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  1. I'm bringing this back up because The Godfather Part III is back in the news because Francis Ford Coppola just trimmed a few minutes from it (only about 5 minutes) and rearranged a few scenes. He cast his daughter in the role last minute when Winona Ryder dropped out, but has since said that he would have directed Winona to act the same way Sofia did in the finished film.... so his daughter took the fall and Ryder got out of what would have likely been a career killing event for her. Indeed, Sofia received a bigger voting share at the Razzies that year (opposite Roseanne Barr's voice in Look W
  2. Malcolm McDowell too. Not a star but so much grim direct-to-video cheapies... It's just.....
  3. Joe in 2013 in Mandy in 2018 both got over 70 on Metacritic surprisingly enough. Another one who has had a bad run as of late is Robert De Niro. A few well reviewed films yes, and One Oscar nomination in 2012, but his run in the last 20 years is just....
  4. Cage's career has essentially been one bomb after another since the remake of The Wicker Man in 2006. That film has become infamous for his yelling of the melodramatic line "NOT THE BEES!" which has become some camp classic of sorts. When he actually has appeared in a well reviewed movie since then, it usually makes headlines because its about as rare as Halley's Comet.
  5. A movie I know very well. I first saw it probably close to 8 or 9 years ago when I blind bought it for my father who like films involving Jewish heritage and culture. He hadn't seen it before either, but he loved it, and frequently asks to see it again. it's a lovely little gem of a film.
  6. Actually some of the old IMDb boards were archived. Here is Falcon Crest's.....https://www.filmboards.com/board/10081858/
  7. Yeah, he's had quite a few (and a disappointing career considering how good he was on Moonlighting in the 80s). Motherless Brooklyn last year was the best film he had been in for years.... but his role was an extremely tiny ill-fated role and he was dead before the 15 minute mark. Most of his other recent films seem like direct-to-video quickies, much like Nicholas Cage or John Cusack anymore.
  8. 1) My guess is that if it was a film done in the 40s Eddie would probably remark about how loopy the plot is but at the same time comment about its ability to draw one in and doubt what they have just seen even against one's best instincts. 2) Yes, black and white, and if we're going full 40s here, Olivia De Havilland for the Kidman part and Errol Flynn for the Grant part. Dean Stockwell would be the son. Have Gloria Grahame as the victim. And Sydney Greenstreet in the role of the father/grandfather.
  9. Here's the season cliffhanger where it was revealed about Julia's guilt. Abby really does a good job in this scene.....
  10. I'm a big fan of Falcon Crest, so it's a shame to see Abby Dalton go. She brought a real complexity to the role of Julia, hardly making it a typical performance for a villainess, making her a dangerous, yet strangely moving and sympathetic character.
  11. A great city, that is for sure. It was asked earlier in the thread about films actually filmed in Pittsburgh. It's a more recent phenomenon (most from the 80s onward), and films actually shot there are not necessarily set in Pittsburgh. There were two 1992 films, Lorenzo's Oil and Hoffa, that were set in Washington DC and Detroit respectively, but they were mostly filmed in Pittsburgh.
  12. It's curious about The Undoing because I was quite intrigued by the opening, but the later episodes feel a bit too restrained in sections, a bit too dry. and its a shame because the acting is quite good and I liked David E Kelleys writing on LA Law, Ally McBeal, The Practice, and Boston Legal.
  13. I personally liked the one spoofing the Michael Douglas vigilante film Falling Down, where Libby saw it with a friend who went on a haywire crime spree after seeing the film before being carted away by the police after an intervention from the then recently paroled Jean Harris.
  14. He also shoots a helicopter with the villain's female assistant out of the sky in The Spy Who Loved Me and kills another in GoldenEye. But it is definitely true that Bond killing women was very, very rare.
  15. Saw The Fog last night. Not a bad ghost story, but not as coheseviv e as I would have liked. Still it was great to see Janet Leigh.
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