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  1. Mulholland Falls was actually pretty good, even if the ending was a little bit out of sync with the rest of it. Nick Nolte was very fine as the tough cop, Jennifer Connelly was a memorable vamp, and Melanie Griffith (who got an undeserved Razzie for it) was deeply touching
  2. Strange that you were talking about Lynch here. i was just looking at his 1984 film Dune today, which was well cast and visually stunning but was just so clinical and heavy-feeling. Lynch runs in bit and spurts. Elephant Man was good, Blue Velvet exceptional and one of the best films of the decade, Wild at Heart a tad too overheated, Twin Peaks the TV show good but a bit aimless and disturbing when it ventured far into the supernatural levels, Fire Walk Me Me solid, but very depressing, The Straight Story his second masterwork, and Mulholland Drive which I have a few reservations about b
  3. Gorky Park is one excellent thriller, although word for the unprepared, there are some pretty gory images in it..... Stanley and Iris is truly charming. It is extremely low key, but it is such a sweet and gentle little film, and both Jane Fonda and Robert De Niro have rarely seemed so relaxed (or in De Niro's case, likable) on screen.
  4. Death on the Nile was the rightful winner. In my humble opinion, the other 4 should have been The Cheap Detective, Movie Movie, The Wiz, and Days of Heaven. So farewell to Caravans (unseen by me) and The Swarm.....
  5. I just finished The Little Drummer Girl by John le Carre last night. Interesting story even if it dragged a bit in the second half sometimes. The saga of a firey young actress drawn headlong into the ever-inflammatory world of the the Palestine/Israel conflict by becoming a most unlikely spy, it was filmed in 1984 with Diane Keaton and as a miniseries with Florence Pugh in 2018. It's a challenging story for anyone, regardless of who they side with in that everlasting battle, but its smartly written, with some extremely well-delineated characters. The central character of Charlie (the "drummer
  6. Dead of Winter was actually a pretty good in-disguise remake of My Name is Julia Ross, that is if you could get past the dead bodies that looked like they came from a wax museum
  7. And a chilling villain in The Kremlin Letter....
  8. If we are still talking about alternate Oscars for 1981, these are the people the Academy nominated..... ACTOR IN A LEADING ROLE Warren Beatty --Reds{"John 'Jack' Reed"} Henry Fonda --On Golden Pond{"Norman Thayer, Jr."} Burt Lancaster --Atlantic City{"Lou"} Dudley Moore --Arthur{"Arthur Bach"} Paul Newman --Absence of Malice{"Michael Gallagher"} ACTOR IN A SUPPORTING ROLE James Coco --Only When I
  9. That one was really good. Elvis actually gave a good performance in it, and Carolyn Jones was just plain excellent in it. Also Walter Matthau was always good to have around....
  10. I kind of feel that the ending and what happens was inspired by a bit of Greek mythology, the story of Icarus and his father who built wings to fly.....
  11. I was a little stunned on another website when i found out that sweet-faced modest Jane Leeves from the sitcom Frasier had a role here as a drugged out lesbian who wears facepaint that seemingly was inspired by the band KIss. never would have expected that.....
  12. i caught the discussion after the film, and Eddie and Ben were talking about how Kasdan really got the noir feel down to the dialogue (like the moment toward the end when Hurt suddenly comes to a realization), that the film was shockingly filmed during an abnormally cold Florida winter, and how the film was originally set up at 20th Century Fox, but Kasdan wanted their recently exited exec Alan Ladd Jr. to produce it under his new shingle at Warners so he casually told Fox he wanted to cast two unknowns, and they dropped out of making the film because of that. Speaking of strange TCM thi
  13. Tall Story was released in April 1960, and at that particular moment, Perkins was still regarded as a sympathetic, gentle, boy next door type in films. Psycho was released two months later. Everything changed.
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