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About Me

As far as I am concerned, I love being moderated. But on a site where you were NOT moderated like on Ultimate Movie Rankings and writing for free and love and then told that your posts were x-rated:


That is the biggest rape of all: your thoughts. Bruce Rogers raped my thoughts.


I am a woman who is half Canadian and half American. I only want people to be able to understand that my ability to live to be old age relies upon the fact that I am a good writer.

I love to write.


I no longer write o Ultimate Movie Rannking for free. I want to be paid or have everything I have written deleted except for my Gregory Peck page.

I am a movie fan.


I am a musician.


My favourite actor is Gregory Peck.


My favourite director is Alfred Hitchcock.


My favourite singer of all time is Frank Sinatra.


My favourite actress is Audrey Hepburn.


And thanks to Peter Fonda on Facebook, I know I now have copyright online to my writing and images including paintings. Thanks, Sir. And yes, I do inded mean the real Peter Fonda who allowed me to send him a pm because I am afraid of chat. He did not have to do that.


And understand: If I did not have American family, I would not mention the American election at all as I cannot vote in it. I do not live there. However, I do believe in free speech.

And the reason why I no longe rwrite for free on that site and have ended my 5 year friedship with Bruce Rogers which is his real name is that he has me now on moderated.


But in my personal opinion which may be incorrect, I beilive that Peter Fonda thought that I should stop writing for free. Because in reality, with all those lyrics I have written on that site, Bruce Rogers aka Cogerson aka Classic Movie Rankings owes me lots of money.


Once Bruce gave me copyright on the Gregory Peck page, I was copyrighted.


Do not worry about me.


Bruce and I are not actually related.


I have simply ended a five year friendship.


It is possible being that he is the of a military man, he wants Trump to win.


That is his right.


Take care everyone.


Let's movie.

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