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  1. I've had a fabulous time with today's Glenn Ford westerns. Most of them I've sen before and love to rewatch. I believe I have seen 3:10 to Yuma several times a short while. Head on over to Ultimate Movie Rankings and check out my requested Glenn Ford page. He is my third favourite actor of all time. 1. Gregory Peck 2. Richard Widmark 3. Glenn Ford.
  2. THE RISE OF THE SPAMMER AVATAR : There was a new avatar spammer Who wanted to spam with a hammer He or she no one knew His spam gew and grew It's the rise of the aavatar spammer Theme song for the movie based upon the spam notications. The story looks at the differernce between the real issues behind spam. Which is worse:spam on the board? Or is it pedantic people who love foreig films and whose first language is not English? Or is it a person who is bored by someone, dioes not like the person, so instead posts thereads about thei avatars? John Cleese did n
  3. Every Day - by Buddy Holly: Every day, things are getting spammy.... So far so good - but it I Friday....
  4. As you said once in Vicious Rumours, they could always replace the TCM Wine Club with another - The "Let's Get High" club. LOL. Another song about spam - re: westerns: Tex Ritter: "Do not forsake me, oh, my spammer..."
  5. Not sure how it happened, but I got spam notifications. Maybe that person friended me?
  6. ' 'What Summer Vacation?" Working title will be replaced by John Cleese. Starring Brigitte Bardot and Bill Mumy. The "avatar" was unaware that she was getting paid. Therefore, they decided that they had nothing better to do with their time. They failed to realize that the vacation was not one from writing, but one from singing in her home town of Las Vegas. Meanwhile in Canada, people were on route to a garage sale while they endlessly waited for the August schedule to start If It is Tuesday, It Must Be Brigitte Bardot. And where was Classic Movie Rankings in a
  7. You will really enjoy watching Mirage. I think that Mirage and Mister Buddwing would make a good double feature if they have not already been paired.
  8. I love Three Days of the Condor. I love political thrillers.
  9. It is a great film. You will love All the President's Men when you finally see it. It is excellent. I love how the aired both Redford movies back to back.
  10. Yes, he is on tonight too. He will be on every Tuesday and Wednesday this month.
  11. Yes indeed like a guy who's got all his teeth.
  12. I've been enjoying the first evening of Keith Carradine introducing the westerns. I just finished watching The Searchers again. Fort Apache is next.
  13. Thanks for all these great pictures on my favourite actors and actresses.
  14. Okay, mrroberts. That is true too. LOL!
  15. Yes. He was actually nearly killed when the horse he was riding bolted towards a fence. Instead, it stopped short and fell on him and broke his ankle. It never healed properly and he limped for the rest of his life. You may have noticed that Gregory limps in one scene then not the next. This is because movies are rarely shot in order. Some scenes were shot before the accident. Others were done afterwards.
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