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  1. "La Pointe Courte" - Agnes Varda - 1956 - Yes, this film is highly regarded today - but I didn't really care for it - there are two storylines - in one, the daily life of a poor fishing village is explored - in another, a young couple roam through the village and think about their deteriorating relationship - for me, the two storylines do not intersect - the couple seem like refugees from a Marguarite Duras novel - an ambitious project that simply does not work -
  2. Yes, a great beauty, but he did come across as "complicated". Something get in the way of his film career. Perhaps, himself.
  3. C. Thomas Howell starred in Zeffirelli's 1988 epic, rarely seen in this country, "Young Toscanini".
  4. The Jonathan Schaech story is a sad story - both for the actor and the director.
  5. "A River Runs Through It" is such a uniquely-crafted film.
  6. He wasn't afraid to reveal his affection for the maleness of his actors, clothed or unclothed. He treated them as "love objects".
  7. He was a great filmmaker, who suffered a lot of critical backlash. But his unprecedented version of "Romeo and Juliet" changed the way the famous play was perceived and understood. The recent film version of "Romeo and Juliet" was only made possible by Zefferelli's version. One of his greatest achievements was the critically-disdained "Brother Sun, Sister Moon", which sought to explain religious ecstasy to the yonng people of its' time. As far as I was concerned, it was quite successful. That he was homosexual was quite evident in his handling of Leonard Whiting and Gr
  8. She did a third film with Hywell Bennett - "Endless Night". They were a team.
  9. I loved her later career in England, especially the films with Hywell Bennett - "The Family Way" and "Twisted Nerve". Can he consummate their marriage?
  10. I think that this gorgeous-looking film was about Agnes Varda's relationship with her bisexual husband, Jacques Demy.
  11. She was a singular presence - on screen or on stage. RIP, Miss Miles. She once threw a plate of pasta into John Simon's lap. He had it coming, she'd decided.
  12. rayban

    "Private Eyes"

    He's "sex on wheels".
  13. rayban

    "Private Eyes"

    I saw another episode last night at 11 PM on ION Television. I'm not sure what season or what episode. It concerned a speed dating service, which was a rip-off, secretly stealing the identities of some of the participants. It was a very effective episode. One of the actors, older now, played one of the Hardy Boys in a long-ago Canadian version (1995). Jason Priestley easily dominated the episode. I like his "cragginess".
  14. Owen Crump, who directed this film, wrote the screenplay for "The Royal Rodeo", which was a short film from Warners that starred John Payne and Scotty Beckett. It concerned a young king who fell in love with a cowboy star and his traveling circus. The cowboy and his cohorts saved the young king from a political coup - but not before he was kidnapped.
  15. "The Boy With Green Hair" - Joseph Losey - 1948 - starring Pat O'Brien and Dean Stockwell - Despite its' great simplicity and even greater charm, it is one of the greatest anti-war films that has ever been made.
  16. He was memorable opposite Joanne Woodward in "The Stripper".
  17. It's one of Anthony Perkins' best film roles.
  18. Originally, it was a one-act play. And, I believe, it was a TV movie, too.
  19. It's a beautiful poem - so simple and direct.
  20. And, at least, an Oscar nomination.
  21. rayban

    Hot TV Guys

    You can pick them!
  22. It's time to re-discover the films of William Conrad - and his leading men, Troy Donahue, Dean Jones and Jeffrey Hunter.
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