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  1. for the last six months i have directv tcm hd channel 256,i have been getting plexation on all movies with couple of freeze in the picture. call directv and they tell me they don't have any of those problems. i live in tampa florida for those who live in florida are you getting the same problems? thank you.
  2. again i say that directv channel 256 hd tcm is still having problems with plexation and frezzeing pictures people who have directv channel 256 hd let me know if you see what i see. thank you.
  3. i have directv and tcm hd channel 256 and tcm has been frezzing and judder and plexation for over 6 months now and they don't fix it.
  4. folks again i need to know if most of you are seeing plexation and judder on all movies on directv channel 256 tcm hd .please let me know.
  5. folks still having pixeation on tcm directv channel 256 if anyone is on this channel will you look and see this problem for me. i have replace the dish outside the lnb and new wires from lnb to new spitter also have a new receiver and still getting this problem.today date is 12/15/2017 thank you.
  6. if someone can look at directv channel 256hd so let me know if that channel has judder because i still have judder on all the movies .thank you.
  7. i had a tech come on over from directv and he aline my dish and put a new receiver and i am still getting judder and plix piitures on tcm hd sony hd and my local channels i live in tampa florida anyone else having this problem?
  8. for the last two weeks i have been getting peixation on tcm hd and sony hd channel anyone else having this problem had a tech come cover from direscv and check dish and said that the dish was fine so he replace the receiver and one day later it is still piexation on both channels . thank you.
  9. yes I have directv and no dvr ,and it happens on hd channels only.
  10. tcm hd and the sony movie channels still have major video and audio juddering . when will it end? new software did nothing but put a new directv logo.
  11. folks this is also happing on other channels like sony move channel hbo and cineamax and not just tcm channel.if you have these channels check them out.
  12. I have also seen what is call juddering of video and sound. I have seen it on tcm hd ,sony movie channel, hbo and cinamax hd channels. I think this is a directv problem , because all these channel can't have this juddering problem. this problem has been going on since October of 2015. juddering is when the video and audio while doing a pan and scan has a jerky video and sound only when moving. i have just the basic hd receiver no dvr receiver I had a tech come out and replace the lnb,cables, swim spillter, and swim power unit and still have these juddering problems on these channels , and eve
  13. I was watching hbo and cinemax free weekend and most of there hd channel had video and sound juddering.just like tcm hd channel 256. the sony movie channel also has this problem . I beleive this a directv tv problem which they cannot fix and they tell us its the channel that is having the problem. if this continues I will cancel my directv!!!! on top of that they increase there monthy fees. this has been going on since october of 2015.
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