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  1. The English cast included - Kyle Soller Andrew Burnap Samuel H. Levine Paul Hilton John Benjamin Hickey Hugo Bolton Robert Boulter Hurbert Burton Syrus Lowe Michael Morris Luke Thallon Jack Riddleford Michael Walters Vanessa Redgrave Kyle Soller and Vanessa Redgrave won Oliviers.
  2. "The Magnificent Ambersons" - Orson Welles - 1942 - starring Tim Holt, Dolores Costello and Joseph Cotton - what can you say about this film that hasn't already been said? - an obviously great film that was re-cut and re-shot by its' studio - and, in the process, almost totally destroyed - it ends very abruptly - and at least 40 minutes of the film are missing - it was released on the bottom half of double bill - this time around, I was impressed by the quirky, idiosyncratic nature of the film - obviously, the work of a cinematic genuis - and t
  3. "The Inheritance" will begin previews at The Ethel Barrymore Theatre on Sept. 27 and will open on Nov. 17. The Broadway cast has not yet been announced.
  4. Although I couldn't find pictures of them, Jerry Hunter as Randolph Foster and Buddy Howard as Jo-Jo Hoffenpepper in 1948's "A Date With Judy".
  5. I prefer the early Peter Fonda. He did an episode of "Alfred Hitchcock Presents", which is quite unique.
  6. Yes, the films are exceptional movie fare.
  7. Gifted child performers like Dean Stockwell, Bobby Driscoll, Jackie "Butch" Jenkins and Margaret O'Brien can add immeasurably to the texture of a film.
  8. It is a very strange movie, but it weaves a hypnotic spell.
  9. "Wednesday's Child" - John Robertson -1934 - starring Frankie Thomas, Edward Arnold and Karen Morley - "Wednesday's child is full of woe". Short, but succinct film about a sensitive young boy and the dire effects of the break-up of his parents' marriage and divorce. The film is blessed with a deeply-felt performance from Frankie Thomas. And he gets fine support from Edward Arnold and Karen Morley (as his conflicted parents). The ending, which I cannot divulge, is both a surprise - and deeply empathetic to the plight of the child. Don't miss this one!
  10. Francois Truffaut seemed to treat it as if it were an Alfred Hitchcock film.
  11. Frankie Thomas in "Wednesday's Child" - 1934 -
  12. Since I am not acquained with British soaps, I will let you take over.
  13. I can't think of a movie poster which is such a total misrepresentation of its' subject matter -
  14. It's one of Pietro Germi's greatest films -and who could forget that cast?
  15. It's an interesting article - and I do not object to the edgier stuff. But to see a gay couple on "Days Of Our Lives" every week who are obviously devoted to each other is "revolutionary" to me. They touch each other, they embrace each other, they kiss each other - and they often do it in close-ups, too. They live for one another. What you might be objecting to is that their romance embraces the very soul of soap opera. They are usually the victims of outside forces, like the successful attempt by a gay young man to blackmail Sonny into marrying him. Or the most r
  16. "Three" - written and directed by James Salter - 1969 - starring Charlotte Rampling, Robie Porter and Sam Waterston - a movie needs a script - without one, the actors are in trouble - two friends are vactioning in Europe - they pick up a girl - they become a threesome - the characters aren't interesting - and they aren't interested in each other - there is a lot of walking - and a lot of wandering - so little happens that you might start to imagine some profundity - here it is - one of the friends returns home to school - the oth
  17. Maybe if he had done it as a scene from "Slap Shot" - but "Slap Shot" was 1977 -
  18. I prefer the loving, caring relationship between Sonny Kiriakis and Will Horton on "Days Of Our Lives".
  19. Francois Truffaut broke off all ties with United Artists due to the box-office failure of "The Green Room". But could a film that deals with an man's attempts to incorporate an appreciation of death into his life be successful at the box office? Truffaut, who made different types of films, was really venturing into foreign territory. And he starred himself - not a wise decision, I'd say. I didn't understand the significance of the little boy who could not talk.
  20. He's an underappreciated actor, I think. He was quite effective in "The Fox".
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