank - 1952 - starring Robert Taylor and Eleanor Parker - I was deeply offended by this movie - the story of the man who dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima - is reduced to a story of marital strife - he is always on some sort of secret mission - and spends little time with his wife and children - she's unhappy and discontented - and almost walks out on him - finally, the big day arrives - the dropping of the bomb - God forgive me, but it is treated in a basically celebratory manner - he rushes home -
  3. It was a terrific evening on TCM - the documentary and the two features. I am glad that I finally saw "That Kind Of Woman" - but it's a film that strains credibility to the breaking point.
  4. That's the reason I always watch it - Ronald Howard!
  5. The whole film plays like a love story in which the two "lovers" should have known better. Sophia Loren could have stayed with George Sanders. And Tab Hunter could have visited NYC tourist attractions.
  6. She gave a less mannered peformance in "The Fox".
  7. Wasn't the famous book by Bel Kaufman a series of school memos?
  8. "That Kind Of Woman" - Sidney Lumet - 1959 - starring Sophia Loren, Tab Hunter, Barbara Nichols, Jack Warden, George Sanders, etc. - A strange love story about two people who couldn't be more unlike each other - she's an older, experienced "kept" woman - he's an innocent young soldier - somehow, their mutual attraction gets the better of them - but, at the same time, she fights it, because she is used to the good life - and he persists without feeling any real hope for a relationship - meanwhile, we meet the man who is keeping her - and her best f
  9. His son, Toby Jones, starred in the second Truman Capote film that was so much better than the first.
  10. Freddie Jones was the kind of actor who made everything he did - memorable. I remember him most fondly from "Young Sherlock Holmes".
  11. "Madame DuBarry" - William Dieterle - 1934 - starring Delores De Rio and Reginald Owen - It's a gorgeous production - well-mounted and well-directed - and vigorously acted by its' ensemble cast - but this story of King Louis XV and Madame Dubarry - becomes one of a dirty old man and an empty-headed **** - if you want your SMUT to look good - this atrocity is for you - Dolores Del Rio gives an entirely clueless performance - she acts like she's won the role of a lifetime -
  12. She was memorably stylish in "Day For Night" and "Juliet of the Spirits". RIP, Miss Cortese. She met and married Richard Basehart. He moved with her to Italy, where he made "La Strada".
  13. He was famously married to Geraldine Page. They lived in a house that was called " Torn Page". They had three children, I believe. I saw them together on-stage in a double bill at The Public Theater.
  14. rayban

    Hot TV Guys

    They are missed.
  15. rayban

    Hot TV Guys

    The circumstances of Mark Salling's death are very tragic indeed.
  16. rayban

    Hot TV Guys

    I don't know this series.
  17. Too bad, Edna Mae Oliver and James Gleason should have done the entire film series.
  18. I did like him. But I know nothing about his career.
  19. rayban

    Hot TV Guys

    I miss him, too. I'd like to see a return of the series.
  20. rayban

    No Words

    He might enjoy that, too.
  21. If you get too close, you mght not survive the gorgeousness.
  22. The stars' chemistry brought magic to those three films. Helen Broderick, as replacement, tried her best, though. But Zasu Pitts was quite a disappointment.
  23. I'd go with Stanley Kubrick - his film is an amazing achievement.
  24. It's a very entertaining low-budget thriller. Ronald Lewis was the perfect leading man.
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