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  1. hello, anyone know why universal only gives westerns to the starz/encore channels and never any of their other kinds of films from the studio era?
  2. no not in my lifetime either but you would think that tcm would have the silent tim McCoy films on sometimes if they did exist because they are/where mgm films.
  3. I do not think that I have ever seen or heard of any of the silent films of these two stars ever being found and/or shown at silent film gatherings. has any one ever seen or heard of any still around or are they all lost films now?
  4. thank you , that is what I thought as I am looking for the true 1937 version I wanted to make sure before I bought the dvd and got the 1988 version yet again
  5. is the sony dvd of lost horizon the true 1937 film or is it that 1988 restored version that tcm always shows now?
  6. no, but pre-codes are on my mind right now because I just got burned with some bad bootlegs of some pre-code films that I had bought
  7. yes winterset would be great and come to think of it has tcm ever had becky sharp on?
  8. was there ever a true fox release of this film in any format? or has it always been bootleg as all vhs and dvd prints that I have seen are?
  9. yes powder river is a good remake as is law and order 1953, I would think O'Brien would make a good lead in the 1934 one
  10. yes I know that it is the silver cord I think I was thinking of the silver chalice at the same time as I wastyping.
  11. has anyone ever seen this film? if so how does it compare to it's three more famous remakes?
  12. usa also had anything goes(1936)and the light that failed as I still have old vhs recordings of them from that time
  13. has tcm ever shown these two rko films? or are the tied up in legal matters?, I kwow that at least a sub-titled print of both of these films was on you tube about two years ago so they do exist but I do not recall them ever being on tcm in the 15 years that I have had the channel? did they air in back in the 1990's? the fountain would be of interest to many film fans because some of max steiner's music was reused in gone with the wind.
  14. any chance of universal opening their vaults and letting tcm have at least one time showings of nancy carroll and/or ruth chatterton paramount films for summer under the stars days/ both of these ladies should be star of the month but at least a summer under the stars day might be more posable
  15. any one know why are these films no longer shown on t.v.? it must be over twenty years now and even then very little of the pre-code ones were ever on amc. what is the thinking at universal that keeps all of these films except for the small handful they let tcm have now and then, out of the publics sight? any of you know?
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