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  1. How about a month of Columbia Pictures mystery movie series: Boston ****, Lone Wolf, Ellery Queen, Crime Doctor, I love a mystery.... Or those great Monogram Pictures movie series like Bomba the jungle boy, Private Snaffu, Joe Palooka, Jiggs and Maggs, Renfrew of the royal mounted, Tailspin Tommy, Frankie Darro and Mantan Moreland, Or this Universal Pictures series: Little Though Kids Or 20th Century Fox series like Michael Shayne, Mr Moto, Or Paramount Pictures series: Henry Aldrich, Bulldog Drummond, Dr. Fu Manchu, I think a lot of movie series are overlooked and dese
  2. Not a star but a company. How about a month of Columbia Pictures mystery movie series: Boston ****, Lone Wolf, Crime Doctor, I love a mystery....
  3. I'm one hundred percent with tcmviewwer. Please TCM, show us more Monogram movies, mainly their movie series that we can't see anywhere else, like Private Snuffy, Bomba, Kitty O'Day, Joe Palooka, ... Also please show us Those great Columbia series like Boston ****, Crime Doctor, Ellery Queeen, Lone Wolf, I love a mystery... Thanks
  4. There's already a Canadian channel called Drive In Classics but like all of the Canadian movie channels you will see the same movies between 6 to 10 times per month Maurice
  5. B-movie series - B-movie series - B-movie series Columbia's Boston ****, Lone Wolf, Crime Doctor, Ellery Queen... 20th Century Fox Michael Shayne... Monogram's Tailspin Tommy, Joe Palooka, Maggie and Jiggs, Private Snuffer... Universal's Little Tough Guys... Paramount's Jimmy Lyndon... B-movie series - B-movie series - B-movie series Thanks
  6. April will be the best month in a long, long, very long time from TCM. Maybe those great B-movie series (Boston ****, Ellery Queen, Crime Doctor, Lone Wolf, Joe Palooka, Bomba the jungle Boy, Michael Shayne...) have a chance to be shown on TCM after all. Thanks for a great month to come
  7. How about those great B-movie series that Columbia Pictures made: Ellery Queen, Lone Wolf, Boston ****, Crime Doctor... Monogram Pictures made: Bomba the jungle Boy, Joe Palooka... 20th Century Fox made: Michael Shayne... More B-movie series, please
  8. What's missing from TCM is various vintage movie series done in the 30's and 40's by Columbia Pictures, Monogram Pictures and 20th Century Fox. Before the facelift of AMC it was possible to see these movie series, now for the exception of some series from time to time (coming up is Monogram's East Side Kids series), and the usual MGM, RKO and Paramount series that TCM owned, chances are thin to see series like Columbia: Crime Doctor, Ellery Queen, Lone Wolf, Boston ****, I love a Mystery, Thatcher Colt, ... Monogram: Charlie Chan, Frankie Darro and Mantan Moreland, Bomba the Jungle Boy, Tai
  9. I was watching old movie series that I've taped from AMC a long time ago and I was wondering if we'll ever have a chance of seeing on TCM some movie series like: Columbia Pictures' Boston ****, Crime Doctor, Ellery Queen, Lone Wolf, I love a Mystery - Monogram Pictures' Shadow (with Kyle Richmond), Frankie Darro and Mantan Moreland series, Bomba the jungle boy, Joe Palooka, Jiggs and Maggie, Renfrew of the Royal Mounted - 20th Century Fox Michael Shayne - Paramount Pictures' Bulldog Drummond - RKO Pictures' Wheeler and Woolsey series and others that I can't remember. Don't get me wrong, I lov
  10. How about showing these great L&H silent shorts and their sound shorts too
  11. How about a marathon of this great RKO's Comedy Duo, maybe in putting them as Stars of the month
  12. How about those great b mvie series produced by Columbia pictures, series like: Boston ****, Crime Doctor, Ellery Queen, Lone Wolf, Thatcher Colt, I love a mystery,...
  13. How about putting some Serials/Cliffhanger short movies in your schedule in the one reel wonder segments
  14. After the Great job you've done with Harold Lloyd and what you're doing from time to time with Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton, how about another great silent star, Harry Langdon?
  15. I'm 100% with patypancake. So if TCM/B-movie is only a dream, why not put more B-movie series on TCM. And don't forget those good ol' Monogram Pictures series too
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