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  1. Where the hell was Charles Nelson Reilly in this otherwise wonderful tribute to those who passed in 2007??? a Tony Winner, Director of plays, operas, musicals, an actor, singer, dancer and master teacher of acting to many generations of talent? Why the slight?
  2. I USED to watch this on VHS all the time - there was a classic video store in San Bruno out here in CA that I spent hours in. He had silents, pre-codes and everything up to 1970. I nearly died when I entered and saw titles like Blondie Johnson, The Crowd, Dodsworth, etc..ready for the plucking. Have you seen this film? It's a fantastic depression era, woman can't take the man bearing down on her anymore so she gets revenge on the system movie! Joan blondell at her best, and I believe it had Chester Morris in it as the gangster she loves. Good luck finding it! I actually found some
  3. I am grateful I now have a DVR system. All those fantastic pre codes and silents that TCM shows at 2am (and I don't care what timezone you are in - 2am is still 5am in NY!) can now be instantly recorded - no VCR required. I have to agree with the "best movies being on at 2am and Bad News Bears on during primetime" complaints. It's ridiculous that TCM is showing movies that can be RENTED or seen on other Turner owned stations. I'm watching TCM in the hopes of catching Carole Lombard or Ruth Chatterton, not Walter Matthau or Meg Ryan. It's frustrating to think how many new fans of pre
  4. Thank you John! I actually registered with this site just so I could ask the question as well...the song is absolutely beautiful and memorizes me every time I see it on TCM. Long time viewer of TCM and avid silents and pre code fan; I can't wait to join in on some other discussions!
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