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  1. Had the 8-track as a kid: (Episode with the mirror and detached hand one of the worst special effects ever seen.)
  2. This was shown a few years ago on TCM, but I've not seen it since. Does anyone know where I can see this, or even get it on DVD?
  3. I'm talking about TCM on TV - not the website. (Of course they had lengthy descriptions before, or else I wouldn't have made the post.)
  4. Not sure if this has been mentioned, but as of a few days ago, the full descriptions that used to appear for each movie are much shorter. (Only 1 or 2 sentences, when before they used to be a paragraph.) I use FIOS, so not sure if this has been altered by other providers also.
  5. How did they get that opening shot of Nocturne? Is that what's called a tracking shot? It seems an extreme distance to travel, or would a zoom lens be able to zoom that far?
  6. Something looked scratched out underneath the ending Warner Bros. logo, wonder what that's about.
  7. Thanks - I did go back to the beginning, but guess I didn't catch his name.
  8. Concerning Bodyguard, did I miss something? When exactly did Borden enter the picture? Is his slumping body in the car on the railroad tracks his first appearance?
  9. I've been watching an old show called Life With Elizabeth that features Betty White in one of her first appearances on TV. At first, I did a double take, as I thought the part of her husband was played by Robert Osbourne! I know he did some minor acting early in his career - and this face, plus voice made me question whether it was him or not: The part was actually played by Del Moore, so I was mistaken. (Oh, the writing on the show is pretty awful by the way.)
  10. One thing that cracked me up was the look Beverly gave when she spied that tasty steak Percy was cooking:
  11. It seems I missed Last Of The Pagans last week and can find no track of it anywhere. IMDB lists a running time of 70 minutes, but most copies seem to be shorter than that. Does anyone know if TCM ran the full version?
  12. The best part of this series (for me) is the way Eddie throws out the facts, one after the other. I think the natural dynamic between 2 people will destroy this, so I think it best to keep Eddie solo.
  13. Looks to me like organ maestro Jimmy Smith at the piano in the bar scene. Anyone know if that's really him?
  14. Seconds - with Rock Hudson - saw it many years ago on TCM and never since.
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