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  1. OMG!!! This has literally been driving me crazy for almost 10 years!! PURELY by coincidence this past weekend I found and watched the movie! It was "The Shining Hour" starring Robert Young and Joan Crawford. I didn't even realize Joan was in the movie!! 😮 It was very good. I enjoyed it immensely. And that one scene I recalled.....the scenary in my was exactly as I recalled!!!
  2. Color me confused. I'm watching "I Wake Up Screaming". Fifteen minutes in, I realize I've seen this movie before yet the only thing I recall is that a young Aaron Spelling played a hotel phone operator (I had no idea he ever acted before I saw this movie). I keep waiting for him to appear but......imagine my surprise when he never does. The guy playing his part is completely different person. I'm confused. I google and find out that there were TWO movies made w/this exact same plot!!! NEVER knew that before. Has anyone else seen these or one of these movies?
  3. I enjoyed "Sunset Blvd" but I enjoyed this one just as much. I'm ready for my close up Mr. Deville...……..
  4. Well EXCUSE me for putting this question in the "wrong" thread SMFH.
  5. Anyone know the other movie I'm thinking of? Bette is a washed up drunken star and somehow she's stumbled across and cast and I think becomes a star again.
  6. I thought I'd seen every MAJOR movie she'd done but this is INCREDIBLE!!! It is sooooooo GOOD!!! I'd been passing it over because I thought I'd seen it before, had it confused w/another movie she was in where she played a washed up, drunken actriess that is stumbled across and put back on top but this is a completely different move and it is just......no words!
  7. I didn't know she was in "Stage Door" 😮 I've seen this movie several times and never noticed. I actually have it on my DVR right now! Gonna re-watch and keep an eye out for Lucy!
  8. Just watched Lucy in "Beauty For The Asking". LOVED the film and she was so beautiful! Firs time I've ever seen her in a serious role.
  9. 1. Did this movie really romanticize rape? 2. Did Catherine's friend, the one who hated Fredric have a lesbian love for her?
  10. On a Bette Davis binge now and recently watched Angela Lansbury in "A Life At Stake". I don't want to be mean but I absolutely can't see how anyone could ever have thought either of these women attractive w/their strange looks and ugly eyes!
  11. "If Stephen doesn't like something I'm wearing.....I take it off" (in response to "I wouldn't buy that if I were you, Stephen won't like it. He'll think it cheap"). Anyone know where this is from?
  12. For some reason I was thinking "The Rains Came" but that was set in India and I didn't think Joan's movie was.
  13. I liked "Queen Bee" as well but felt Joan was a little "mature" for the character she was portraying. To add to the list of movies I most enjoyed from her are "Humoresque", "The Damned Don't Cry", "Flamingo Road"......ah hell. WHo am I fooling. I love ALLLLL of her work. Not that keen on one can't recall the title but she is a prostate on an island or something. Very old like in the late 20s or early to mid 30s.
  14. I've read this somewhere as well. Not sure if it was IMDb.
  15. I LOVE the movie "Harriet Craig" w/Joan Crawford. Just stumbled across "Craig's Wife" and am watching it now. Didn't even know the former was a remake. Hope the original is as good as the remake.
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