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  1. If Jake Gittes isn't a borderline incompetent detective or at the very least a totally ineffective detective, give a single example of how he helps Evelyn Mulwray or helps the city negatively affected by the corrupt the scheme on the city. A very blatant example of his (racist) incompetence was his misreading clues/evidence in Evelyn's backyard. The Chinese gardener says "bad for the grass" and Gittes only interprets it as "bad for the glass" because he was so concerned about mocking a Chinese gardener's English despite there being no glass anywhere in sight but grass everywhere surrounding
  2. That is why Chinatown is one of the greatest films of all time. You re-watch it and uncover more layers. Earlier, he also says those words were the advice of the District Attorney in Chinatown when Evelyn asked him about working as a cop. Take note that and the conversation Gittes and Evelyn have in bed.
  3. I agree with your last point regarding the two ways to view the film. If we do view the film based on applying what we know about Evelyn, we can actually understand her motivations in pretty much every scene beginning when she first appears. It's either she has something to do with her husband's murder or she doesn't. She has nothing to do with political malfeasance. The problem with the alternative way of viewing this particular film is critical missing of key points. Jake Gittes is not a hero; just the protagonist That's not my perspective, that's in the film Sure, he has "good int
  4. My point is really about viewing the film upon (many) re-watch. It is from the vantage point of the ending, particularly Gittes' last words which happen to be his former boss' advice. Jake Gittes (again upon re-watch) misreads crucial evidence in Hollis and Evelyn's backyard to confront an innocent person that ultimately dooms that person and her daughter. I mean, it's not really my opinion or my interpretation; that's what happens. He literally prevents an innocent person and her daughter from getting to their intended destination and he confirms it with his last words. I'm no
  5. No offense, but you have Chinatown wrong. There is no femme fatale because Evelyn Mulwray is lying to protect her daughter and the shame that was raped by an evil father, none of which she perceives are Jake Gittes' business. Upon re-watch, there can be no ambiguity whatsoever about her admirable motives. It's either she has something to do with the Hollis Mulwray's death or she doesn't; we know she doesn't because Noah Cross does. She knows that (the ineffective) Jake Gittes is trying to help her? How? By helping to put pictures of her daughter in the newspapers? By helping the newspap
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