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  1. Reaper


    Seeing as the original and sequel both turn 35 and 30 respectively next year, I'm hard-pressed to believe nothing special is planned for the anniversary.
  2. Think I may have mentioned Jurassic Park before. Not sure if it count as Horror. I consider the series Horror-y in a way. In any case, the original is very easily the best. The upcoming Fallen Kingdom looks to embrace the more Horror and monster movie aspects of the series.
  3. Despite being a long-time Horror fan, I've yet to see Psycho. My sole exposure to it was the fourth film and the excellent Bates Motel TV show. I'm long overdue to see the original for sure.
  4. Hatchet is another I remembered. I recently blind bought the third and fourth movies. I've only seen the first two so far. I remember finding the first one meh and thinking the second was much better. It'd be good to binge all four sometime soon. I hope 3 and 4 are as good as the second one was, at least.
  5. I didn't really much like Jurassic World at all and felt it strayed too far from what made the original work. But it did seem the most Horror-like of the series so far.
  6. Saw the new Insidious last month and it was good, although Chapter 3 is still my favorite. I think this one is my second favorite thinking it over. I've enjoyed them all so far and welcome a fifth.
  7. And low and behold, news came out recently that Indy 5 is being eyed as one of Spielberg's next movies. Excited we're finally getting some solid news on it.
  8. Reaper


    I thought GB2 worked largely the same way the first one did, managing to be both funny and scary, and Vigo was a far more memorable villain than the reboot's was. I struggle to even remember who he was or what his motivation was.
  9. Reaper


    The reboot fell very flat with the humor. Not once did I laugh and it was never scary like the original two could be as well.
  10. I wonder if we'll get any news on the fifth one in the coming months after Ready Player One (which is looking great so far). With two years to go I'd imagine pre-production will begin pretty soon on it.
  11. Poltergeist is nearly one for me, except for the very controversial opinion of liking the second one the best, though I do consider the first two equally good. Such a shame the third is so sub-par and feels largely unfinished and rushed. Which is largely due to the unfortunate passing of Heather O'Rourke before it even finished filming.
  12. Toy Story is one that could go in RO for me, I've yet to see the sequels and haven't seen the original since childhood. The consensus seems to be they're all good but the third the least so, which doesn't say much. I recently DVR them all and I plan to watch them all soon, should be enjoyable.
  13. Would Jurassic Park count as Horror? In a way the series sort of is, more Sci-Fi/Adventure but there's definitely a strong Horror aspect to them, I think. The upcoming new sequel, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom looks distinctively more Horror-oriented than the prior films. In any case, the original film is easily the best by a landslide.
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