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  1. "The Female Animal" - Harry Keller - 1958 - starring Hedy Lamarr, Jane Powell, George Nader and Jan Sterling - alright, it's trash cinema, pure and simple - a famous Hollywood actress and her daughter who become involved with the same man - the man, a Hollywood extra, is afraid of being "a kept man" - the problem with the film is that the director and the stars try to transform it into something tasteful - if its' trashiness had been embraced, it might have been a cult classic - or maybe so bad that it's good fringe cinema - kudos to George Nader, for giving us something that we've never seen before - a man trying to hang on to his masculinity - some men do not want to be "boy-toys" - or handled like "arm candy" - will he - or won't he - your choice, ladies and gentlemen -
  2. "A Taste Of Honey" - Tony Richardson - 1961 - starring Rita Tushingham, Dora Bryan, Murray Melvin, Robert Stephens, etc. - Tony Richardson delivers an extremely real rendition of the famous play by Shelagh Delaney - there's no artifice - the actors take you into places that you feel that you have never been before - it's unvarnished and raw - and it's sordid, too - and there's no apology - take it or leave it - a young girl is abandoned by her mother and becomes pregnant by a black seaman (who leaves her) - she finds solace with a young homosexual who takes care of her - in the end, her mother returns - her caretakeer leaves - it is bleak - but you won't forget it -
  3. Did her career at MGM ever match her career at Warner Bros.?
  4. rayban

    Hot Sporstmen

    And, now, he's a woman. Is he dating?
  5. rayban

    Hot Sporstmen

    Such a touching tribute, thank you so much.
  6. "The Last Gangster" - It's an interesting film, not your usual gangster flick. It's really a one-man show. The gangster's returning his son, now, technically his wife's new husband's, is quite reviting. Kudos to Edward G. Robinson, Jimmy Stewart, Rose Stradner and Douglas Scott. .
  7. rayban

    Hot Sporstmen

    It's coming to Broadway, I believe.
  8. rayban

    Hot Sporstmen

    Ron Gronkowski - only Jaragon could handle him -
  9. The title misrepresents it. It's an unapologitic look at the exploitation of children.
  10. "Boy Slaves" - P. J. Wolfson -1939 - starring Anne Shirley, Roger Daniel, James McCallion, Walter Ward, Charles Powers, Johnny Fitzgerald, Frank Malo, Paul White, Walter Tetley, Charles Lane, etc. - Muckraking cinema, I suppose, from RKO Radio Pictures, but, nevertheless, very effective - the plight of homeless youth in Depression-era America - a group of homeless boys is saved from imprisonment by an unscrupulous businessman - he puts them to work on his turpentne farm and takes terrible advantage of them - they are nothing more than unpaid servants - they are fed badly and housed badly - in the end, they rebel against the deplorable conditions - unfortunately, one of the boys is killed - the law intervenes and promises to take care of them - the film is distinguished by the committed direction of P. J. Wolfson - and great ensembe work from a largely unknown cast of young actors -
  11. rayban

    Hot Sporstmen

    I re-named it something else - but I couldn't re-name it here. E-mail me if you want the new title.
  12. rayban

    Hot Sporstmen

    Tom Daley is such a beauty. Dustin Lance Black is so lucky.
  13. rayban

    Hot Sporstmen

    Two beauties in motion - awesome!
  14. rayban

    Hot Sporstmen

    It's a sizzling thread, only Jaragon could have given it to us.
  15. rayban

    No Words

    He certainly can sell those shorts. Can I volunteer to lace them up for him?
  16. rayban

    Hot Sporstmen

    One of the memorable scenes from "Steel Magnolias".
  17. He could barely walk - and we loved it! And, when the scene was shot from behind, he knocked our lights out!
  18. Yes, of course, one of the great beauties.
  19. Remember him in "Youngblood" -
  20. Years ago, a big musical about her tempestuous life opened in the West End (London). Unfortunately, it never made it to Broadway.
  21. Liza Minnelli had moved to the West Coast - and her mother was still buried in Brooklyn.
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