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  1. Incidentally, Neame directed another film with Walter Matthau the following year called First Monday in October. It's not as good as Hopscotch and unfortunately has a egregiously overgraphic and unnecessary scene involving a pornographic movie screened as part of an obscenity case, but most of the rest of the film was old-fashioned and charming. It was a battle of the sexes comedy ala Tracy and Hepburn with Walter Matthau as a liberal (and recently divorced from Jan Sterling) Supreme Court justice and Jill Clayburgh as a new conservative addition to the court, the first woman to be voted onto the court. They clash, but they ultimately come to mutual understanding, and to some degree of love. The film came out only a month after Sandra Day O'Connor was appointed to the court so it was certainly timely. It's worth a look.
  2. Still making my way around the wide world of TV series. I am up to having tested 32 series for the first time in the last month. I'm wrapping up the pilot episode of Laugh-In right now.
  3. I had seen most of the films that were on for her day before, and they were very good films. I see where some of the films I have not seen, You and Me,An American Tragedy, and The Wagons Roll at night are on demand on Watch TCM so I'll try checking those out soon. But Sylvia is always great.
  4. In one regard, its no surprise that it skews more modern. There were very few female directors working on high-profile films until the 1980s. And since the showcase only shows one film per director, it makes sense then that it goes modern. That said, we still have one by Dorothy Arzner, and one by Ida Lupino, and Elaine May is indeed showcased, via Mikey and Nicky.
  5. Of the original big three networks: ABC, CBS, and NBC, which one had the shows you watched the most?
  6. Glad to see you back and glad to hear that you are on the mend.
  7. I kind of feel awkward at the moment, these last few weeks, because I have really been plunging myself into the world of TV shows in a way that I've not been prone to before, with heedless abandon. And I don't know, I've usually a big movie person, and yet I've been giving movies short shrift these last few weeks. And since early July, I have seen episodes of the following shows for the first time: Dynasty, Family Ties, That Girl, Perry Mason (the Raymond Burr one), Alice, thirtysomething, Taxi, Three's Company, Barney Miller, The Practice, The Streets of San Francisco, and Sisters.
  8. And its streaming in full on Hulu if you want to revisit it.
  9. So I take it that if you had been a writer for the show, you would have killed him up in either the Moldavian Massacre or the El Mirage fire.
  10. The only two things I can guess is maybe they felt Wayne had been featured a lot with the John Ford tribute this month, or because of the controversy surrounding the John Wayne airport.
  11. John Wayne also got canned this year, replaced by Natalie Wood.
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