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  1. Have you ever actually WATCHED Christmas In Connecticut? Almost the whole movie takes place over Christmas. Mr. Jones comes to the farm to experience Christmas in a real home. They decorate the tree on Christmas Eve. On Christmas night they go to the dance in the village. The whole story revolves around a naval "hero" spending Christmas with a "real family." I agree that Going My Way is not a Christmas movie. Unlike The Bells of St. Mary's there is no Christmas scene at all. What I saw TCM showing in the run-up to Christmas were war movies. What was that all about? OK, show a few on
  2. Yeah, sure, if you've got the money to afford a fancy smart phone or Chromecast (whatever that is). A lot of us like free movies on our TVs because the movies are FREE. As in, we don't have to pay extra for them.
  3. Let's face it, TCM is not what it was. Repeating movies more frequently than they used to, this crappy print of Frenchman's Creek (a favorite movie of mine), and now pulling their free VOD movies from Comcast. I wish they'd tell us what's going on, and I wonder if they will. Or will they just disappear from the airwaves, or pull an AMC?
  4. Wow, TCM really sucks. Evidently it has pulled it movie lineup from Comcast's free on-demand movies. No warning, no advance notice, just ... gone. I went to VOD today to watch a movie and TCM is no longer listed in the channel lineup for on-demand viewing. No point calling Comcast to ask why; they always deny knowledge of any changes in service. So what's up with TCM pulling this service? Bad enough when TCM went to listing fewer movies with a choice of HD or regular. Who cares whether or not a classic movie is HD or not? I just liked the movies. Only decent movies on TV with no c
  5. Today Moulin Rouge is the ONLY film listed in my VOD Comcast lineup. Usually there are about a dozen movies listed. Is TCM changing its VOD lineup to only make one movie available at a time? I called Comcast but they don't know anything about this; said to contact TCM.
  6. I am brand new here; I joined to find out about TCM movies on demand with Comcast. I love watching TCM movies when they are broadcast and also on demand if I can't catch them the first time they are shown. Usually Comcast lists about a dozen movies for viewing. Yesterday it listed only a few. Today it lists only one. I called Comcast but as usual they do not know what is going on; they said it is up to the network, not up to Comcast. Are any of your having this problem? Is TCM withdrawing its on-demand lineup from Comcast?
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