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  1. Kudos, Mongo. Actually, I saw it on TCM for the second time about 3 months ago. It's a corker. Sorry if you think I was being unfair in any way. I thought most of you would be familiar with it. Your turn.
  2. Part 1 of "Funeral Blues" is quoted in Four Weddings, etc.. If you'd like a recording of John Hannah, the Scottish actor in the movie reciting this verse, it is included on the CD from the movie, commercially available most everywhere, including Amazon. If you'd like to read more of W.H. Auden's beautiful poetry, you might like to check out some of the websites devoted to his work, such as http://www.audensociety.org/homepage.html. Funeral Blues Stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone, Prevent the dog from barking with a juicy bone, Silence the pianos and with muffled drum Bring
  3. Well, if Stella's stumped on this one, almost everyone probably is--so, let's try a couple of other clues. Clue #7: This pre-code movie starred the most flamboyant member of America's Royal Family of the Theatre(and later movies).
  4. Words are so inadequate and most of the phrases that come to mind seem trite--but, if it means anything, please remember that some of us think and pray for you and yours, and look forward to your return. Take care, Stella.
  5. The club foot definitely brings "Of Human Bondage" to mind, but, sorry, it's featured in another story as well. Thanks for playing, though. Let's try another clue. Clue #5: A director with a nasty cocaine habit
  6. No Lolite--it's not the story of the unfortunate John Merrick. Clue # 4: An unlikely impresario
  7. Sorry, it's not the wooden boy with the long nose. Clue #3: A club foot
  8. I'm sorry for her trouble--I'll be sure to keep her in my prayers.
  9. Nope. It's nice to be back, but where's that live wire, stellabluegrl? In reviewing the posts over the last week, her humor and sass are sorely missed. Clue #2: A puppeteer
  10. It was Frederic March in "I Married a Witch" and I agree, Veronica Lake never became a great actress, though she was pretty good as a light comedienne, as in "Sullivan's Travels" and "I Married a Witch". I'm not a fella, so it's harder to say what the precise appeal was, but don't you think that she should never have cut her hair? I'm aware that the defense dept. asked her to do so to prevent wartime rosie riveters from having industrial accidents--but, hey, that gaze from behind that waterfall of blonde hair was pretty powerful stuff.
  11. Thanks, Mongo. It's me, Moira--Since I couldn't log in as me this morning, but only as mfinny11, and after a heckuva time trying to stay logged in, let's give this a try again! Clue #1: An abused boy
  12. Drat your 'omniknowledge', Mongo! I had a lotta clues for this one, but you nailed it right away. Your turn--and, by the way, how was the spaghetti loaf?
  13. I have to go to a stupor-er, I mean, super bowl party, so I'll catch up with more clues later...here's a bonus to chew on: Clue #3: A House by the Railroad Tracks
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