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  1. By the way, I do have a thread on my third actor of all time in the favourites section too. "Glenn Ford Fans Here." I know I said I'd be offline for two weeks, but I changed my mind. I changed it because I love Glenn Ford and wanted to talk about him.
  2. I've had a fabulous time with today's Glenn Ford westerns. Most of them I've sen before and love to rewatch. I believe I have seen 3:10 to Yuma several times a short while. Head on over to Ultimate Movie Rankings and check out my requested Glenn Ford page. He is my third favourite actor of all time. 1. Gregory Peck 2. Richard Widmark 3. Glenn Ford.
  3. Yes Tisher Price- Greg made a lot of westerns. It was one of his main genres. He loved westerns.
  4. Interesting comment about Jimmy Stewart hating the mafia which I just reread. Yes. I love Jimmy Stewart but: If Frank Sinatra had not been Italian, likely - his son would never have been kidnapped. As an Italian, there are many positive Images about Italians. But this Mafia thing - well - Yes indeed. I love being Italian for many things. BUT: I have said on record here and other places that I am ASHAMED of being Italian when it comes to the Mafia. I have had long talks on this site with many people about this regarding my inabililty to watch any of Th
  5. I wish I knew how to post pictures from movies like you and others do, Swithin. These are fabulous. Yes, I'm a big fan of Mr. Fonda. Your choices are fabulous. I just watched Mr. Fonda in The Best Man earlier tonight (Sunday -actually Monday now) The day before:Fail Safe. He really did have a huge spectrum of films in his career and a variety of genres. I know that I make a big deal about listing actors in order - and I admit that after Gregory Peck, there is him and everyone else after him - sort of for me. There are indeed times where listing performers in
  6. The fact that you cannot tag people in public so that the entire world can read what you say. The fact that this site is moderated before anyone reads anything. The fact that there is a 20th century vole post and that people have a sense of humour. And the fact that my favourite artists are wiling to forgive us for what we do when we are talking about them and realizing that we are human.
  7. Fun is great too. Fun is always great. As for confessional, I must confess that my cat would prefer that I spend more time with him. AS yes, when I accidently post THAN instead on THEN.... I must confess too, that well, I long-winded. My favourite posts to do is to rewrite lyrics on the spam fairy thread to reference spam.
  8. THE RISE OF THE SPAMMER AVATAR : There was a new avatar spammer Who wanted to spam with a hammer He or she no one knew His spam gew and grew It's the rise of the aavatar spammer Theme song for the movie based upon the spam notications. The story looks at the differernce between the real issues behind spam. Which is worse:spam on the board? Or is it pedantic people who love foreig films and whose first language is not English? Or is it a person who is bored by someone, dioes not like the person, so instead posts thereads about thei avatars? John Cleese did n
  9. Well, I hope people realize I am a fan of specific artists and have knowledge of them. Others I know by reading other people's comments. For example, It was Lavenderblue who told me the name of the actor who played the Bartender in Gilda. That is a favourite film of mine, but had never figured out his name. This was in another thread. AS for sounding pedantic, I have been known to do that, but usually on other sites. Certainly, if I were to be host on this channel, I would need to know a LOT of information about everyone in the business to talk in front of the camera about them.
  10. LOL! Yes. Misinformed about the waters. LOL. I also joined letterboxd because of much the same reason I joined this site. My friend, plus the fact that people review movies.
  11. This used to be a popular thread in games and trivia. Hopefully, it can get started again.
  12. I have been reading this site ever since TCM became available in Canada. I love classic movies and television. I decided to JOIN the forums after I saw a Friend of mine had joined - Classic Movie Rankings.
  13. Every Day - by Buddy Holly: Every day, things are getting spammy.... So far so good - but it I Friday....
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